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Auroth Tactical Dog Harness and Leash Addie

The Best No Pull Harness Review: Auroth Tactical Dog Harness

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Stylish - Tactical No Pull Dog Harness

No pull harness for dogs review: My testers for the non pull dog harness are my 3 dogs: a Catahoula, a Blue Heeler (American Heeler), and an Aussie (American Shepherd).  I use an Auroth dog harness on two very high-energy dogs—a 2-year-old American Shepherd and a 6-year-old Catahoula Leopard Dog—both averaging 50 to 70 pounds and are considered Large.  Although one of our dogs has been trained on harnesses since she was a puppy, the other has not.  They both tend to pull in different directions, challenging walks without harnesses.  Addie, the Aussie, is the worst; she pulls until the collar chokes her.  She will definitely benefit from a no choke harness.  All three of my pups are sporting the pink camo Auroth tactical dog harness.

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Reflective - Auroth Adjustable Pet Harness

The harness I chose for my dogs and to test has been recommended by several dog training publications and was also the highest-rated harness on Amazon. The first test on our list was whether the brand's recommended harness size was true to size, sufficient, and adjustable to fit all three of my dogs. Though my dogs weigh approximately the same, the blue heeler has more girth than the Aussie and Catahoula. Each dog got its pink cam harness, which was adjusted to fit each of my pups. Belle is tall and thin, and Addie the Aussie is the same height as Kallie the Blue Heeler but not heavy. Nonetheless, all of them have different body structure heights and sizes.

PetSafe Walk Along Dog Harness – Water Resistant


The most critical test performed was walking the dogs and gauging how well the harness stopped the dogs from pulling.  The Auroth Tactical and PetSafe Walk Along are the best dog harnesses.  Both harnesses perform well, and they prevent the dogs from pulling; the best part is we don't have to do much of anything to keep the pups under control.  The PetSafe no pull harness is best suited for training puppies and young dogs.

Best No Pull Adjustable Pet Harness

No Pull Harness

Auroth Tactical Dog Harness for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs

Working, Training, Easy Control Pet Vest 

Available Sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large

Amazon Customer Ratings

Customer ratings by feature by 47,211 global ratings


Important features to consider For No Pull Harness

When buying no pull dog harnesses, you should consider some essential features.

Correct size

Most non pull dog harnesses typically come in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. Although, a few harnesses include other sizes like extra-small and extra-extra-large. Before buying a harness for your dog, it's crucial to measure the circumference of your doggy's chest; this is the best way to get the accurate size since most harnesses have the chest size in inches. For instance, the medium-sized Auroth Tactical documents have a chest size of 22-33 inches.

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Auroth Dog Harness

Accessible adjustable straps

Even if you measure and have the correct chest size for your dogs, the harnesses will likely not fit right out of the box. Therefore, depending on your pup, prepare to spend at least 15 minutes adjusting the straps under your dog's belly and behind its legs to make sure the harness lies flat against its chest and back. This adjustment only needs to be made once if you spend the time to ensure the harness fits appropriately.

Some harness brands oddly design harnesses by hiding the buckles under fabric or inside pockets. While hidden or partially hidden clasps are aesthetically pleasing, adjusting the straps is frustrating and challenging since pushing the material through the buckle is difficult. Therefore, we recommend ease of functionality over aesthetics and buying a harness with exposed fasteners.

Chest clip vs Back Clip

Many dog harnesses contain clips or loops to attach a leash to your dog's chest or back.  Sometimes, a back clip can be ineffective in stopping your dog from yanking and may have the opposite effect.  Instead, your dog will pull, try to escape, resist, and fight back.

For a puller, consider choosing a harness with a chest clip.  When a leash clips at the front of the chest, it works as a barrier the dog can't get past and slows them down.

The Auroth 6-foot leash is durable and heavy-duty.  It also has a clip for you to attach your dog poop holder.

Auroth - Tactical Dog Harness

The Auroth Tactical Dog Harness is for sure the best no pull harness. The harness is designed as a dog vest, plus it's made of heavy-duty nylon with reinforced stitching, which is tough and long-lasting. One of the features I like is the vest has some cushion on the inner top and bottom. The inner cushion helps keep your dog comfy and protected against scrapes from the straps under its front legs.

How do you put the dog harness on your pet?

Glide the Auroth over your dog's head and adjust the straps accordingly. Note: the straps are easy to adjust. The buckles are heavy-duty plastic and stay in place when you snap them together. Another cool feature is that the harness has well-designed releases that you quickly get to and release. There is no need to struggle when removing the harness from your dog. In addition, the straps have fluorescent edging, like the Auroth logo on the chest piece, so you and others can easily see your dog at night. The large size we purchased needed minor adjustments for all of our dogs, and we didn't have to make any significant adjustments to the harnesses.

Auroth Tactical Dog Harness and Leash

image: Bambams Coop Lifestyle & Home  – Kallie, Belle & Addie

The girs are ready for their walk to the park.

No Pull Dog Harness For Large Dogs

Nonetheless, the Auroth harness fits all three dogs without a problem.  Once the harness is on and on the dogs, it fits like a vest, and neither of my dogs seems bothered by it. The harness is nicely padded under the hind and the dog's front legs and doesn't rub the sensitive skin underneath when moving around or walking.

The harness features two thick metal rings linking the leash: one on top and one on the chest area. The top ring controlled our dogs very well from pulling, and a gentle pull on the leash was sufficient to keep them from pulling on us. Nonetheless, the chest ring did little for us and may be intended for well-trained dogs when walking casually.

On the top of the harness is a heavy-duty handle should you need to grab your dog quickly, such as when there is a potential danger. Suppose you're an outdoorsy person who likes to take your dog with you on hikes, hunting, or long walks. The harness is made to handle your dog hiking or hunting. The Auroth harness also has strips of MOLLE – short for “Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment.” The strips of Molle allow you to attach pouches that hold water bottles or bowls. Overall, the Auroth harness is exceptionally well-made, much more than the other non pull dog harnesses we have owned and made to last for years.

Auroth Dog Harness

Are Harnesses Better Than Collars

Choosing the best non pull dog harness for your pup is one of the best and safest decisions a pet owner can make.

To reduce the potential of a neck injury to your dog when walking it and it is pulling, it is best to fasten the leash to a harness instead of to a collar. Although, it won't prevent your dog from pulling. Thus, if the harness isn't designed well, it can cause your dog to pull more, which is more dangerous for you or the dog walker. Thus, poorly and no-pull dog harnesses that don't fit well can cause injury to your pup.


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