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Rustic Farmhouse Home Decor

Farmhouse Style Decor Transition Easily With This Guide

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The farmhouse-style decor is back and here to stay, at least for now.  But how can you easily achieve an effortless style?  Farmhouse decor is cozy, warm, relaxing, and full of character, and it highlights a simpler day and time.  That said, there are some decor rules to remember to make it come to pass.  To keep your farmhouse living room from looking outdated and crowded, you will need to learn to master the balance of the old and new.  These rules apply to the modern farmhouse and the rustic farmhouse style, even though the styles are slightly different.

In a farmhouse rustic home decor motif, interiors have a lived-in, pleasant look full of appeal.  In my humble opinion decorating in farmhouse rustic home decor does not mean you live on a homestead. However, it does mean you are furnishing and styling your home with a shabby chic mindset that often comes with living at a homestead, nothing flashy and glaring but instead soothing color combinations, natural elements, and lots of texture.  Furniture tends to have a distressed, used look.  In addition, you can add farm style rugs in a room to define your space. 

Here is what I suggest for anyone who wants to transition to a farmhouse look.  A little crash course on getting the farm style look in your home!

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I love to watch HGTV’s former hit show, “Fixer Upper”; this show is recognized for bringing this style of décor to the forefront. Hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines popularized all the components including farmhouse furniture that have become distinct to farmhouse chic décor; they widely used shiplap, installed white-distressed kitchen cabinets, distressed furniture, shiplap in the bedroom, and hardwood floors, and shopped for unique antiques.

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What's Farmhouse Style?

Farmhouse Style

The coziness and warmth define the Boho farmhouse style living room. Like other decor styles, farmhouse design can be modern, country, rustic, coastal, and eclectic. The heart of the farmhouse style is creating a warm, relaxing, and comfy space full of character. But, the farmhouse style focuses on practicality, like the style initially used in actual farmhouses.

I have created the top five rules for designing a farmhouse-style living room. These best ideas help you transition to your favorite farmhouse style.

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When It Comes To Farmhouse Style Greenery Is Your Friend

Consider the origins of the farmhouse style; it's a down-to-earth approach to decorating.   Brighten A farmhouse home includes vintage finishing touches and decorative elements that bring nature indoors. Try to avoid using tropical plants when it comes to incorporating greenery. Instead, brighten the mood by choosing the calming effects of greenery – 4 Ft Artificial Olive Tree In Pot, eucalyptus branches, and olive trees to instantly add a farmhouse atmosphere to a room.

Timeless Look But Keeping It Modern

Using repurposed furniture pieces and decorative accents are excellent farmhouse decorations. However, who has vintage family heirlooms lain around? You can still acquire the same vintage style by selecting vintage-inspired features. For example, to add the distressed look for oil-rubbed bronze light fixtures, particularly in farmhouse style.

Farmhouse style, nonetheless, can still be modern.  Take this LALUZ 4-light Farmhouse Wood Lantern chandelier for Kitchen Island from HOUZZ; for example, the distressed brown wood with rustic bronze farmhouse cage led is what you want in your farm style kitchen. 

Keep Your Space Open and Inviting

Farmhouse Furniture

The heart of any farmhouse decor transcends the kitchens and dining rooms. When designing a farmhouse kitchen, functionality rises above all else. A porcelain deep kitchen sink, large butcher block island, and bar top seating make the kitchen the entertainment center. Incorporate a subway tile backsplash to cover the walls, open shelving, or glass-front cabinets to display accents and antique or vintage dishware.

You can bring some farmhouse-style elements with a kitchen bar cart if you have a small gathering area.  I love the Storage Cabinet With Sliding Wine Bar Door from Antique Farm House with its traditional barn-style sliding wine door and drawers for a beautiful farm style accent.

Add Some Color To More Than Just Your Walls

A blend of neutrals amplifies light and makes a room feel and look bigger for farmhouse-style homes. But beyond your home walls, farmhouse decor also highlights chalk-painted furniture. It's not weird to spot a cornflower blue cabinet, a distressed white entry table, and even a lavender armoire that showcases the family antiques.

