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The Best Dog Bed With Bolster Calming Dog Bed

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Bolster Dog Bed With Removable Cover: Every Pup Should Have One

What is a bolster pet bed?  Essentially, bolster beds for dogs are like traditional dog beds, except that they feature a padded “pillow” that stretches along one or more sides of the bed.  This gives your pet a place to rest his weary head, and it can offer a bit of additional security that many dogs appreciate.  A dog or cat, or any pet for that matter, requires a multi-year commitment to care, including providing them safety, feeding and housing them, and ensuring they stay healthy. Yep, there's a lot to know about caring for a pet. If you don't already have a pet and are considering getting a new pet, there are some things to consider; please consider adopting a pet from your local animal shelter or pet rescue.

Ever tried to sleep without a pillow? It’s not much fun.  It’s hard to get comfy without a good place to rest your noggin’ while napping.  And as it turns out, many dogs also appreciate having an elevated place to rest their heads. Fortunately, there’s a ready-made solution for these kinds of doggos: Bolster dog beds.  

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Essentially, bolster beds made for dogs are like a standard dog bed, barring that they feature a padded “pillow” that extends along one or up to three sides.  The pillow provides your pet with a cozy place to rest its head, and it can offer some additional security that many dogs enjoy; being snug can give them gives them a sense of security. 

My dogs tend to get anxious during bath time, but I have figured out how to calm them and get them to stay in the shower. 

Benefit Bed With Border Good For Anxious and Nervous Dogs

Not only does Bolster dog beds' raised pillow-type edging give your pet a place to rest its head, but it also has a calming effect, giving them a safe “hugged” feeling that can make anxious, on edge, or nervous dogs feel more secure.  An anxiety dog bed helps your pet feel more comfortable and calm.

Because dogs descend from wolves, they are instinctive to be in a cave-type structure when they sleep.  That is why many fur babies love having a crate, which is their cave or den.  A bolster dog bed is also great for pups who like to curl in a ball. After carefully reviewing more than 100 bolster beds, I found that “Omlet Memory Foam” is the best bolster dog bed overall. 

dog bed with bolster

Our Favourite Bolster Dog Bed (our most recommended product)

3 Top Picks: Best Dog Beds with Bolsters

#1 Omlet Memory Foam Bolster Bed [Our Favorite Bolster Dog Bed]:

You can customize an elevated bolster bed for your specific pet's needs. This dog bed is undoubtedly the best bolster bed for my doggies.

#2 PetFusion Lounge Bed [Best Overall Dog Bed with Bolsters]:

The following high-quality bolster bed is the PetFusion Lounge Bed; it is great for owners and dogs who prefer a bolster bed with no elevated design.  

#3 Joyelf Memory Foam Pet Bed [Most Affordable Memory Foam Bolster Bed]:

The third pick is perfect for pet parents needing a memory foam bolster bed; this bed is affordable and will keep your canine comfy and well-supported.

But there are a few additional benefits bolster beds provide in some cases.

For instance, if you like placing a bed in your dog's crate with bolsters, it will help discourage your dog from leaning against the bars or crate wall when sleeping — the bolsters will also provide a little cushion for your canine.

Further, many pet owners like the way dog bolster beds look, and they look like cute little canine couches. A look we all think is adorable.

Why Bolster Dog Beds?

So, why exactly do some dogs love bolster beds?  So happy you asked!

The three primary reasons lots of dogs love bolster beds:

  • Bolsters provide a spot for your dog to snooze and lay its head while sleeping or to relax.  Like humans, the pillow-like bolster helps keep your pet's spine straight, resulting in more comfort and rest.  We also love a comfy human bed.
  • Dog beds with bolsters have a raised edge, helping nervous dogs feel safer.  This trait is likely a leftover from your pup's evolutionary past because wild animals often like to sleep up against something, typically back to back, as it makes them feel protected from every direction.
  • Bolsters can help keep dogs a bit warmer.  Although staying warm isn't an issue for most dogs, little lap dogs, thin-coated breeds, and long-and-lanky dogs usually have more trouble staying warm in cooler temperatures.  Hence, they typically love the extra warmth the bolsters can provide.  My Australian Shepherd has no issue keeping warm because she has a double coat.

But there are a few additional benefits bolster beds provide in some cases.

For instance, if you like placing a bed in your dog's crate with bolsters, it will help discourage your dog from leaning against the bars or crate wall when sleeping — the bolsters will also provide a little cushion for your canine.

Further, many pet owners like the way dog bolster beds look, and they look like cute little canine couches.  A look we all think is adorable.

The 3 Best Dog Beds With Bolsters: Reviews & Info

1. Omlet Memory Foam Bed

If you are ready to give your pup a bolster bed, any dog beds listed below should be a great place to start!

About: The Omlet Memory Foam Bolster Bed is one of the few elevated dog bolster beds on the market, but it's not the only claim feature we love. Furthermore, it is fully customizable, so you can get the particular features you need and want for your pet. And what is best of all, it is just a very high-quality bed that'll keep your pet comfy while sleeping.


