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Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution: Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator

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What is Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator & Urine Destroyer?

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator & Urine Destroyer – The ready-to-use pet odor eliminator is packaged in a neon orange spray bottle.   The neon orange spray bottle is easy to spot in your cleaning supplies cabinet.  Plus, It boasts 24 ounces of cleaning solution that works as an air and surface deodorizer and comes in different sizes.  I also have my favorite all natural cleaning and deodorizing products for my home.  But if you are a DIYer, you can make your green cleaning starter kit and cleaning solution.

There are numerous angry orange pet odor eliminator reviews on the web.  Since I am a big fan of this product, I thought I would write an Angry Orange Review to help other pet owners with furry friends who make stinky messes find an effective product with a pet odor remover.

The product's innovative use of concentrated orange oils helps clean, disinfect, and deodorize any flooring, which removes pet stains.  The angry orange enzyme cleaner, the enzyme-based formula, breaks down stains and odors almost immediately without damaging fabrics or floors.  The best part is that it relies on something other than irritating synthetic chemicals to do the job.  An effective carpet odor and deodorizer should be free of toxic chemicals but still remove the pet urine odor and stain.

Reviews On Amazon

According to thousands of Amazon shoppers, Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator and Urine Remover work great.

Over 66,818 Amazon reviewers gave Angry Orange's Pet Odor, and Eliminator Concentrate a five-star rating.   While another 107,549 gave a perfect five stars to the brand's ready-to-use Angry Orange spray cleaner.  Fans of both cleaning solutions are pleased with their effective formulas, scents, versatility, and overall value.

Unsurprisingly, three different sizes and variations of Angry Orange's urine and stain cleaning solutions are at the top of Amazon's best-sellers chart.  Reviewers have depicted Angry Orange products as the best cleaner ever and an “absolute must-have if you have pets.”

From The Manufacturer

Get rid of the toughest pet odors.  Angry Orange is a commercial-grade citrus pet odor remover.

An Overview Of Pet Urine Destroyers

Although pets make our home a happier place to live, they come with a few inconveniences.  One is the unavoidable accident.  Avoid the occasional urine spot on your floors or furniture, even with the best training.  It can happen in the early days of pet ownership as you're trying to provide training.  Some older dogs also have accidents due to health problems, excited peeing, or other issues. 

But unfortunately, pet urine can cause permanent damage to flooring and fabrics and, of course, the odor that comes with it.  The pH of urine tends to increase as it hardens, making it more challenging to remove.   And it also starts to attract bacteria, ultimately discoloring the surface.  Over time, it alters the carpet's construction, making even professional carpet cleaning futile.

The real problem with urine is that as challenging as the stain is to remove, the odor is even more difficult.  Although, eliminating the odor-causing bacteria often isn't enough.  Essentially, a product is needed to eliminate all traces of bacteria to guarantee the odor is gone forever.

Pet urine will sink far beneath the surface if your pet pees on your carpet.  The liquid or pee will sink into the carpet pad beneath the carpet and occasionally even to the flooring below.  So, it's essential to take action quickly when an accident happens.  But it would be best to look for a product that promises to get deep within the carpet fibers to remove urine odors from the padding.

The Urine Destroyer Buying Guide

  • The sooner you can remove the odor's origin, the better.  Urine is easiest to remove when it happens when it's in its most acidic state.  If you have a pet in the house or intend to, you should always keep a urine stain remover on hand and take action to clean it up as soon as an accident occurs.
  • Products with high pH can remain on the carpet, drawing dirt and staining the carpet forever.  Avoid using ammonia-based urine destroyers or oxygen bleaches.
  • As effective as some urine sprays and powders can be for on-the-spot cleaning, a professional carpet cleaning service goes much further to remove urine thoroughly.  These services pull back the carpet and remove the pad.   Once they remove the pad, they clean the carpet backing with an enzyme treatment and install new carpet padding.
  • When you have pets or children crawling or playing around on the floor, you want to ensure that any product you buy is safe.  Look for products that use natural enzymes and keep chemicals at a minimum.
  • In addition to odor, urine can leave behind a sticky residue.  You'll also need an enzyme that will remove that residue.

