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Carbon Steel Roasting Pan

Cook Like a Pro: Blue Carbon Steel Roasting Pan with Rack Review

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MadeIn Extra Large Roasting Pan

Combines The Heat Retention Of Cast Iron With The Control And Maneuverability Of Stainless Clad

MadeIn Carbon Steel Roasting Pan Review: Unless you prepare family-size roasts, whole chicken, or big pieces of meat, you probably give little thought to roasting pans beyond the holiday season, like Thanksgiving or Christmas.  At the same time, these large pans are handy for cooking generously sized Thanksgiving turkeys and hams.  But before you cook your turkey, you will first have to clean your turkey correctly.  

They're also very versatile cookware that may be useful in daily cooking.  Roasting pans can prepare a whole meal like roast chicken and vegetables.  Plus, they are convenient for prep one-pan meals like lasagna or deep dish pizzas, authentic Mexican carnitas, or pulled pork and baking desserts for a gathering.  Plus, you can use them on the stovetop to simmer gravy and pan sauces.  In the roasting pan review, we will be taking a closer look at the MadeIn Cookware Carbon Steel Roasting Pan with Rack.

First, what is the best material for roasting pans?  The best roasting pans should distribute heat evenly.  Therefore, thick, heavy materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, ceramic, or aluminum work nicely.  Also, consider buying a nonstick coating for much easier cleanup and ensure it is big enough to capture all the delicious drippings for homemade gravy.

Some things to consider when buying a roasting pan are the design and how easy the pan is to clean after cooking our pick—roasting pan pick for every kitchen and budget.

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1305 Customer Reviews, 4.9

Best Overall: Made In Roasting Pan

Carbon Steel Roasting Pan

MadeIn Blue Carbon Steel Roasting Pan With Rack

Material: Carbon steel 
Dishwasher Safe: No
Stovetop Safe: Yes
Includes Rack: Yes 
Maximum Temperature: 1200 degrees Weight: 5.56 pounds
Price at time of publishing: $139.00

Blue Carbon Steel Roasting Pan Review


  • Total Length: 18”
  • Total Width: 10”
  • Total Height: 4.25”
  • Depth: 2.5”
  • Weight: 5.56 lbs


  • Hand Wash Only
  • Requires Seasoning
  • Lifetime Warranty

What We Like

  • Large enough for a 12-pound turkey
  • High-quality build
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Induction-compatible

What We Don't Like

  • Requires seasoning
  • Hand-wash only
MadeIn Roasting Pan

Extra Large Carbon Steel Roasting Pan with Rack

We didn't think we needed a roasting pan, and you could either borrow one or buy a disposable one-time-use pan.  Although a disposable one-time-use roasting pan sounds convenient, in the long run, you spend more money, and it will end up in a landfill.   But we think everyone needs this carbon steel pan from MadeIn!

Made In is quickly growing in its reputation as a high-quality, chef-approved cookware brand.  This roasting pan is no different than any of their other products, like the Carbon Steel Griddle – Carbon Steel Grilling Set, another versatile favorite.  The pan was proudly designed in collaboration with Chef Tom Colicchio, the co-founder and former head chef of NYC's Gramercy Tavern.  The pan's design is large enough to cook a 12-pound turkey.   The MadeIn Roaster pan only comes in one size, but it is large enough for caramelizing but compact enough to make stovetop pan sauces.

This premium carbon steel roaster boasts superior heat retention, and with proper seasoning, it creates a nonstick surface.  Its high sides offer exceptional even browning, and its riveted loop handles are large enough to transport your pan with oven mitts comfortably.  The roaster has a flat stainless steel rack that elevates your meat or poultry, leaving enough space below for roasting veggies.

The pan is easy to use, making crispy roasted potatoes with a pillowy soft inside, plus evenly cooked chicken.  Its nonstick surface makes it extremely easy to clean—the rounded rims also prevent food from getting stuck in its corners.

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Carbon Steel Roasting Pan with Rack

The roasting pan is oven-safe up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can also use it on the stovetop—plus induction compatible. Like other carbon steel pieces, this pan needs hand washing and seasoning regularly to preserve its nonstick quality. While it is pricier, it's built to last and is an excellent investment for anyone equipping their kitchen with professional-style cookware.

MadeIn Turkey Roasting Pan Review

The roasting pan is oven-safe up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can also use it on the stovetop—plus induction compatible.  Like other carbon steel pieces, this pan needs hand washing and seasoning regularly to preserve its nonstick quality.  While it is pricier, it's built to last and is an excellent investment for anyone equipping their kitchen with professional-style cookware. 

