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Crowd Cow Review: Free Range Organic Meats Delivered

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Crowd Cow Review

 ‘Crowd Cow review order organic meat online: Crowd Cow meat delivery service.  Since we are amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and quarantine, meat and other food products are more difficult to find in local grocery stores.  Therefore, many people are looking for alternatives to buying groceries, like meat subscription services, grocery food delivery services, and free delivery.  Also, we have created a Quarantine Grocery Delivery Services list for your convenience Quarantine Grocery Delivery Services list.

Online free range organic meat home delivery services deliver steak, chicken, sustainable wild caught seafood, and heritage breed pork directly to your front door.  I had never heard of such services until recently when I needed meat and groceries delivered to my mother, who lives in a different state.  Due to health issues, she cannot drive and go to the grocery store; therefore, I figured I would give it a shot as this is a perfect time.  Finally, to my surprise, Crowd Crow meat delivery is becoming more popular.  Crowd Cow has one of the best steak delivery boxes because boxes are customizable.


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Best places to order meat online

Order Meat Online

What Is The Quality Of Meat Like: Pros and Cons

Meat should always be top-notch when serving it as a main course, whether you're grilling indoors or outdoors, frying, smoking, baking, roasting, or slow cooking it. If you want restaurant-worthy results, buying top-quality meat is essential. Although some grocery stores have premium proteins, there's an easier way to ensure your meat is sustainably raised and filled with flavor. There's Crowd Cow's meat delivery service.

There are so many perks when ordering meat online. You can browse the online product pages while sitting on your couch at home, order small or large quantities of numerous different types of meat at once, and you will have enough to last you all month. Shopping Crowd Cow's website allows you to buy items a la carte or choose to become a member and score free shipping on $149+ and 5% off every order. The Crowd Cow subscription is the best option if meat is part of your meal several times a week. If you change your subscription to skip, cancel, or adjust orders, you can easily control your shipments. In other words, the meat delivery service can be modified to fit your lifestyle.


  • Vast selection of meat, beef, and seafood
  • Types of Grass-fed, free-range beef, pasture-raised, wild-caught, plus organic proteins
  • Flexible and easy-to-customize subscription options
  • Exclusive discount offers to members


  • A bit more expensive than grocery store prices
  • It doesn't offer plant-based meat substitutes

Who Is Crowd Cow?

Crowd Cow is an online meat delivery service that partners with ethical, independent, small, family-owned farms and fisheries to provide you with the freshest food possible. The Crowd Cow team carefully selects their producers and taste-tests all the products before offering them to customers. These high standards ensure you get sustainably raised meat and seafood of the highest quality and taste.

Review Crowd Cow offers a variety of meats, including the rare Japanese 5 Wagyu and game meats, free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, and heritage pork. Customers have praised their deliveries for exceeding their expectations, with some even saying there is no comparison to standard store-bought meat. The meat is said to be melt-in-your-mouth good. 

The excellent flavor, texture, sustainable packaging, and fantastic service are just a few reasons why Crowd Cow has received five-star reviews. Customers appreciate knowing exactly where their meat is sourced from and have been impressed with the quality of the meat and seafood.

Order Meat Online

Sustainable Packaging Good For You And The Planet

While you can bring your reusable bags to grocery stores, you can't control how online organic meat orders are packaged. If you like sustainable practices, Crowd Cow uses 100% recyclable and compostable packing materials on every delivery. The big cardboard box can be recycled curbside or composted, while the biodegradable foam can be tossed in the compost bin, which will dissolve in your backyard or under warm water in your farm-style kitchen sink.

Crowd Cow meat shipped is frozen, and delivery is available anywhere in the U.S. but not in Hawaii and Alaska. Once you place your order, you'll receive an email confirmation with your tracking information. You can also sign up for text message notifications; this way, you can stay updated with your order status.

Meat Menu Options Shipped to Your Home

Crowd Cow sells an assortment of responsibly raised meat and wild caught seafood – subscription box:

  • Beef (both 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised grain-fed, plus Japanese Wagyu A5 Cow and Domestic A5 Wagyu Cow Breed)
  • Pork (Heritage Breed Pig – pasture-raised)
  • Chicken (pasture-raised and free-range)
  • Bison (Raised in the USA)
  • Bacon
  • American Lamb 
  • Seafood (Sustainable and wild caught seafood)
  • Japanese Wagyu

Signing Up for Crowd Cow: How It Works

You don't have to be a Crowd Cow member to shop the site. Nonetheless, signing up does come with perks like freebies. As a subscriber, save 5% on every item in each order, get free meat shipped whenever you spend $149 or more, plus score exclusive access to new products and discounts; who doesn't love deals? Tip: Save even more; if you refer someone to Crowd Cow, you and your referee earn a $25 credit to your accounts.

