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How To Clean A Chicken Coop Easily

How To Clean A Chicken Coop And Dirt Run Easily

by Helen
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How to clean a chicken coop easily? Good backyard chicken coop hygiene, will help your chickens stay healthy. There are a lot of opinions on the web, on how often and what products can be used and how to clean and freshen your chicken coop. My preference is to keep it natural and I prefer not to use bleach. Chickens have a very sensitive respiratory system. Therefore, I am not taking any chances on one of them getting sick.

First of all, I do a deep cleaning twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. In addition, I clean out all bedding and pine shavings of the floor bi-weekly. As a result, when I do my deep cleaning it isn't so bad. I don't know if this is often enough but it works for me. Also, I like to use Vinegar, multi-purpose deodorizer with Essential Oils, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and garlic infused vinegar.

Coop Deep Cleaning – Couldn't Be Easier

  • Shovel shavings, feathers, and dirt out then scrape any manure that is on the floor also remove all the bedding from the nesting boxes
  • If necessary, sweep the walls, floors, roosts and nesting boxes
  • Spray your chicken coop walls, roosts (on top & bottom), and nesting boxes
  • We urge you to be cautious and keep it as far away from bees as possible.

Bees and Diatomaceous Earth

Yes, diatomaceous earth can harm bees. Although, they may not be as vulnerable to it as other pests. None the less, they are still at risk of being harmed. Therefore as long as you

  • Honey Bee Dangers of diatomaceous earth
  • apply it carefully, you can use DE as a pesticide without harming them. By using DE, you will also replace toxic chemicals with an organic alternative, which will not only benefit bees but the environment as well.



Bi-Weekly Cleaning

It is so important to keep chicken coop clean and fresh, by doing so you will have a happier and healthier flock. A happy healthy flock is a yummy egg laying flock.

My bi-weekly cleaning is pretty simple, it consists of:

    • Clean out the nesting boxes and scoop up all the pine shaving and manure. Then I spray a mixture of essential oils and vinegar in an effort to prevent pests.
    • Always sprinkle a little food grade diatomaceous earth in the nesting boxes and all over the coop floor, a little goes a long way. The stuff works wonders on a lot of different things.
    • Although some people swear you can also use diatomaceous earth in your chicken's food because it is a natural de-wormer, I'm not sold on this idea so I don't do it.
    • If you have a dirt run like we do, you can rake the feathers, poop and whatever other stuff is in there. Place it in a container and discard it.  

Note: over doing it with diatomaceous earth may cause problems with your flocks respiratory system, or eyes. Never use it when they are around.

On a final note, there are natural cleaning and disinfecting products on the market that I have used and work great also. Keeping good backyard chicken coop hygiene is as easy as that.  

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I recommend this refresher it works great to eliminates odors and flies.  What is best, it is safe to use around your hens and won't cause them any health issues.

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