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Airtag vs Tile

AirTag vs. Tile: Which Bluetooth Tracker Is Most Useful?

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AirTag vs. Tile Which Is Best?

If you're searching for your keys as you dash out the door, the Tile Pro for $34.99 might solve your crisis. It has the best range of any Tile, a loudspeaker you can easily hear from across the room, and quality Bluetooth connectivity. For Android users wanting an alternative to Apple's AirTag – the favorite tracker for iPhone users, the Tile Pro is definitely your best choice. The AirTag is ultimately our Choice winner for its lower price point and outstanding connectivity, though the Tile Pro is a close runner-up.  Let's take a closer look at AirTag vs. Tile – Bluetooth Tracker.

Whether you've misplaced your keys, wallet, or phone, an AirTag or Tile can help you track them down.  But which one is best for you?  We will let you decide.

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Bluetooth Tracker

Slim And Durable

The Tile Pro is an oval bluetooth tracker measuring 2.3 by 1.3 by 0.3 inches (HWD) and available in white or black. 

This device is made of plastic with a thin metal frame and a small hole for your keyring. Located on the front, you can use the large rubber button to find your phone. The speaker grille and the replaceable battery cover are located on the back. 

Review You Can Trust

If you're looking to buy a Bluetooth tracker, you'll likely choose between an AirTag and a Tile. Apple popularized the category with the AirTag, but family tracking software company Life360 acquired Tile, has been in the industry much longer and has various models. So which one is the best choice for you? We will provide enough information you need to know to figure out the right tracker for you.

The Pro has a durable, heavy-duty plastic shell. The tracker boasts an IP67 rating, meaning you can submerge your device in a bit over three feet of water for at least 30 minutes without damaging it. The Prof is not flexible and will not bend. Since it has a metal frame, you don't have to fret that the keyring hole will crack over time.

tile vs airtag

Apple AirTag

Best iOS-Compatible Tracker

136,262 Ratings on Amazon

Why We Liked It

The Apple AirTag offers all the features you could want in a bluetooth tracker. Most notably, its ultra-wideband connectivity enables accurate location data and turn-by-turn directions to assist you in getting to your missing item. It also deserves recognition among the trackers on our list for you to be able to replace the battery.

Who It's For

If you are an iPhone owner and manage to misplace your wallet or keys, we recommend the AirTag. However, Android users ought to look at other Bluetooth trackers.


  • Accurate and reliable
  • Gives directional prompts
  • Able to send location from a distance
  • Replaceable battery


  • No Android compatibility
  • Not able to ping a phone from the tag
  • No hole for a keyring
  • Limited Anti-stalking features
tile vs airtag

Tile Pro

Best Android-Compatible Tracker

11,574 Ratings on Amazon

Why We Liked It

The Pro is Tile's most expensive bluetooth tracker, but you get much for your buck.  It's well-built, has an IP67 rating, and uses a replaceable battery, which is easy to replace.  It performs better than Samsung's Galaxy SmartTag with a price tag of $29.99 because of Tile's extensive network of Android and iOS users, so you can help locate a lost item quickly.  That said, the Tile Pro lacks the super-fast lost item alters, and detailed location data comes with Apple's AirTag with a price of $29, which makes the AirTag the best tracker option for Apple users to buy.  


Who It's For


Whereas if you use Android, the Tile Pro is the best tracker to buy.  And if you own a combination of Apple and Android devices, the Pro's cross-platform is helpful and versatile.


  • Good connectivity
  • Replaceable battery
  • Loud speaker
  • Durable build


  • More expensive than other brands
  • App doesn’t provide precise location data

According to Tile, the Pro's battery will last around a year. This seems like a conservative estimate if the device is not used constantly. Nonetheless, it's best to be safe and replace the battery annually.

Setup and App

Apple's AirTag will only work with your iPhones and iPads. Tile's product choices are an excellent alternative for Android users or iOS users who want to avoid being tethered within Apple's restrictions.