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Alternative Stainless Steel Roasters

The All Clad Stainless Steel Roaster with Nonstick Rack is an excellent smaller alternative.  The All Clad Roster comes in Small, Medium, and Large Sizes.  

360 Cookware 3 in 1 Roasting Pan

If you prefer a stainless steel roasting pan with multi-purpose, one of the most valuable and versatile pieces of cookware yet!   The 3-in-1 roasting pan takes oven roasting to new heights and is excellent for keeping poultry and meats deliciously moist, juicy, and tender.  Go directly from the oven, move it to the stovetop, and sauté vegetables to bring out their freshest flavors.  Finally, flip it over and place it atop several 360 pots to instantly add capacity to your cookware.  The 360 Cookware roasting pan fits perfectly atop the Wok, 3.5 Quart Sauté Pan, 6 Quart Stock Pot, 6 Quart Gourmet Stock Pot, and 8 Quart Stock Pot.

360 Cookware

Price at time of Publish: $189.00

360 Cookware

What to Look For in a Roasting Pan

MadeIn Roasting Pan


When considering what size roasting pan you need, consider what food you want to roast. If you like to cook up a humungous turkey for the holidays, you'll need a large pan, but if you plan to roast chickens, vegetables, and different smaller dishes, a smaller one may be suitable. Also, it would be best if you considered how much storage space you have.


Also, consider the design and shape of the roasting pan before buying. For example, a roasting pan with a raised bottom will be a little more challenging to use on the stovetop when preparing sauce and gravy, as juices and liquids tend to collect around the edges of the pan.


Roasters can come in various materials; each will cook your foods differently and require different care methods. You'll also want to choose something manageable that fits your needs. First, stainless steel cookware is highly durable and offers longevity. At the same time, nonstick roasters may tend to chip and scratch, requiring more frequent replacement. Remember: A heavy roasting pan will be heavier once you have a large piece of meat or turkey!


Do you want a roaster with a lid? How about a roasting rack? Do you need one? Some brands come with both, and those with just bare-bones. Also, when shopping for a pan, check the type of handles it has and if you find it comfortable.

Carbon Steel Roasting Pan

FAQs: Wrapping Up MadeIn Carbon Steel Roasting Pan Review

What is a roasting pan, and how does it work?

A roasting pan is generally a large, oven-safe pan with high sides, often including a rack. These pans are usually sturdy and made of thick aluminum or stainless steel. Typically, a roasting pan is made sturdy to support the weight of a turkey, chicken, or other large portions of meat. The purpose of the rack is to hold the meat just above the pan, allowing hot air to flow all around it, enabling even cooking. The rack also allows excess fat and liquid to drain off the meat and prevents a half-braise, half-roast scenario by keeping the meat from sitting in its juices.

How do you clean a roasting pan?

Nonstick roasting pans are the easiest to clean with mild dish soap and a non-abrasive scrubber. Using a non-abrasive scrubber protects the nonstick coating from damage. However, for pans without a nonstick coating, use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to loosen any bits of burnt food, followed by soaking the pan in warm water to loosen any debris further. If your pan is dishwasher safe, you can put it into the machine, but hand washing might be preferable since roasting pans takes up a lot of space. Always consult the manufacturer's instructions on cleaning and maintaining your roasting pan.

Should you put water in a roasting pan?

Whether you add water or broth depends on the food you're cooking. Adding liquid to the roasting pan will create steam that works against the “roasting” action of the oven's dry heat, primarily if your roasting pan is covered during cooking, then you are steaming. Adding a little liquid to an uncovered roaster can help keep pan drippings from burning, but too excess water may make a watery mess.

What size roasting pan do you need for a turkey?

For small turkeys (12 pounds and under), you'll need a 14-inch pan. Medium birds (12 to 16 pounds) require a 16-inch pan, and much larger turkeys (up to 20 pounds) should fit an 18-inch roaster. If you need help navigating how to roast a turkey, here's a step-by-step guide to Thanksgiving turkey preparation.

Does a roasting pan need a rack?

Ideally, yes, but if it didn't come with one, you could make one. The purpose of a roasting rack is to provide a way for the oven's heat to flow under your roast, so you want to keep your meat lifted off the bottom of the pan. Add a bed of root vegetables, an oven-proof cooling rack, and two gas stovetop burners wrapped in tin foil, or create three or four tightly rolled foil cylinders to lay on the bottom of your pan—get creative.

Is Carbon Steel Good for Roasting?

Carbon Steel is excellent for roasting and is, in MadeIn's opinion, much better than stainless steel or cast iron. Because its construction is heavy-duty, high-quality, and has excellent conductivity. We also added a flat rack and stainless steel handles.

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