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Above Bed Decor

Above Bed Decor: 25 Beautiful Art Above The Bed Ideas

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Above Bed Decor Ideas You Will Love

Whether you are furnishing and decorating a new home or just giving your bedroom a makeover, now you have this empty wall space over your bed.  What type of above bed decor do you use?  Plus, you have the perfect bed headboard and bedding exactly where you want it.  But your bedroom is still missing that pizzazz.   Metal wall art above the bed would look amazing.  Art above the bed can range anywhere from a canvas to baskets.  The key is to space your decor strategically.

What Should I Hang Over The Bed?

 Additionally, the ample empty wall space over your bed may be why your bedroom lacks the wow factor.   The area over the bed is one of the most challenging spaces to decorate due to its dimensions, which may be long and narrow.  We have gathered a list of images and 25 ideas to help you find a fix for that empty wall space and take your bedroom wall decorating to the next level.  Finally, there are various above bed wall decor ideas to choose from.  Hopefully, you will find one that sparks your interest.

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Should You Put Art Above Your Bed?


Art work is an excellent idea in virtually any open space; above the bed is no exceptionConsider a sizeable square piece or a long, horizontal piece to create a focal point if you have ample space. 

The ideas are from bold and colorful to vintage and minimalist.  You can find the look that complements your bedroom style and add your favorite above bed art.  

Above Bed Wall Art


Artwork is a fantastic idea in almost any empty space, and above the bed is no different.  Consider a sizeable piece, including a long, horizontal piece.  Add abstract or relaxing wall art to create a focal point and ample space.


What size should artwork be above the bed?


You want the artwork's width to be 65-85 percent of the bed's width and, at the very least, 8-10 inches above the headboard.  If you have multiple wall art pieces, the rule still applies: the sum of the piece's width shouldn't exceed 65-85 percent of the bed's total width.


Below, you will find decorating ideas for the space above the bed from your master bedroom to a kid's bedroom, from modern to farmhouse style.


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Ahh, this is a popular question, and why you clicked on this blog post – What should I hang above my bed? I recommend hanging one or a combination of the following decor items: mirror, canvas print, textured objects, or framed art.  One of my favorite places to shop is Decor Steals; they sell farmhouse, vintage, and boho-inspired items.

Mirrors – Adding an accent mirror above the bed is a fantastic way to reflect light in a dark room. A circle-shaped mirror helps soften the space and draw the eye more than a square or rectangle mirror. If you decide to use a mirror – go bold! You can use a simple, minimalist framed mirror. Or you can go with a mirror with a lot of detailing and texture to create a statement and focal point.

Textured Object – This is one area where you have many options! It can be a set or single woven basket, plates, a tapestry, and three-dimensional objects. Ideally, this is where you want something with dimension and shape above the bed. The subtle 3D effect gives off a curated look and can be any objects of the same or varying sizes. It is fun to play around with it until you get it just right!

Canvas Print – The canvas print gives you just that – a canvas that can add pattern, color, and scenery or set the stage for your personal space. A canvas can also add some dimension, adding elegance to your room.

Framed Art – The real magic of framed art is not in the actual art print but in the frame type. Your frame can help combine different wood, color, or metal tones in the space and balance them out. Plus, it can add details to the texture and style – think in the lines of wood grain, patina detail, or vintage detail. I especially love using interchangeable art prints!

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25 Beautiful and Affordable Decor and Artwork Above Bed Ideas

If you're looking to spruce up the decor above your bed, I would recommend choosing a piece of artwork that speaks to you and creates a calming atmosphere. Consider coordinating colors and textures with your bedding and adding decorative pillows or a throw blanket to tie everything together. A statement headboard or wall hanging can also add a unique touch to the space. Remember, the decor above your bed should reflect your personal style and contribute to a peaceful and inviting atmosphere in your bedroom.

Art Above Bed

1. Framed Floral Prints

The muted wallpaper and three floral framed prints give this room a girly appeal.

art above bed

2. Reclaimed Wood Wall & Bench

Reclaimed wood creates a stunning accent wall and a focal point behind the back of the bed. Place a wood bench at the foot of the bed and an accent pillow underneath.

art above bed

3. Floating Shelf With Pictures Above Bed

 Install a wall-to-wall floating shelf for plants, pictures and other decorative items above the bed.

over the bed decor

4. Boho Utopia Above Bed Decor

A simple handcrafted macrame wall hanging adds a touch of texture to this sophisticated Boho haven.  Make the Macrame Hanging Bohemian Wall Decor by Dakota Fields on Wayfair your focal point with hanging lights.

