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45 Fire Pit Ideas to Turn Your Backyard Into a Gathering Place

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Backyard DIY fire pit ideas to give your backyard a focal point.  Adding a fire pit as part of your landscaping will extend the aesthetics and enjoyment of your outdoor space for you, your family, and your guests.  Additionally, fire pits provide heat, glow, light, a cooking source, and ambiance, making them a popular congregational place for socializing, relaxing, and entertaining.  There is something about a fire that tends to draw people.  When you place your fire pit where you can see it from your interior living space, you can also enjoy it from the indoors.  

Furthermore, there are many options concerning the style, size, and shape of your outdoor fire pit.  Other options to consider when buying a fire pit are whether it will be a built-in fire pit, an underground fire pit,  a fire bowl portable fire pit, or one that you can move about your yard.  When you opt for a built-in fire pit, you can customize it from various outdoor finishing materials, including concrete, stone, and brick.  Additionally, you can customize it further by opting for it to be round, square, L-shaped, triangular, or an entirely custom shape; finally, by adding landscape lighting to your front and backyard, you further enhance your outdoor space's ambiance.

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In this segment, you will find some tips to think about before buyingDIY fire pit install, or having a fire pit professionally installed:

  • Choose whether you want a built-in, prefabricated, or portable fire pit based on your preference
  • When choosing a fire pit size, consider the space available, how many guests you expect to entertain, and the height and arrangement of your outdoor seating.
  • Weight the pros and cons and decide the best fit for your space regarding fire pit fuel options, including gas, propane, or wood. 
  • Determine the size of your fire pit, including a seating area and the best location, considering factors such as convenience, accessibility, space availability, and safety. 
  • Fire pits range in price depending on your chosen type and one that fits your budget.
  • Extras to consider – if you are going to buy a built-in fire pit, consider selecting a facing material for your fire pit that will tie in with your patio and coordinate with the exterior color of your home
  • Choose a material to fill the inside of your fire pit that is both decorative and absorbs heat, such as lava rock, river rock, and recycled glass.

DIY Fire Pit Ideas For Backyard

There's nothing quite like the warmth and relaxing of a fire pit to set the ideal outdoor ambiance. Whether entertaining friends, spending quality time with your family, or simply enjoying time alone, a fire pit can easily turn a typical evening into a remarkable one.

You can create an enchanting environment right in your backyard and on a budget! Building your fire pit area is easier than you may think and can be made with basic materials you can buy at the local big box store or online store.

You can transform unused backyard areas in a corner, near your garden or outdoor pool, or turn a space in your yard into an entertaining hangout spot. For example, dig up a lawn section and install a pea gravel or paver stone patio. Then, add a propane fire pit, curved or straight benches, or outdoor furniture, and add some strings of lights to complete the look. You will love your new space! Although you are not limited to placing a propane fire pit in a section of your lawn, you can set it under a pergola.

Outdoor Space Makeover

So, are you ready to add some character to your outdoor space? Let's delve in and explore these incredible DIY fire pit ideas that will transform your backyard into the ultimate gathering area.

1) DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Kit Ideas

Make a DIY fire pit using a kit, guaranteeing the final product will stay together and look fantastic in your outdoor living space. A pea gravel seating or paving stone seating area will be an excellent part of this stunning backyard makeover. Add a walkway and tall planters!

Oldcastle 43.5-in x 12.5-in Sandhill Concrete Fire Pit Kit

2) Wall Block Fire Pit

This one uses concrete retaining wall blocks that naturally fit together to create this deep yet easy-to-work-with, round fire pit. It is deep enough, so you don't have to bend over a hot flame to add or adjust the wood or roast your marshmallows for your S'mores! 

3) DIY Table Fire Bowl

This DIY tabletop fire bowl will create a  cozy patio or deck. First, select a concrete planter of your choice, add lava rocks, and then hide a tiki torch in the middle to provide a flame.

TerraFlame Basin Concrete Table Top Gel Fuel Fire Bowl - Indoor and Outdoor Use by Terraflame

4) Sunken Fire Pit

A sunken fire pit is a unique and trendy outdoor feature built into the ground, creating a cozy and intimate backyard space for family and friends to gather around a warm, cozy fire. It is typically made of stone, brick, or concrete and can come in different shapes and small or large sizes.

Sunken Fire Pit Ideas

5) Do It Yourselff Small Fire Pit

Do you love the idea of spending cool nights around a warm fire? Use heat-resistant pavers to add a small fire pit to your outdoor space. It's the perfect size for any size yard and keeping your feet warm while relaxing by the fire and listening to the trickling water of your hot tub in the evening.

Pavestone 10-in x 3.5-in x 7-in Tan/Tumbled Concrete Retaining Wall Block

6) Do It Yourself Fire Pit Kit

Do you love the idea of spending cool nights around a warm fire? Use heat-resistant pavers to add a small fire pit to your outdoor space. It's the perfect size for any size yard and keeping your feet warm while relaxing by the fire and listening to the trickling water of your hot tub in the evening.

Sun Joe SJFP35-STN 35-In. Cast Stone Base, Wood Burning Fire Pit w/Dome Screen and Poker, Natural Stone

7) DIY Fire Ring

Keep it simple for a minimalist and rustic look, and use a fire pit ring! Add seating, grab your marshmallows hot dogs for the grill, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance.

The takeaway fire pits, whether gas fire pits, propane fire pits, wood-burning fire pits, portable fire pits, and so on, are great additions to any backyard.  Plus, it makes for a great entertaining spot.  However, remember that if you go with a gas fire pit, you must have it professionally installed unless you are a plumber.  When installing your fire pit, be sure the area is level before installing it.

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