Crowd Cow Review: Order Meat Online

Crowd Cow's website is user friendly to navigate, making buying meat online an easy and convenient task. You can browse the bestsellers, specific meat cuts, butcher specials, and new arrivals. If you're interested in learning about the family farms, you can navigate their page to learn about their best practices and purchase products from there. You can buy non-meat items and add them to your cart, including sides, seasonings, and desserts. Plus, there is a Crowd Cow Recipe page. With such a fantastic wide variety of products to choose from, reaching the $149 to get free shipping for members isn't going to be hard to do.

To get started on getting your first order of meat online underway, create an account, enter your email address, and create a password. You can finish setting up your account by entering your basic information, like your phone number and zip code, and then let the fun begin—start building your box. If you like salmon, you have to try the Pesto Salmon. It is my favorite item from Crowd Cow, but don't get me wrong, everything is perfect. You can select as many or as few food items as you see fit, including meat, seafood, sides, and desserts.

How Do Crowd Cow Meat Delivery Services Work?

When I received my shipment, the meat was frozen and packaged in vacuum-sealed packs on dry ice.  Plus, according to Crowd Cow, all the packing, including the foam, is 100% recyclable and compostable, and  Environment-friendly packaging is a plus.  Everything was neatly packed, separated by paper in layers, in an insulated box with dry ice. 

What is nice about ordering from Crowd Cow is the different options when ordering your meats.  When you select a product page, each page tells you the name of the farm and the location of where your heart is sourced.  Also, each page gives a little background information about the farm's practices.

You can sign up for the following:

  • monthly subscription box, 
  • one-time purchase, order individual cuts of organic meat for your choice of subscription or
  • one-time purchase

Since Crowd Cow only partners with independent and small family-owned farms, availability can vary depending on the season.

To my surprise, a handwritten note told me I was the first person in my town to order meat online from Crowd Cow.  Furthermore, it was a nice touch that made me smile.  Additionally, I love that we are helping small independent farms and that they are treating animals ethically and free of unwanted hormones and antibiotics. 

Grass-Fed Ribeye Steak

Monthly Subscription Box Or One-Time Order, You Pick.

There is a wide variety of organic meats and seafood to choose from at Crowd Cow.  Therefore, the price of your box depends on what you order.  You can become a Crowd Cow member and save 5% plus FREE shipping on every order (box) over $149.  You will also get exclusive access to new products & more.

Three options for subscription boxes:

  • Custom Box
Explore the marketplace and fill a box with your favorite items.  You are covered with a wide selection of craft meat, seafood, artisan sides, and desserts!
  • Free shipping on orders $149+
  • Best of Crowd Cow
    Enjoy a mixed protein box featuring a variety of our top-selling items, including beef, pork, chicken, and seafood.
    • 2 12oz New York Strip Steaks
    • 2 8oz Tenderloin Steaks
    • 3 1lb packs of three 1/3 lb Patties
    • 12oz Thick-Cut Bacon
    • 12oz Norwegian Atlantic Salmon
    • 3.5lb Whole Chicken
    • Free shipping
When ordering from Crowd Cow, they are flexible; you can opt to buy a box or a bundle, but you also have the option to purchase individual meat cuts.  Remember that the prices range from $4.99 a pound of ground turkey to $171 for the Japanese A5 Wagyu Petite Striploin Trio.  Also, the prices vary based on the selection of organic meat, and the availability of meats can vary throughout the year.
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Crowd Cow Pricing

Like with all products, it is usually a bit more expensive when it's of higher quality. Crowd Cow's price points are likely higher than your local specialty grocery store's. Still, the company is also providing you with grass-fed, free-range meat from independent farmers and responsibly caught seafood from some of the best waters around the world.

The bestsellers list mainly features various types of organic meat like steak, poultry, and seafood, and prices start at $7. For standard monthly online meat orders, you will see free-range ground turkey for about $7 per pound, 12-ounce Norwegian Atlantic salmon for under $16, and 12-ounce New York strip steak for about $20. Although, if you feel like splurging on a Wagyu bone-in ribeye, the cost is about $100 for 1 pound.