over the bed decor

5. Bookshelf For The Reader

Love to relax and fall asleep reading? Keep your favorite art above bed, decorations, plants, and books within reach by upcycling your bookshelves into a wall headboard. 

over the bed decor

6. Over The Bed Simple Portal Mirror

A vintage-inspired portal mirror makes this room feel open and roomy.  There is no need to overdo it with over the bed decor, like this lovely Breonte Round Wall Mirror by Ebern Designs found on Wayfair.

over the bed decor

7. Framed Silhouette Wall

Hanging frames above bed, a wall covered with multiple sketches of framed silhouettes placed unevenly draws the eye toward the bed and gives an upscale touch in this contemporary space.  

over the bed decor

8. Map Mural

Do you have a favorite destination? Create a mural of your favorite destination spot and dream.

over the bed decor

9. Fluffy Seed Pod

Simple over bed decor, Fluffy Seed Pod to break up the massive gray wash wall.

Bohemian Pattern Painted Board

10. Bohemian Pattern Painted Board

Make a statement with over bed decor.  Like this great DIY project, paint a board with a Bohemian pattern.  With a hanging light as a focal point.

Geometric Above Bed Decor

11. Geometric Canvas

Canvas art above bed, pastel geometric patterned canvas hanging on the wall softens the bedroom, on the wall above the headboard.  

Abstract Wall

12. Abstract Wall

Paint the wall behind your bed an abstract pattern in bold colors.

Sunny Room Yellow Canvas

13. Sunny Room Yellow Canvas

Brighten up your space with a striking yellow, gray, gold and white stripped canvas.  The pendant lighting will further brighten up the room.

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Photo Wall Yellow Wall Paper

15. Abstract Yellow Floral Prints Wall Paper

Do you love nature and bright floral prints? Create a wallpaper mural and transform the space above your king bed with your favorite abstract favorite scene.

Starry Prints Canvas

16. Starry Prints

Do you have a favorite destination? Create a mural of your favorite destination spot and dream.

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Floral Turquoise Wall Paper

17. Floral Turquoise Wallpaper

Give your headboard wall and your bedroom a makeover by covering it in flowy, floral turquoise wallpaper.

Small Floating Shelves

18. Small Floating Shelves

Off-set floating shelves over the bed for all those little special knick knacks or plants to add some color.

Bohemian Meets Industrial

19. Bohemian Meets Industrial

Multi-colored leaves, with black and white picture frames and a home sign on a colored brick wall.  Hanging pictures above bed, different sizes and tiered.

Vintage Plates On Wall

18. Vintage Plates

Just above the vintage headboard, antique floral plates are precisely placed to bring a vintage feel to a timeless design.

Painted Dimensional Wall

20. Painted Dimensional Wall

Paint or wallpaper the wall with rich colors and add some dimension.

21. Yellow, Gray & Black Headboard

With a bright and vibrant headboard used as a focal point, you can leave wall empty. 

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Hand Decor Sketched

22. Above King Bed Hand Sketched Prints

Large Hand Painted Prints in Rustic Contemporary motif, artwork above king bed.

Pastel Walls Decor

23. Pastel Wall Canvas Above Bed

The extra-large pastel wall canvas art on the bed sets a soothing atmosphere. This look can be pulled off if you do not have a headboard. The wood floors complement the canvas. 

Semi-Colon Picture​

24. Unique Artwork Above the Bed Semi-Colon Picture

Keep it simple – cloud-like painted wall with a single picture.  The color blue is supposed to help you sleep.

24. Bold Colored Textured Canvas Above Bed​

25. Bold Colored Textured Canvas Above The Bed Decor

Beautiful and simple pendant light adds a focal point to this minimalist room's bold teal color palette  With this large blue bold colored textured canvas print.

Final Thoughts on Wall Decor Above The Bed Ideas

Many beautiful and creative wall decors are over the bed, from Boho to Minimalist styles.  

Finally, we recommend you boldly create a focal point that speaks to you from a bright canvas, three mirrors above the bed, or a wall mural.  The possibilities are endless.  I recently redecorated my bedroom, and one of my favorite additions is the decor above my bed.  I found a beautiful piece of artwork that perfectly complements my room's color scheme and style.  It's a canvas print of a serene landscape with muted blues and greens that create a calming effect.  I also added some decorative pillows in coordinating colors to tie everything together.  Overall, the decor above my bed has helped create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere in my bedroom.

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