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Chickcozy automatic chicken door with timer

Quality Matters: Chickcozy Automatic Chicken Coop Doors

by Helen

As a chicken keeper, automatic chicken coop doors make your life much easier.  Your chickens are safely in their coop each night without you having to concern yourself opening or closing the door.  But with so many brands available for purchase on the market, you want to ensure you buy the right one that meets your needs.

This article reviews the features of a relatively new yet well-liked coop door to determine how effective the Chickcozy Automatic chicken coop door is.  An automatic chicken coop door is handy whether you have urban chickens or are out in the country.

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Chickcozy Auto Door Review

The Chickcozy automatic chicken coop door is an excellent, high-quality solution for those looking for a low-maintenance, easy-to-install coop door. It boasts a unique opening design, which slides horizontally from side to side, which sets it in a different class from other doors on the market. The Chickcozy door comes in two color options: lime green and rich dark goldenrod.

[This post contains affiliate links. It is sponsored; also, we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. We may earn a commission if you use these links to buy something. Thanks.]


  • Pre-assembled
  • Sliding door design
  • Light sensor & timer
  • Quality batteries & power cord included
  • Affordable


  • Special design and look
  •  It is impossible to install the sensor on the outside while the door is on the inside
  • Internal foam packing is not sustainable

Easy to install coop door
Available in dark golden rod & lime green

Chickcozy Coop Door Overview

Chickcozy chicken-keeping products are sold worldwide. The brand strives to design products for chicken owners that make caring for their flocks easier.

Since the Chickcozy automatic coop door has a one-piece design, it allows easy installation. Screw the door into place and follow the set-up guide instructions for setting up opening and closing modes. You can make it operational with little effort.

The unique horizontal opening design sets this coop door apart from others on the market. The coop door opens and closes sideways or horizontally, like a curtain, with two doors' sides sliding toward each other.

The door has dual power options by batteries and a main power supply, which both come included with your purchase. The coop door works on time, manual, and light settings.

The Chickcozy auto door arrives nicely in a sturdy cardboard box with extra foam lining for protection. There aren't many parts in the box, just the door, the instruction guide, screws, batteries, and a DC power supply outlet.

images: bambams coop lifestyle & home

Coop Door Design

The door looks sleek, compact, and remarkable without being too flashy. It's made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), an opaque thermoplastic well known for being robust and durable. The Chickcozy coop door is available in two distinct colors: lime green and dark goldenrod.

The main difference from other automatic chicken coop doors is that it utilizes a guillotine-style mechanism. The Chickcozy moves laterally, from the center to both sides, with two side panels sliding towards each other and opening and closing.


The Chickcozy auto door arrives with a pre-assembled coop door in one piece. No assembly is needed because the controller and the panel are part of the door's design. This means you can easily and quickly install it by screwing it onto a chicken coop wall, and your flock can begin using it after installing the control panel.

The inner door opening dimensions are 8.15″ to 10.43″, with the full size being 13.9″ x 16.7″ when opened and a weight of 3.8 lbs -1.7kg. The design seems sturdy and high in quality—the door's design is designed to resist snow, rain, and low temperatures. Also, according to the manufacturer, the Chickcozy auto door is built to withstand extreme temperatures ranging between -15°F and 140°F (-26°C to 60°C).

Lime Green Chickcozy Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Lime Green - Chickcozy Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Outside vs Inside Installation

Since the door and control panel are connected to each other, you cannot mount them separately to allow the door to be placed inside the coop and the controller outside the pen. If you put the door on the inside of the coop, it's essential to mention you will not be able to use the light sensor settings.

Predator Proof

The door is manufactured from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), an opaque thermoplastic recognized for being sturdy and robust. Therefore, a predator will not be able to bite or wiggle its way through, and once the door closes, it firmly stays in place.

It works because the door closes from both sides to the center, like a curtain, and once it shuts, the door cannot be pried open. You can rest assured your chickens will be safe from predators throughout the night.

Specific Features

Chicken keepers buy an automatic chicken coop door to keep their chickens safe at night while roosting. Plus, the door automatically opens and closes every morning and evening. Knowing the door opens and closes automatically brings peace of mind, as you don't have to remember to close the door or get up early daily in the morning. Thus, a quality coop door must be dependable and safe to meet those high standards.
Chickcozy meets all the essential standards without any problems. It is a reliable door that keeps your chickens secure during the night. But there are other distinguishing elements worth mentioning.