Several top-selling types of meat are on sale exclusively for members, so I always recommend keeping an eye out for deals and stocking up—maybe on Wagyu if you're fortunate. Overall, I have found Crowd Cow's pricing is similar to most other online meat delivery services and comparable to organic grocers but without having to drive to the grocery store, like Sprouts or Whole Foods, that sells premium meats.


My Personal Experience With The Taste And Quality Of Crowd Cow.

My first online organic meat order consisted of boneless ribeye steak, Angus Ground Beef, shrimp, chicken breasts, Lemon and Pesto Butter Atlantic Salmon, Cod, Heritage Breed Pork Chops, hamburger patties, and bacon.  In addition, we prefer sustainable and wild-caught fish.  I will admit I am not a sophisticated home chef by any means.  However, I know how to prepare various organic meat cuts and foods.  I was a little concerned the 100% grass-fed beef would not be as juicy as the grass-fed finished with grains.  However, when I cooked my ribeye (my favorite cut of meat), I found them to be perfect, juicy, and delicious.  One thing I did differently when cooking these steaks was I did not cook my steaks as long as I typically do. 

Furthermore, our hamburger patties made the best patty melts I have had in a long time.  The ground beef was not greasy but was perfect for homemade tacos.  I have yet to prepare the rest of my meat and seafood, although I am confident they will be as good as I cooked.  I wanted to write a Crowd Cow review of their products to help people on the fence about online meat delivery services.

Update: 06/26/2021:  We love the Lemon And Pesto Butter Salmon and order it monthly.  It is easy to cook, and it is so good!  I made homemade stew, which was fantastic; here is my recipe.

Update: 12/21/2022: I love the Lemon and Pesto Butter Salmon; sometimes, that's the only thing I order.  I stock up on it.

Who's This Service Good For?

Crowd Cow is for people who love cooking and eating premium meats, and I recommend membership to those who appreciate sustainably sourced meat and seafood and cook quality meals at home. If you love hosting friends and family, this meat delivery service offers you everything you need to feed hungry guests.

Crowd Cow Review: Is Meat Delivery Services Worth It?

There are several things I like about Crowd Cow.  For example, I like that you can pick and customize your box as you see fit.  Furthermore, Crowd Cow has high-quality meat, free delivery, and no trips to the grocery store; plus, you support independent farmers.  If you like anything I mentioned above, I think Crowd Cow is worth every penny.  Therefore, I will continue to order from Crowd Cow for our household and my mother.  By the way, she loved every bit of what she received in her order.

Crowd Cow is much more convenient to shop for high-quality meats, allowing you to try meat options you may not have access to at your local grocery stores.  This online butcher shop is easy to navigate and offers excellent discounts.  Most importantly, you know exactly where your meat and seafood are coming from so that you can make the best selections for yourself and your family.

The takeaway of my Crowd Cow Review is that protein products are worth buying year-round.  Because local grocery stores are facing meat shortages and limited stockwhat is nice is you can skip your monthly subscription and buy when you want.  Also, I love that you are free to order meats a la carte, making Crowd Cow an excellent option for virtually anyone with any lifestyle.

 In addition, there are no more extra trips to the local grocery store, and Crowd Cow deals save you money on quality meat or seafood.  Although there are no Crowd Cow Coupons, Check out Crowd Cow's Weekly Deals and save up to 30%.

Crowd Cow Customer Service And Customer Reviews
If you have a question or a problem with your order, the help center and FAQ pages are great resources and an excellent place to start.  They answer various questions regarding signing up, products, payments, delivery processes, and other essential information.  If you need to speak to a customer care team member, either email moo@crowdcow.com or text (206) 539-0639.  Plus, live chat on Crowd Cow's website.

Reviews Of Crowd Cow On Instagram


Iwate Gyu: The most sustainable wagyu in Japan with the perfect balance of sweetness and umami.  Now available for the first time in the USA — Only from Crowd Cow.⁣

Featuring new Wagyu cuts: ⁣
✔️A5 Zabuton (Denver Steak)⁣
✔️A5 Chuck Eye Steak⁣
✔️A5 Chuck Steak⁣
✔️A5 Chuck Medallions⁣

****Prices accurate as of the date this post was created – 01/13/2023

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