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FarmFoods Market Meat Delivery

farmfoods Market Review: What You Need To Know Today!

by Helen
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farmfoods Market An Honest Review

farmfoods Market Review, first, several years ago we transitioned to eating organic and more natural foods in an effort to be healthier and more sustainable.  In this article, I will be giving you my honest review and experience with Farm Foods Market, a meat delivery service. First of all, FarmFoods was inspired by the owner's journey to eating healthier. Also, they want to share what they have learned and their favorite meats with you.

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Transparency and Partners of Online Meat Delivery

FarmFoodsMarket partners with small independent family-owned farmers for better quality products and removes the middle-man, which means lower cost for better quality products. Additionally, Farm Foods Market partners with small premium farms like Howard Farms, Siskiyou County Farm CA, Humboldt Ranch, Northwestern CA, and more. Finally, FarmFoods Market or their partners never use hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.

FarmFoods Market is very transparent with who its partners are. Therefore, when you are browsing through the site to make your purchase. You can read the bios on each small farm, making it easier to buy meats from the farmers whose practices align with yours. When you shop at a conventional grocery store, you will never have that type of transparency allowing you to pick the products from companies whose raising of animals and food philosophy aligns with yours.

Why Use Farm Foods Market Meat Subscription Service?

The thought of buying meat online has never even crossed my mind, but as 2020 slowly started to decline, I began looking into online meat and food delivery. Because I wanted to avoid excess trips to the grocery store and help my mother, who lives out of state, the idea of buying food online suddenly became more appealing. Once, I thought about it, why drive into town when I can purchase premium meats and foods online from the comfort of my home? After a bit of research, I found other online meat delivery companies FarmFoods Market is one of them, an online retailer that conveniently delivers premium meats and seafood straight to my door. While I have to admit I have tried and reviewed a couple of other online meat delivery companies, I decided to give FarmFoods a try.   FarmFoods offers convenient, Farm-to-Table Pork, Chicken, Beef, Lamb, seafood Delivery and more.

Per FarmFoods Market they have a simple concept:

(Credit FarmFoods)

We believe in knowing where the meat is from, how the beef was raised, and what principles the farmer is following.
We believe that meat should be affordable, without making sacrifices on quality.
We believe that consumers have the right to choose what is right for them, their family, and their budget. The role of FarmFoods is to bring affordable choices to consumers where information is trustworthy, and you can feel safe in what you are eating.
By running a lean business, they can pass down the savings to their customers. An example where they can cut overhead costs they use standard styrofoam material instead of ecofriendly materials. 

10 steaks of Grass-Fed Boneless Rib Eye and/or New York - $259 FREE Shipping - $259.00

In this pack you'll find a total of 10x Boneless Rib Eye and/or New York steaks. Total weight is more than 9 pounds. All the beef is 100% grass fed / finished with no hormones or antibiotics This is a very attractively priced collection of beef, and will only be available for a limited time. All Beef is grassfed and finished on pasture with no antibiotics or hormones. Shipping is FREE for all orders of 10 pounds or more. Orders placed on/before Sunday typically ship out on Monday and are delivered on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. All orders are guaranteed to arrive frozen, else money back! Please note: Images shown above are examples. The cuts vary by farm and may look different.

FarmFoods Market Offerings

FarmFoods Market sources high-quality meat and seafood deliver it right to your front door.  Furthermore, all products are:

  •  Beef  (100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef)
  • Chicken (Pasture-Raised )
  • Pork (Heritage-breed)
  • Seafood (Wild Caught)
  • Lamb (Grass-Fed)
  • Organs Meats, Marrow, Bones, and Shanks
  • Game Meats, and much more. 
  • Wholesale, the option to buy a large section of the cow, for example, 1/2 or a whole cow. 

Additionally, FarmFoods Market meat service delivery can help you keep your freezer stocked without having to leave your home.   Plus, keeping the fridge full for easy everyday meal preparation is convenient for families with busy lifestyles.  I never realized how convenient meat and food delivery is until during quarantine due to Corona Virus (Covid-19). 