We love the look of this Country Charms 2 Drawer Console Table From Antique Farmhouse and the look it gives to the entry. Beautiful but simple vintage console with added classic turned legs and carved detail make accents for the ultimate farmhouse furniture piece.

The Art Of Craftsmanship

When it comes to Farmhouse style, it is all about high-quality craftsmanship. Think about stunning hardwood floors, oversized windows, built-in cabinets, and rough or weathered beams. The impact that shiplap can have on an open layout is immense. The art of craftsmanship extends all over the house but unifies each space creating a seamless transition from one room to another room.

For example, the Nottingham Tufted Side Chair from Wayfair hits all the elements of farmhouse-style decor with tufted back and nail head trim, which are standard features to look for for your farmhouse-style furniture.

Use Neutral Colors On The Walls

Neutral Wall Paint Colors

One of the primary things that helps the classic farmhouse style of decor is to utilize neutral paint colors like white, soft beiges, creams, and even gray tones work, too. Avoid all dark or bright colors on the way. Also, a tip is to make sure the entire house is painted similarly.

Plus, this gives the sense of more space in addition to the natural light of your windows. Lighter wall colors set the tone for a farmhouse look.

Farmhouse Style Ideas Use Neutral Colors On The Walls

If you want to use farmhouse decor to the core of it, then you will need to add beadboard, shiplap, or wainscoting to home decor. Walls typically have a lot of dimension and texture; many even showcase real, rustic shiplap. If you need more clarification, you can choose a small area of your home that includes a shiplap.

The best starting spots are your living room, bathroom, or kitchen, and other areas that may work are entryways and dining room areas. Plus, shiplap is fantastic at helping you hang decor on the walls easier, so it's a win-win design element.

Farmhouse Rustic Home Decor in Your Farmhouse Style

Timeless hardwoods and shiplap are trademarks of this look, also repurposed barn wood on the floors, walls, and sometimes shelving. Also, antique accessories make this interior style charm, including old clocks, windows, doors, and picture frames displayed on open shelves. In addition, the color schemes usually used are light and neutral colors, such as light grays, creams, and whites. Burlap is often found in farmhouse style décor to give it that country feel.

For instance,  mixing old, vintage items with the new and fresh. For example, try an old vintage clock instead of a standard kitchen clock.  Incorporate old metal baskets; they can be placed on the wall, used for a functional purpose, or used as accent pieces on tables.

Things to Avoid When Using Rustic Farmhouse Decor

First, you can use accessories sparingly; otherwise, they will look cluttered.  To maintain the sleekness of the farmhouse style, refrain from using an overabundance of word signage, fake florals, or farm animal decorative items.  Showcase your unique accessories without using many matching furniture sets. Your furniture should complement each other, not look out of place.

Final Tips When Decorating Rustic Farmhouse Motif

In conclusion, farmhouse design is about layering distinctive and unexpected textures, like placing reclaimed or rough-looking accessories against white subway tile or using rustic vases with cotton or greenery on entry tables.  I hope you found my Farmhouse Style Decor Ideas helpful.

Some Farm House Style Decor Questions and Answers


 What is Farmhouse Style Furniture? Farmhouse style furniture is practical in form and function, with simple decor and a weathered, worn look like vintage. When decorating in modern farmhouse style furniture, you will see lots of natural materials and textures, sleek lines, warm neutrals, and vintage accessories.


Modern farmhouse design takes the comfy, relaxed farmhouse style and adds a modern touch, such as smooth lines, glossy accents, and neutral color schemes. It's slightly less rustic and more sophisticated and mixes contemporary design elements like stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and sleek lighting.


Modern farmhouse style is very similar to country style but uses more white or light neutral colors with a cleaner, more contemporary look. In contrast, the country style includes bright and pastel colors and floral or gingham patterns. However, both styles use reclaimed wood, pottery, various types of metals, and baskets in their decor.

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