Angry Orange Odor Eliminator Reviews

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator Review

What I Like

  • Effective on old stains and new pet stains and odors
  • Pleasing citrus smell
  • Concentrated and small bottle helps avoid needless waste
  • A carpet cleaning machine is not needed
  • Price for the quality and effectiveness in removing pee stains and pet odor removal 

What I Don't Like

  • Angry Orange Cleaner Concentrate – need a separate spray bottle

If you need an effective pet odor remover that smells nice and offers superb, sustainable, and non-toxic value, the Angry Orange Odor Eliminator may be your best bet.  When buying natural pet products, be sure the ingredients are not toxic to your pets, cats, and dogs.  Many natural products use essential oils, and some essential oils can be harmful to both cats and dogs.

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator Review

Points Covered For This Dog Odor Neutralizer Review


  • Process and Ease of Use
  • Effectiveness and Scent
  • Ingredients
  • Price
  • Competition
  • Final Verdict
  • Specs

I have four dogs, and I purchased Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator to put it to the test on my pets' messes and accidents.  Please keep reading for my full dog odor neutralizer product review.  My Ecobee thermostat will notify me when the air in my home stinks.

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator Review​

My Experience With Angry Orange Pet Odor Remover Review

As a pet parent to a 16-year-old dog and three dogs under the age of 6, as well as three small, medium, and large but messy human beings, my grandkids, and all boys, I know firsthand that accidents can and will continue to happen. When I moved into my new house, I begrudgingly bought an expensive and stylish rug for our home, one for each room—fearing that they'll ultimately end up as a costly pee and poop pad. I can pull up some rugs and put them in the washer. That's a nice feature.

I apply the Angry Orange Pet Odor remover on old stains and new stains on washable rugs in different pile heights, colors, thicknesses, sizes, hardwood floors, patterns, and back seats. All of my dogs like to ride in the SUV with momma. Please keep reading to see if this all-natural pet stain remover and angry orange cleaner will allow me to buy a high-end replacement rug.

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Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator Process and Ease of Use: Must add water

Angry Orange for pets – buying options are 24- and 32-ounce Angry Orange carpet spray urine destroyer bottles, an 8-ounce concentrate, and a gallon-sized refill.

I have ordered all three different sizes of the Angry Orange Product pet urine destroyer lines.  Also, I ordered the petite, concentrated bottle—the eight 0z.  One of my favorite things is that since the pet odor solution is concentrated, it means less plastic waste, and sustainability is essential to me.  Still, a downside is you need to have the pet odor solution pre-mixed in a spray bottle to treat newly noticed or emergency stains.  It wasn't an issue; I always keep a pre-made bottle.

Per the Angry Orange manufacturer, Angry Orange Concentrate directions, each 8-ounce bottle equals 1 gallon of “industrial strength odor eliminator.” I found the preparation and cleaning process easy and self-explanatory.  Since most of my stain cleaning jobs tend to lean towards minor, I stick to the brand's recommendation of using two tablespoons mixed in with 32 ounces of water.   It's two tablespoons per 32 ounces of water, which I put into an empty spray bottle.

How To Use Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator On Fresh Stains?

According to the product instructions, before using the Angry Orange spray solution, stains on rugs should be blotted and absorbed with a paper towel as much as possible.  Once spraying the stained area, let the odor eliminator soak for five to 10 minutes to eliminate the smell of pet waste.

Although I only use the product to treat fabrics, wood floors, tile, and rugs, Angry Orange's Odor Eliminator is also appropriate for cleaning concrete and kennels.  Spray, soak for at least ten to twenty minutes, use a scrub brush or broom if you'd like, and rinse with water.  Mix a whole gallon and spray the affected areas to treat a yard for odor.

