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Cooking Frozen Vegetables

The Best Frozen Vegetables List: Stock Up Your Freezer

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9 Must Have Organic Frozen Vegetables List

Our Favorite Frozen Vegetables List – It's summertime, and a colorful rainbow of fresh, beautiful fruits and vegetables comes with warmer weather.  The in-season produce is a sight at your local grocery store and farmers' market, and you should store it properly to extend freshness.  Still, avoiding stocking up on organic frozen vegetable staples is no reason.  There are many reasons to stock up on various frozen vegetables: convenience, affordability, health, and longer shelf life than their fresh counterparts. 

Nothing tastes quite as delicious as a freshly picked organic vegetable harvested straight from the earth, but it doesn't mean frozen produce doesn't have a spot in your freezer.  For instance, frozen vegetables are less expensive, and since they have a longer life span than fresh veggies, they can also help eliminate food waste in your kitchen.  You don't have to sacrifice quality to add them to your diet.  If you are up to it, you can start a small vegetable garden for your household.

Nevertheless, not all frozen vegetables, such as salad greens, green beans, or boxed vegetables smothered in a cheesy sauce, are comparable.  If you're hesitant about buying bagged varieties behind those glass door freezers, remember that frozen veggies are processed at their peak of ripeness; that's when their nutrient levels are highest.

Can you cook frozen vegetables without defrosting them?


One of the first questions most people ask when cooking with frozen vegetables is whether they ought to thaw them before use, and in most cases, the answer is a resounding NO!  Adding frozen veggies to your baking dish, pot, or sauté pan while frozen will typically yield the best result.  You would be surprised to know you can take frozen chicken and make BBQ Chicken or most recipes.  


Some vegetables are best to buy frozen, especially for specific recipes.  You should always keep stock of these frozen vegetables in your freezer.  Our list of frozen vegetables includes the veggies we find helpful to keep in our freezer, and they cook well.  You will need fresh vegetables when making a salad, such as Brussels Sprouts with homemade salad dressing, and Brussels Sprouts with homemade dressing, you will need fresh vegetables.

What is the best-tasting frozen vegetable list?

Organic Frozen Vegetables List You Should Always Have In Your Freezer.

There are excellent choices for organic frozen vegetables, which you can buy at almost any grocery store.  Different brands of frozen vegetables and fruits do not have any insecticides and give you more nutritional value at the end of the day.  


Frozen fruit and vegetable packages are an excellent accompaniment to your family meals.  From green peas and organic carrots to juicy cherries, fruit, and veg packs offer the utmost convenience for making healthy dinners without food waste.

Using frozen produce means you can keep the bags in the freezer to prepare when needed, without worrying about expiration dates or fresh veg going off.  Plus, it reduces preparation time and means fewer trips to the grocery store.  

Organic Frozen Vegetables Food Delivery, Including Frozen Veggies

Furthermore, you can have organic frozen food delivery service at your front door; places like Thrive Market and Amazon provide this service.  When you buy frozen organic vegetables or grass-fed meat online, you get better pricing than at your local grocery store.


The Best Organic Frozen Vegetables To Stockpile

Frozen Vegetables


Fresh green peas may be hard to find, depending on where you live. You have to shell them because they are only available for a short season. Therefore, frozen peas are a great option. If appropriately cooked – boiling them quickly on the stovetop with butter- they have a striking bright green likeness and a sweet taste like fresh peas.

We are big fans of frozen peas. We never buy fresh green peas, and the quality always seems diminished if they are not frozen immediately after harvest to preserve their taste.  

Pro Tip:  Adding frozen peas to pasta is a great way to get more vegetables.

frozen broccoli


Fresh broccoli tends to deteriorate and spoil after only a few days in the fridge. Therefore, if you plan to use up only a portion of fresh broccoli immediately, an alternative is to cook with frozen broccoli to save you more money and prevent food waste.

Steam the frozen broccoli with butter, salt, and pepper in waterless cookware. If you don't have waterless cookware, cook off the extra water so it's smooth. To get the fresh broccoli's tender but crunchy consistency, roast the broccoli on a sheet pan in the oven or air fryer, and I like to use my small counter oven.


Since fresh spinach doesn't last as long as frozen spinach, which is full of fiber-rich nutrients, iron, and calcium, keeping it in the freezer is a great way to get those nutrients. However, the best incentive for using frozen instead of fresh comes down to quantity, and that's because fresh spinach leaves tend to cook down significantly.

If you have a recipe that calls for spinach as the main ingredient, use frozen as an alternative. Also, cooking with frozen spinach means you don't have to squeeze out excess water when making your favorite spinach dip.

For convenience, grab a bag of pre-cooked and frozen spinach. Not only is it more efficient, but there's also significantly less cost.


Like the other cruciferous family member, cauliflower is a versatile veggie that tastes just as excellent frozen as it does fresh. Snap-freezing makes frozen cauliflower more affordable and easier to prepare. Whether you sauté, broil, or steam, you will continue to get all the vitamin C benefits with frozen cauliflower.

Frozen cauliflower is always excellent for the same reasons as broccoli. For example, when you use frozen, pureed cauliflower is better as it retains the bright color as expected, like when making cauliflower mashed potatoes.


Since lima beans are hyper-seasonal, they are only sometimes available fresh, but you can readily incorporate them into your diet year-round. Lima beans tend to spoil super-duper fast; having some in the freezer means I can start next spring when you're craving a dish with lima beans, like hummus.


Since Okra spoils quickly, it's good to have frozen Okra on hand. Although, Okra can get slimy when you cook it from frozen.

Adding some acid to the pot and a few tomatoes and broth will help with the sliminess. You'll have a hearty meal with steamed rice or Quinoa.

Lima Beans

Since lima beans are hyper-seasonal, they are only sometimes available fresh, but you can readily incorporate them into your diet year-round. Lima beans tend to spoil super-duper fast; having some in the freezer means I can start next spring when you're craving a dish with lima beans, like hummus.

Brussels Sprouts

We know that Brussels sprouts can be ridiculously expensive, especially when not in season.  However, a plus is that frozen Brussels sprouts are much less costly.

Skip the defrosting to ensure you don't end up with mushy, bitter, or watery sprouts.  Instead, coat the Brussels sprouts in a little olive oil and roast them for approximately 35 minutes until they brown and develop a nice caramelized crunch.

Organic Mixed Vegetables

Frozen organic vegetables make for a quick side for a weeknight meal or can be added to your favorite soup or stew. Save time by having your veggies pre-cut and prepared for cooking.

Organic Stir Fry Blend

A stir-fry blend typically has several different types of vegetables included in the mix, such as Organic Broccoli, Organic Carrots, Organic Green Beans, Organic Onions, Organic Red Bell Peppers, and Organic Mushrooms

A stir fry blend makes a great side dish for almost any meal, Asian, American, or as a side for a protein or with rice.

frozen vegetables list


Reach for frozen instead of canned for those long months when sweet corn isn't in season.  It's just as sweet as fresh ears but takes less cooking time.  Frozen corn made our frozen vegetables list because we always keep it in the freezer.

You can always buy frozen corn on the cob if you prefer it on the cob.  Another bonus is that frozen corn typically has fewer calories and carbs than fresh corn.

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