I was also impressed with how they offer a large selection of hard-to-find cuts like pork lard, broth bones, and pork feet. We are not chefs, but we like high-healthy meat. Plus, we appreciate the large selection of meats and cuts.   


How It Works

FarmFoods is an online market that offers a wide range of meats from several small family-owned farms across the United States.  In addition, beef box prices vary depending on the type, and cuts of meat you choose.

Navigating the online shop was a little difficult:

  • Pick Your Cuts of Meats
  • Place Your Order
  • Sit back and wait for your beef delivery
  • Free shipping on all orders over 10 pounds

I chose the items I wanted to try, placed my order, and waited for my meat box to be delivered to my front door.   There was no need to join a subscription.  My order arrived neatly packed in an insulated styrofoam box.   Something to note, the shipping packaging is not eco-friendly, biodegradable, or recyclable.  Unfortunately, the dry ice in my box melted, or the box was missed altogether.  All meats arrived frozen; I stored them immediately.   According to the FarmFoods Market site, all packages should have enough dry ice to keep items cold for 12 hours after delivery.

Our order included bone-in ribeyes, uncured bacon, ground beef, heritage-pork butt (shoulder), and a few other items. I prepared some slow cooker carnitas with the pork butt. They were so flavorful, tender, juicy not very greasy. 

 More best places to buy meat online:

Meat Variety Pack: Filet Mignon/Rib Eye/New York, Bacon, Salmon, Whole Chicken - $149 Free Shipping - $149.00

This is the ultimate pack. You get everything in this pack: At least one Boneless Rib Eye, New York Steak or Filet Mignon - Grass Fed and Finished Two Salmon Filets - Wild Caught Sockeye One pound Bacon (Cured) - Pastured Heritage A Whole Chicken - 24/7 Pastured Free Foraging Three pounds of ground beef - Grass Fed and Finished This is four types of meat, and a total of 8-10 pounds...! And yes, shipping is FREE! Shipping is FREE for all orders of 10 pounds or more. Orders placed on/before Sunday typically ship out on Monday and are delivered on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. All orders are guaranteed to arrive frozen, else money back! Please note: Images shown above are examples. The cuts vary by farm and may look different.

My Thoughts On the Quality And Experience with Farm Foods Market

First, this is not the first online meat delivery I had something to compare my experience with. Although all meat arrived on time, my box failed to have any dry ice in it. All the meats were still frozen and sealed nicely in individual packaging and remained fully frozen. Also, the nonrecyclable shipping packaging was not something I cared for.   While I understand using less expensive non-composable shipping material may save the consumer a little money, the environment is very important to me.

The quality of the meat I ordered online was very impressive and the experience was seamless. Plus, my bacon was thick and tightly sealed which helps retain the freshness.  Further, I made a pot of beans and added some of the bacon to them. Get the recipe here:

The first thing I cooked was the bacon for sure. We cooked it on a cast-iron skillet until it was crispy. The resulting bacon was crispy, flavorful, and thick without being too fatty. While cooking our bacon and after the initial first bite, I instantly knew this was a strip of higher quality bacon you buy at a conventional supermarket.

My Final Thoughts

While I never knew nor did I ever think of having my meat delivered to our home, it is very convenient, and I find the price does not cost much more than what you get at a specialty grocery store.  The quality of the products I had from FarmFoods Market was all of excellent quality.  Plus, I love that you don't have to sign up for a subscription.  You have the option to buy your meats as you go.  Finally, I would order from FarmFoods Market again but I would prefer they ship in products in sustainable packaging.

Pro Tip: To afford FarmFoods and save money on quality foods and meats, I stock up on products during good sales and promotions. Therefore, I can keep my freezer stocked up with quality meats and save quite a bit of money. It seems there are always sales and promotions from the different online meat delivery services.

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