According to the manufacturer, the solution is safe for tile, wood floors, and plants.  Although I have a Bissel carpet cleaning machine, the nice thing about it is that I don't need to use it or a steaming appliance.  The only time I have used the carpet cleaning machine is if the affected area is large or if I want to clean the whole area rug.

How To Use Angry Orange Cleaner On Carpet?

To use Angry Orange to clean carpet or rugs, first dilute the solution with water according to the instructions on the label. Then, apply the solution to the affected area and let it sit for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes:

  1. Blot the area with a clean cloth or paper towel to absorb the excess solution.
  2. Rinse the area with water (use a wet rag) and blot dry.
  3. Repeat if necessary until the odor is completely eliminated.

Note:  It's crucial to always spot-test the solution on an inconspicuous area of the carpet or rug before using it on a larger area to ensure it doesn't cause any damage.

angry orange cleaner

Effectiveness and Scent: A surprisingly sweet solution

As far as my naked eyes and nose could tell, the stains and odor on our carpets and couch were gone 15 minutes after cleaning the affected areas.  Over the next few weeks, my dogs peed again on our large 8-foot by 10-foot area rug or carpet.  However, they found new spots to pee and avoided the areas previously treated with the product.

I also used a UV flashlight to see if we could see the stains before and after using the spray.  However, I noticed little or no stain lines on the backside of the rugs and no stain on the couch.  Although Angry Orange doesn't have the official seal of approval – from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) like the other products I have used, I didn't notice any damage to the colors or fabric on my patterned carpets or rugs.

How Angry Orange Cleaner Compares To Competitors

Other products can add another scent layer on top of the existing urine smell, which is sometimes worse than just the pee smell alone.  This odor can be irritating and migraine-triggering, causing nausea for some people who are very sensitive to synthetic fragrances like me.  I didn't have that issue with this product.  I have used it for all of our pet stains for over a year over previous go-to products.  This may not be your product if you prefer something other than citrus fragrances because this product has a prominent citrus smell.  It is soft and subtle yet very noticeable.

Ingredients: Natural, but not all contents listed

As a parent to humans and doggies, I prioritize ensuring that ingredients are safe for all in my household. Angry Orange says the odor remover “is derived from the oil found in orange peels; it is biodegradable and non-toxic.” Since the brand doesn't print its complete ingredient list on the bottle, it can be a problem for those with severe allergies or health issues who need to know every ingredient included in a product.

The brand does state that the product “is a commercial-grade citrus odor eliminator that was initially made for use in industrial applications such as pet waste remover companies, poultry farms, sludge ponds, rendering plants, food lots, and boarding kennels.” Still, it's virtually safe to use “virtually anywhere pet waste odor is an issue.”

Angry Orange is a cold press custom formula derived from the oil found in orange peels. It is biodegradable and made with orange, a natural cleaner.

Price: Best bang for your buck

Angry Orange's Pet Odor Eliminator is reasonably priced at $23.00 for basically one gallon's worth of pet stain cleaner – or $5.75 for the equivalent of a 32-ounce spray bottle. Other retailer-stocked choices range between $6.00 to $15.00 for a standard 32-ounce bottle, with specialty brands ranging from $20 to $40 for the same amount.

How to Use Enzyme Spray For Dogs And Urine Destroyer

If the pet smells are intolerable, filling the air with this super strong citrus scent will be tempting, but a little goes a long way, so don't do it. For use on fabric surfaces like carpets, rugs, couches, beds, and dog blankets or lightly spraying Angry Orange onto the stained or smelly area and blotting dry is usually sufficient to remove the stain and the stink. If the stench persists and the mess persists, please repeat the process and allow Angry Orange to thoroughly soak in before using a pet carpet cleaning machine over the affected areas.

The Competition: Other options available For Pet Urine Destroyer

Angry Orange Odor Eliminator is my favorite compared to other enzyme-based pet stain formulas for its effectiveness, concentrated solution, sustainability, non-toxic, and pleasant citrus fragrance.