Horizontal Opening and Closing

Golden Rod Chickcozy Auto Chicken Door

Dark Goldenrod - Chickcozy Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Horizontal Opening and Closing

The primary and most significant feature of the Chickcozy coop door is its distinctive opening and closing, which is what sets it apart from other brands' automatic doors on the market.  This unique design, known as the ‘elevator door' design by Chickcozy, is what allows the door to slide from the middle to both sides and back.

Chickcozy refers to this distinct feature as an ‘elevator door' design.  One of the main advantages of this kind of door is that minimal space is needed above or around the coop door opening.  It's the best available choice for chicken keepers who have small coops.

Built-In Safety Feature: Sensor

The Chickcozy automatic chicken coop door boasts safety sensors similar to those used in elevator doors. If the sensor detects something in the way, it will stop closing immediately. The door reopens to enable the obstacle, like a chicken, to move out of the way. This action is followed by another try to close again, ensuring no obstructions and all the chickens are safely tucked away inside the coop.

A closer look at how the safety stop works on a Chickcozy door:
If the obstruction doesn't move, the door will reopen and retry closing four more times. After four attempts, the door will remain open if the blockage persists.

Many cheap automatic coop doors lack this vital safety feature, even though many claim to have it. Reading reviews before buying cheaper automatic doors is essential, as sad stories of trapped or wounded chickens can be tragic.

Alkaline Battery Supply

Since there is a lack of power sources near the coop, many chicken keepers can use an automatic coop door running on batteries, which is usually the best option. Using a battery power source makes it easier to install the door without needing electrical work.

Further, battery-powered coop doors will be more dependable during power outages or during bad weather, which can interrupt electrical service.

The Chickcozy Automatic Chicken Coop Door utilizes four regular AA batteries, which are included with your purchase. With everyday usage, the batteries should last for around six months. It is easy to check the remaining battery life by waking up the coop screen.

When the battery power is low, the screen flashes as an alert to replace the battery as soon as possible. Even when the battery power reaches 0%, the door will still operate, though the opening and closing speed will be much slower.

A plus is that the door settings don't need to reset after changing the batteries, saving you time.

Outlet Power

In addition to battery power, the Chickcozy door can connect to a main power supply by using the included power cord. Operating the coop door with either battery or outlet power gives better flexibility in terms of usage.

A benefit of using a main power supply rather than batteries for the chicken coop door is you don't have to be concerned about replacing the batteries. Utilizing this method might save you time and money in the long term. Plus, it is more sustainable since you won't dispose of batteries.

3 Open and Close Options

The Chickcozy automatic coop door offers three modes for operating, opening, and closing, the chicken coop door.

  1. Manual
  2. Time
  3. Light Sensor


You can operate the Chickcozy coop door manually if, for some reason, you need to use the automatic time or light settings temporarily. You can manually perform this function by long pressing and holding the ‘OK' button, which closes or opens the door based on the current door mode.


The time setting on the Chickcozy door enables you to set when the door opens and closes at specific times of your choice. The time setting offers control over your chicken's routine without being impacted by seasonal changes. To use the feature, you have to set the current time before programming the open and close times.

Nonetheless, when you use this feature, it requires modifying the settings several times per year as the seasons and daylight saving hours change or when setting the clocks forward or back by an hour in the fall or spring.

Built-In Light Sensor

The built-in light sensor setting is the most convenient method of using your automatic chicken coop door. The door will open and close when the sensor reaches a particular light level. Therefore, you don't make any setting changes, seasonal changes in daylight, or anything else. It will automatically open at dawn and close at dusk without your intervention.

Select an outdoor light level for opening and closing to use this feature. The default, the open and close delay, is 20 minutes. Therefore, the door will close or open 20 minutes after it reaches the light level constantly. The 20-minute delay prevents the door from accidentally closing or opening when there is an obstruction to the light sensor for short periods.

You can modify the close and open time delay, but you can not delay less than the default 20 minutes.

Automatic Chicken Coop Door Arrives Completely Assembled

While many other automatic chicken coop door manufacturers claim easy installation of their products, in reality, for those who are unfamiliar with the installation process, it can take a few hours.