The setup is easy. Start by downloading the Tile app, create your account, and follow all the prompts to adjust the settings on your cell phone. The next step is to tap Add Tile on the app's main screen, then press the button on the front of the Pro. It only takes a few seconds to pair.

Once you have successfully added your Pro to the app, you can customize the icons, name, and ringtone. The app feels outdated, and if you have multiple Tile trackers, you must scroll down on your screen to access them all. It's not a deal breaker, but seeing Tile make the app more user-friendly would be nice.


First, every Tile tracker has a lot of functionality, and you can upgrade it with a Premium subscription. Tile Premium costs $29.99 annually, and new Tile customers receive a free year. It includes annual battery replacements and provides access to 30 days of location history, unlimited access to location sharing, and excellent customer service.

It also gives you the Smart Alerts feature, which alerts your phone when you fail to take the item connected to the Pro with you. Although Apple's AirTag offers a comparable feature to Smart Alerts, you don't have to subscribe to a subscription.

Offers a Premium Protect subscription for $99 per year; you get all of the Premium benefits and loss protection for up to $1,000 for the article to which the tracker is attached. To subscribe, you must provide details about the object and a picture of the device tethered to the tracker to XCover, which is Tile's reimbursement partner. You're eligibility for reimbursement starts after you've signed up for a month and your device has been missing for 7 days. Although there are some restrictions, therefore be sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly.

Bluetooth Tracker

Tile vs. Airtag: Always Attached

Like all Tile models available, the Pro is actually a two-way tracker; you can use the app installed on your phone to find your missing item, or you can press the Tile button twice to locate your phone. If you opt to find your phone, the alert will sound even if your phone is on silent. If you set up your Devices like smart speakers, you can ping your lost items if the feature is set up in advance; you can use a Comcast Xfinity Voice remote to find missing things. Unfortunately, the option to check your tracker's location on Tile's site has been discontinued.

Tile claims the Pro has the most extended range out of its four trackers, reaching 400 feet through Bluetooth. Tiles don't use ultra-wideband like AirTags, . Regrettably, Tile's claims don't consider real-world conditions; for instance, you'll seldom have a direct line of sight without interference between you and your missing item. Nonetheless, the results are outstanding for Bluetooth.

The Pro has the loudest speaker out of the other options, maxing out at 128 dB. However, once you're a few inches away, the maximum volume is 92 dB. Nonetheless, it's loud enough to hear it across a room with lots of ambient noise.

If you accidentally misplace your item and it's not within range, use the Tile app and select Notify When Found. When you activate Notify When Found, the tracker is put in Lost mode, and you will receive a notification as soon as another Tile user is within range of your item. It works because the process occurs in the background when other Tile user is within range. Still, they will only get a notification that there's a lost item within range if you opt to send an anonymous thank you after you've recovered the item.

Similar Products

AirTag vs. Tile: Which Bluetooth Tracker is best for you?

Recently, Tile implemented a new feature, Lost and Found, for its latest trackers. This feature lets you attach your contact information, name, and phone number to the item. If the article is found by an individual who does not use Tile, they can scan the QR on the back of the tracker to obtain your contact information. This feature is optional but free; if you don't add your contact info, the person who finds your missing item will be directed to Tile's site. 

Tile's Lost and Found feature lets non-Tile users get in contact with you if they find your missing article. 

Security Risks

Regarding security, it's a bummer that AirTags, Tiles, and any other Bluetooth trackers brand can be used as a stalking mechanism for people. Since you can locate trackers when any device with Bluetooth comes within range, it's almost impossible to stop people from misusing them. Apple added additional features like periodic chirps to notify you if an unassigned AirTag is nearby. 

Tile has a feature called Scan and Secure; according to Tile, “If you think you may be at risk for unwanted tracking, Our Scan and Secure feature allows you to see if there are any unknown Tiles or Tile-enabled devices that may be traveling with you…”

The Bottom Line: Airtag vs. Tile

With a loud speaker, good connectivity, and a durable body, the Tile Pro is definitely the best tracking device for Android users.

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