See below how the different products performed:

New Up and Coming Pet Odor Eliminator And Urine Destroyer – To The Market:

Live Odor Free!® Dog Urine 2X – Package Deal (16 oz. + Gallon)

Noble Ion Live Odor Free – is said by the manufacturer to eliminate stubborn odors caused by pet urine and other organic odors from carpets or other surfaces. The product works without the use of enzymes or fragrances. According to the manufacturer, removing pet urine and odors eliminates odor by using billions of positive (+) ions that work to eliminate the negative (-) ions contained in foul-smelling scents. A plus (+) and a minus (-) = zero odor.


Best For Use:  

  • Use On Spots – Carpet, rugs, tile, wood flooring, or laminate.
  • Maintenance – Mild Odor to Moderate Odor
  • Works Best On Shallow depth, new urine spots, or medium depth, not very old ones.
  • It doesn't work – deeply penetrated urine-soiled areas, carpet padding, tile grout, sub-flooring, or porous cement.
  •  Use on trouble areas previously treated with other brands that failed to resolve the problem. 

Type: Dog

Odor Problem: Maintenance. Mild to moderate.

Odor Type: Surface depth, new urine spots to medium depth, not very old ones. 

Container Coverage Is: 

  • A 16 oz = 1′ x 1′ Area or 1 square foot for Maintenance to Mild coverage
  • A 64 oz = 2′ x 2′ Area of 4 square feet for Mild to Moderate coverage
  • A Gallon = 5′ x 5′ Area or 25 square feet for Moderate coverage

Use On Surfaces: Carpet, rugs, tile, wood flooring, or laminate.

Use On Other Surfaces: Products will also work on fabrics.


  • 1 – 16 oz bottle with sprayer.
  • 1 – Gallon bottle

To clean up a spot – use a clean towel to wipe or blot up the excess.

“Live Pee Free! Odor Eliminator 100% Eliminates Pet Odor on Contact. 20% Off. No Enzymes, No Fragrance, No Detergent, No Bleach – Safe for Kids and Pets.”

Nature's Miracle And Urine Destroyer

As a loyal user of Nature's Miracle products – Urine Destroyer, $40.00 for 1 gallon; and Advanced Formula, $30.00 for 32 oz.) I prefer Angry Orange's lovely citrus scent to the former's overbearing chemical-like smell.

Bubba's Rowdy Friends Pet Stain & Odor Terminator Urine Destroyer:

I have also used this natural enzyme cleaner, $58.00, which comes in a one-gallon bottle but does not include the spray nozzle. Although I found it effective in eliminating stains and odors, it smelled like a mint scent. It wasn't overpowering; it was one of my favorites for removing scents and aromas. I don't care for mint scents. CRI approves the product.

Sunny & Honey Pet Stain & Odor Miracle Urine Destroyer: 

This is an “advanced” bio-enzymatic spray for $40.00. It comes in a 32-ounce spray bottle with a light mint scent; it could have been better. It removes pet urine smells and stains from washable rugs. Based on its price and aroma, this product ranked among the middle of the ones I have tried.

Rocco & Roxie Pro Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator Urine Destroyer: 

This is a natural, bio-enzymatic formula – $20.00 comes in a 32-ounce spray bottle, plus it has the seal of approval from the CRI. It was my least favorite only because of its overpowering aroma. Although, it was good in masking pet urine smells on rugs.

My Final Verdict - Angry Orange Odor Eliminator and Urine Destroyer

Yes, Angry Orange Odor Eliminator is worth every penny; the best part is it is effective in removing carpet odor and stain remover.  I find it the best pet stain & odor remover I have tried, and it works fast; it is excellent.  The Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator removes cat and dog urine stains and odors and keeps pets from soiling in the same spot.  Unlike other products' overpowering, chemical-like scents, it has a surprisingly pleasant citrus fragrance.

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