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Essential Oil Recipes For Diffuser

8 Essential Oil Recipes For Diffuser

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Essential Oil Blend Recipes:  Aromatherapy is beneficial in cleaning the air of free radicals, helping relieve seasonal allergies, and cold symptoms, alleviating anxiety, and increasing your focus or reducing your stress. Also, they smell lovely to boot.   You can use an ultrasonic diffuser to diffuse your essential oil blends.

Diffusing Essential Oils

An ultrasonic diffuser can be an enhancement to any space in your home. Besides, it allows you to create a relaxing environment to remove odors. Plus, it lets you be creative with your oils and learn more about different aromas and their impact.

How Long To Diffuse Oils or Blends

When diffusing essential oils in your home, you only need to diffuse for 15 to 30 minutes for the benefits of the oils you choose. Although, you can safely diffuse essential oils longer if you wish. Moreover, before adding a customized blend to your diffuser, mix a drop or two of each oil you want to use and inhale the scent to ensure you like it. Learn about the basics of essential oils, or try some of our essential oil recipes for pain and anxiety relief. Furthermore, for a relaxing shower, you can try our shower bath bombs.

Finally, below are some diffuser blends for different rooms depending on how you want to affect each room's atmosphere.

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Essential Oil Diffuser

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Spring Breeze – Refreshing  Essential Oil Blend Recipe

1 drop Ginger (Get Here)
3 drops lime (Get Here)
1 drop Grapefruit (Get Here)
1 drop of Lemon (Get Here)

Morning Garden – Balancing Blend

2 drops Ylang-Ylang – I love the aroma of this oil (Get Here)
1 drop Hawaiian Sandalwood (Get Here)
2 drops Cedarwood (Get Here)

Morning Blossoms – Energizing Blend

2 drops Geranium  (Get Here)
3 drops Lemon (Get Here)
1 drop Grapefruit (Get Here)

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser


Fizzy Citrus – Seasonal Favorite Blend

2 drops Lemon (Get Here)
2 drops Lime (Get Here)

Soothing Comfort – Protective Blend

4 drops Lemon (Get Here)
2 drops On Guard Blend  (Get Here)
3 drops Breathe (Get Here)
1 drop Tee Tree   (Get Here)

Long Winter's Nap – Relaxing Blend

4 drops Wild Orange or Sweet Orange (Get Here)
3 drops Lavender (Get Here)
2 drops Frankincense (Get Here)

Arctic Blast – Invigorating Blend

3 drops Wild Orange (Get Here)
3 drops Lemongrass (Get Here)
3 drops Wintergreen (Get Here)

Forest Dawn – Balancing Blend

2 drops Marjoram  (Get Here)
1 drop Lavender (Get Here)
2 drops Cedarwood  (Get Here)

How To Diffuse The Essential Oil Blend Recipes

  1. Use Distilled Water
  2. Fill Diffuser To Appropriate Water Line
  3. Add Essential Oils

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