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Cook Frozen Vegetables

How To Cook Frozen Vegetables Without Getting Soggy

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Best Way To Cook Frozen Vegetables

Cook frozen vegetables, or frozen veggies as some call them, without adding water or cooking oil.  Quick Frozen (IQF) ingredients are individually produced by laying freshly harvested herbs or vegetables in a single layer on a slow-moving conveyor through sub-zero air.  Flash-freezing technology results in the free-flowing individually quick frozen product that can easily be handled.  You can steam frozen vegetables the easy and quick way.

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Cooking Frozen Vegetables

When buying frozen mixed vegetables or frozen vegetables, look for IQF or individually quick-frozen vegetables, as they are far superior quality and condition those frozen solid in blocks.  These vegetables (and fruits) usually come frozen in bags; some come in boxes and should feel loose in the package when touched.  Frozen vegetables may release more water than their fresh counterparts and require straining.

I use my 360 Cookware pan and place the vegetables un-defrosted.  Before you cook frozen vegetables, cover the vegetables with cold water and then drain the water out of the waterless cookware pan.  Cover the stainless steel pan, then cook over medium heat until the steam emerges from under the lid. 

Can you cook frozen vegetables straight from the freezer?


You can cook frozen vegetables straight from the freezer for most recipes.  If you cook your vegetables by themselves, you can skip the thaw.  Whether steaming or adding them to a homemade cooked stew, you can use the vegetables straight out of the freezer; they will retain as much structure, color, and flavor as possible.


If you prefer fresh vegetables, learn to store them so they last longer.  Therefore, less waste and more sustainability.  Also, please don't throw out old or outdated fruits and vegetables throw them in your compost bin.

Cook Frozen Vegetables


With 360 waterless cookware, you can steam frozen vegetables without adding water or any other liquid.  Cooking vegetables in this manner allows the nutrients and flavor to stay in your vegetables.  You can spin the lid to engage the vapor seal in your waterless cookware pan and immediately lower the heat to the low setting.  Stockpile 

Whenever possible, buy organic food, including fruits and vegetables.  Frozen vegetables have the same nutrient value as fresh therefore, they are healthy.

You can learn more here to transition to an organic and healthy lifestyle.  If you like these cooking frozen vegetable tips, try making BBQ Chicken from frozen chicken here.

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Cooking Frozen Vegetables

Steam Veggies From Frozen

Because frozen veggies are parboiled, they need minimal cooking to finish when adding them to soups, pasta, and speedy skillet meals. I always have the following in my freezer: riced cauliflower, cut green beans, broccoli, corn, edamame, baby peas, and cauliflower, veggies to stockpile.

Cook Times

Below is a list of the cooking times of frozen vegetables.  Follow the cooking times below for each type of frozen veggie.  I buy organic foods, frozen items, and specialty foods from Thrive Market.  They get delivered to my door when I need them.  It is super convenient, and they are cheaper than my local grocery store. 

Steam Frozen Vegetables:

  • Broccoli
    Crisp: Tender: 5 minutes
    Soft: 7 minutes
  • Carrots
    Crisp: Tender: 5 minutes
    Soft: 8 minutes
  • Cauliflower
    Crisp: Tender: 5 minutes
    Soft: 8 minutes
  • Corn (Kernels)
    Crisp: Tender: 2 minutes
    Soft: 4 minutes
  • Edamame (Shelled)
    Crisp: Tender: 2 minutes
    Soft: 4 minutes
  • Edamame (In Pod)
    Crisp: Tender: 2 minutes
    Soft: 5 minutes
  • Green Beans
    Crisp: Tender: 5 minutes
    Soft: 8 minutes
  • Lima Beans
    Crisp: Tender: 10 to 12 minutes
    Soft: 18 minutes
  • Mixed Vegetables (Depending on Combination)
    Crisp: Tender: 5 minutes
    Soft: 7 minutes
  • Peas
    Crisp: Tender: 5 minutes
  • Soft: 8 minutes
  • Pearl Onions
  • Crisp: Tender: 10 minutes
  • Soft: 13 minutes
  • Spinach
  • Crisp: Tender: 5 minutes
  • Soft: 7 minutes
    Courtesy of 360 Cookware

The Best Frozen Vegetables

The best frozen vegetables are those you can cook without water because they retain most of their nutrients, and you can taste the natural flavors.  You can serve a side of vegetables with grilled steak or pork chops. Steaming your frozen vegs in a stainless steel pan is by far the best way to cook.

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