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Best Time to Buy A Vacuum

The Best Time to Buy a Vacuum In 2023: Save Money

by Helen
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When is the best time to buy a vacuum?

When buying a new vacuum, the cost can be unexpected. Whether upgrading your current vac or wanting to get a Shark, Bissell, Dyson, or Roomba Robot Vacuum model you've been eyeing. Vacuum cleaners are an expensive purchase. Therefore, when is the best time to buy a vacuum cleaner?

That's why learning the best buying time may help save some money. There are shopping events, spring sales, annual offers, and timing it right, and you can bag yourself a steal. And like other oversized purchase items for your home, a little research and planning before you buy can guarantee you the best deal.
To help, I have reviewed some of the best vacuum cleaners so you know what to shop for when you are ready. Below is a breakdown of the best times of year to buy a vacuum and our ultimate tips on getting a new vacuum.

When Should I Buy A Vacuum

Fortunately, significant discounts are available more than once a year. Therefore, you can find the best time to buy for your cash flow throughout the year. Although there will be multiple possibilities to snatch a deal, it can still be easy to purchase quickly – especially if your machine is not working. We advise planning as soon as possible, so you don't have to make your vacuum buy outside a sales window – luckily, since there are regular sales throughout the year, this is possible.

Are you thinking About Getting a Pet Vacuum?


You should know a few things before considering buying a pet vacuum cleaner. While most folks have only used traditional vacuums, like the Pet Hair Eraser® Turbo Plus Vacuum Cleaner, some don't even realize that such options exist for pet owners. Doing your research ahead of time allows for a more sound purchase decision. A pet hair vacuum is an excellent investment if you have pets in your house, especially if you have more than one. Like us, we have four dogs, one with long hair and two with double coats. We have a pet hair problem in our home. Note: Regular vacuums like CleanView® Rewind Upright Vacuum Cleaner may have issues picking up pet hair and may get clogged or, even worse, break down.

Buy A Vacuum

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What Month Do Vacuum Cleaners Go On Sale: Spring

As people prepare for their annual Spring clean, vacuum sales boost between March and May. Therefore, numerous retailers use this spike to run their sales across vacuums and other cleaning essentials. New vacuums are typically released in Spring; thus, last year's models are discounted to accommodate the newer models. Although the models that go on sale are not the more recent models, you can get a high-end vacuum at a more reasonable price. Also, this is the time to take advantage and buy a new machine if yours is on the brink. It's a brilliant time to spend less money before the summer begins.

I prefer to shop from locally-owned kitchen appliance dealers, so you should keep an eye on deals with your local small appliance dealers instead of big-box stores.

As I mentioned, November's holiday sales, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and all of December are good times to watch for deals on home appliances like kitchen refrigerators, pantry organization products, coffee makers, Crock Pots, and TVs, including vacuum cleaners. Also, scan the extensive holiday ads for sales and promotions on vacuum cleaners, and you'll likely find a great bargain. If you are lucky, you may even get a holiday rebate offer.

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Buy A Vacuum

Quality Vacuum Carries Long-Term Savings

First, if you are a pet owner, have kids, tile, and have lots of foot traffic, you will likely benefit from buying a higher-end vacuum.  It may cost more upfront, but will pay off in the long run.  Moreover, pet hair, long hair, sand, and dirty feet can quickly take a toll on a vacuum cleaner.  But, if you decide to buy a cheap vacuum cleaner, you'll probably find that it doesn't function as well as a higher-end vacuum cleaner.  Besides, it may break down often, only to be replaced after just a year or two.

Therefore, do your research and invest a little more money in a vacuum designed for a household with the types of challenges that your household needs.  Otherwise, you may have to spend much time cleaning those messes because your vacuum doesn't hold up.  Plus, you may find that a better quality vacuum cleaner does a better job picking up dog hair from the floors, furniture, and doggie beds.  It will save you time vacuuming, and the vacuum may last for years as a bonus.  Finally, that will make up the price difference.

Thinking About Buying Used

First, buying a used vacuum is always a gamble because you don't know why the current owner is getting rid of it or if it will work.  Also, if the previous owner owned pets, smoked, was not clean, and had issues with roaches or fleas, you don't need that in your home.

If you do opt to buy a used vacuum cleaner, be sure to test it before buying it, and once you have it, replace the bag, clean the canister, remove any hair on the roller, and wash or replace the filters.

The takeaway is that the best time to buy a vacuum or the best time of year to buy a robot vacuum is when you find it at a price you are willing to pay.  I especially like the iRobot Roomba.  There are always good buys at different times of the year.

Sales Events

During discounting events such as Black Friday, Prime Day, and January, sales are usually the best time to pick up a discounted vacuum, with the best deals on older or end-of-line models.  During sales events, it is also an excellent time to get extra vacuums like the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser for cleaning up dog hair, cheerios, or dirt from upholstery or dog beds.

Tid Bit: Prices often increase before a sales event to make the discount appear more significant, or there will not be any promotions.  So it's worth waiting until the sales and promotional events properly start.  Unless you desperately need a replacement, it's worth waiting to buy during peak times.

Vacuum Buying Tips

On top of shopping during certain times, there are a few other things to consider before spending:

  1. Consider the type of vacuum you need: The model you choose should fit the floors you will clean. Keep in mind that more features of each type will affect the price. For example, robot vacuums will more than likely be more expensive.
  2. Invest in a vacuum built to last: The more durable your vacuum, the less likely it needs replacing, and you will likely get a better warranty. Therefore, we advise you to wait for a sale and invest in a reliable quality vacuum.
  3. What's the warranty? Most manufacturers have a fixed warranty, typically between one to five years. The longer your warranty, the more cost-effective your investment will be.

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