Regardless, the Chickcozy door is genuinely ready to use right out of the box. As a matter of fact, mounting the door took us only about 15 minutes since we only had to screw it in place using the six screws included with the door. After that, you must calibrate the Chickcozy auto door and select an opening and closing mode.


The Chickcozy door and frame are small and lightweight.

Door Measurements

The entire opening measures 8.15″W x 10.40″H,  the dimensions are 13.9″H x 16.7″W in the opened position and 12″ W x 13.9″H when closed weighs 3.8 lbs (1.7kg)

Installation can be easier for those with a smaller-sized coop since the door opens sideways instead of upwards. As long as the door frame fits your chicken coop opening, You don't have to worry about the exact measurements before you mount the door as long as the frame fits firmly in your chicken coop opening. To ensure the door is installed straight, use a leveler. Be sure to install the door on a flat surface so the material won't bend.

Ease of Installation

Installing the Chickcozy automatic door is a snap compared to many other door brands we've tried. Since it comes fully pre-assembled, you need to align the door to the coop opening and fasten it with provided screws. It is not necessary to perform complex measurements or additional work.

Installing the Chickcozy Automatic Chicken Coop Door:

  1. Using a pencil or marker, mark where the door will go and, if necessary, adjust the hole to fit the door
  2. Use the six included self-tapping screws to screw the door into place.
  3. To install the batteries, remove the silicone cap from the battery pack
  4. Press the silicone battery pack firmly in place
  5. To Calibrate the auto door – long press the ‘OK' button
  6. The door calibrates itself for 3-5 times
  7. Test the door – press the test button
  8. Select a control mode for your automatic door
  9. Adjust the door features – follow the default steps on the screen

This is what the calibration of the Chickcozy Automatic chicken coop door looks like:

Durability and Maintenance During Extreme Cold Wheather

Due to the simple design of the door, the Chickcozy door is easy to clean and is low maintenance. To wash the door, wipe it off with a damp cloth and some warm water. If dirt or mud obstructions the rails, use a brush to clear them.

Door Error

If the display displays a ‘Door blocked' error message and there are no visible obstructions, fill the track with lubricating oil or grease for a smooth and easy operation.


The coop door and panel are designed to withstand snow, rain, and low temperatures. Additionally, according to the manufacturer, the Chickcozy auto door can resist temperatures between -15°F and 140°F (-26°C to 60°C).

We've used the Chickcozy door in temperatures during freezing temps, and the engine didn't appear to have any problem with the cold. Regardless, it's essential to understand that a system failure can still occur after a cold night or snap, so always check in on your flock the morning after frigid weather.  While chickens are very resilient to cold weather you can opt to use a chicken coop heater but take the proper precautions.

What's In The Box?

The Chickcozy auto door comes nicely packaged in a durable cardboard box with added thin foam lining for extra safeguard during transport. The foam liner is not compostable. The contents of the box include:
  1. The Chickcozy automatic chicken coop door
  2. Four Duracell quality batteries
  3. Power adapter
  4. Six screws
  5. Instruction Manual
  6. Sticker of Chicken Breeds

Price and Availability

The Chickcozy automatic door is competitively priced compared to other high-quality chicken coop doors, though other options may be available. The price ranges from around $170 and can be purchased in several online shops. Shipping costs are primarily free, although verifying before placing an order is essential. The Chickcozy automatic chicken coop door comes with a 2-year warranty.

Summary: Chickcozy Chicken Auto Door

The Chickcozy automatic chicken coop door is very high-quality, and it is a competitively priced product for those who want a low-maintenance, easy-to-install coop door. It has a unique opening design, which slides horizontally from the center to both sides. Therefore, this sets it apart from other door options on the market. This feature is beneficial for chicken keepers with smaller coops with limited space around the opening of the door.

The design of the Chickcozy door helps it withstand various weather conditions and has numerous settings for automatic functionality, including a light sensor timer.

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Lynn Hansson October 17, 2023 - 11:42 pm

This door is the BEST door ever ! I loved it so much I bought a second one for my
Newest coop ! Easy to install and my ladies don’t mind it at all!!! HIGHLY, highly recommend!!!

Helen October 18, 2023 - 3:08 am

I’m happy to hear you love your chicken coop door.


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