  • A thick memory foam slab delivers support for your dog's joints
  • The cover is removable; machine washable
  • The elevated design supplies more comfort and airflow
  • A large bolster gap on the front allows for easy access
  • Available with five different types of feet of your choice
  • Add a matching blanket to your order
  • Available in 15 eye-popping bed colors 


  • Small (25″ x 18.8″)
  • Medium (34.4″ x 21.8″)
  • Large ( 41.5″ x 28.1″)

What We Like – Pros

  • Beds are customizable, and you can design the perfect bolster bed for your pooch;
  • It boasts a removable, machine-washable cover;
  • Features a thick memory foam core providing fantastic support;
  • The raised design helps maintain your pet cooler and better airflow in the summer and helps reduce odors

What Dogs Love About It?

  • Thick and Fluffy

What We Don't Like – Cons

  • The assembly instructions aren't helpful
  • The beds can be a little costly

2. PetFusion Lounge Bed

About: The PetFusion Lounge Bed is a high-end memory foam dog bed that boasts bolsters that wrap virtually around the bed. According to the brand, the dog bed can reduce arthritis pain and increase mobility; according to pets, it’s absolutely comfy.

bolster dog bed
We feature a premium bolster bed, a thick memory foam core, and a durable cover. It is waterproof and medium firmness pillow.


  • The design is oval instead of a traditional rectangle for ultimate coziness
  • The upper portion of the bed cover is made of suede; the bottom is waterproof denier
  • The stuffing is made with premium polyester fiberfill
  • The whole bed is machine washable – machine wash in an oversized washing machine
  • Available in 7 colors, including navy blue, chocolate, and more
  • The larger two sizes have removable covers
  • Made in the USA


  • 24″ x 18″
  • 32″ x 18″
  • 40″ x 29″
  • 52″ x 36″

What We Like – Pros

  • Its 4-inch-thick memory foam core delivers exceptional comfort
  • A durable, waterproof, and tear-resistant cover 
  • Removable and machine washable cover
  • The availability of replacement covers is a great perk 

What Dogs Love About It?

  • Thick and Fluffy

What We Don't Like – Cons

  • Reviews: Some consumers complained of an odor associated with the foam.

3. Bagel Dog Bed

About: The Bagel Bolster Dog Bed – an ultra-soft oval or bagel-shaped bolstered bed that is excellent for dogs who curl up when sleeping. Best of all, it’s made in the USA using premium materials and is available in assorted beautiful colors.

Chocolate Suede Bagel Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products

An oval-shaped bolster bed can be easily tossed into the washing machine when necessary.


  • Built around a 4-inch-thick memory foam base
  • The cover is both waterproof and tear-resistant
  • The cover is easy to remove and is machine washable
  • The bolster filling is recycled polyfill
  • It comes with an anti-skid bottom to keep it from moving
  • Replacement covers are available 


  • Small (25″ x 20″)
  • Large (36″ x 28″)
  • Extra Large (44″ x 34″)
  • XXL (50″ x 40″)

What We Like – Pros

  • For some dogs, the oval shape provides additional comfort and security
  • Reviews: Owners are impressed by the bed's durability and construction
  • The bed is available in various sizes and colors to fit your style
  • The whole bed can be tossed in the washing machine

What Dogs Love About It?

  • Thick and Made in the USA

What We Don't Like – Cons

  • Reviews: There were complaints concerning the stuffing. After several washes, it started clumping.
  • Several owners also reported issues with the zipper
  • It doesn't include the memory or orthopedic foam – but not all dogs need that feature

Picking The Right Bolster Bed for Your Dog: Things to Think About

A dog bolster bed is similar to choosing a standard – flat dog bed. You'll want to select a high-quality model that's well built, pick a bed that's the appropriate size, and it's helpful if the bed can be washed easily.

But there are also a few other things to look for when choosing a bolster bed for your dog:

  • Make sure the bolsters are washable. Since dog bed Bolsters get dirty just like the rest of your dog's bed, pick top high-quality models where you can easily wash the bolsters. Typically, the best bolster beds have detachable bolster covers that allow for problem-free washing, but buying bolster beds that can thoroughly be cleaned or washed is also acceptable.
  • Check the bolsters are sufficiently stuffed. Sadly, a lot of bolster beds that have bolsters need more stuffing. They tend to flatten when they don't have enough filling, rendering the entire point useless for purchasing a dog bolster bed. I have tried my best to ensure all of the beds on the above list meet the criterion, but to be safe, research this issue if you opt for a different bed.
  • Check the size and space available for your new dog bed. Keep in mind that the bolsters take up space; therefore, buy the correct size, small, medium, or large, so be sure that the area where the bed will be placed still gives your pet plenty of space, plus that the bolsters won't cause issues fitting the bed in your doggy's crate if you decide to put it in there.

Memory Foam vs. Orthopedic Foam: Which Is The Best for Bolster Beds?

Some dog bolster beds have memory foam, while others include orthopedic foam.  Therefore, this leads many pet owners to wonder which option is better for their pup.  In a somewhat haphazard fashion, manufacturers often use terms like “memory foam” and “orthopedic foam” when promoting doggie beds. 

And to be honest, the terms aren't always mutually exclusive — while many “orthopedic” beds feature memory foam, some beds feature true memory foam plus a simple “orthopedic” foam.  Memory foam is a space-age material developed by NASA and conforms to the shape of your dog's body when your pup is lying on it and warms it up, and it then springs back to its original form once your doggie leaves and cools back off.

Yet “Orthopedic” foam doesn't deform in the same manner.  This word is often used in myriad types of foam, so it's always best to think of it as “not memory foam.”  While Both types of foam described above can be great for pooches, most pets do not seem to care either way.  That said, below are the pros and cons below.

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