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The Best Kitchen Sink Caddy: Full Circle Stash Caddy

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by Helen
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Eco Conscious Kitchen Sink Caddy

Little changes in our daily lives toward sustainability will make a difference in our environment, like building your kitchen with the best sustainable cookware.  This article is about a vast difference in how a simple kitchen sink caddy organizer helps me with my sustainable journey.  The stylish and sleek Full Circle Bubble Up & Stash Caddy simplifies kitchen cleaning and organization while helping me reduce waste.   Single-use plastic has always been my way of life, and buying single-use plastic containers for storing food was convenient and inexpensive.

I remember my mom used to reuse plastic butter containers to store leftovers and bought cheap plastic food storage containers, which typically ended up in the trash because they would stain or melt.  Growing up, I never heard anything about how single-use plastics like grocery bags, plastic bottles, or containers affected the environment.

The convenience of plastic has altered our way of life.  Instead of soap bars, we use shower gels and shampoos in colorful plastic bottles.  Because the grocery store provides plastic carry bags, we don't bring a bag from home.  Plus, disposable dinnerware and cutlery are more convenient to use when we entertain or have a party.  Why?  Because who wants to wash dishes?

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Kitchen Organization

Eco Friendly Kitchen Tips

I've been trying to reduce my environmental impact lately, and one of the ways I've been doing that is by using a zero waste kitchen sink caddy organizer.  It's a great way to keep all my dishwashing tools organized and easily accessible while reducing the amount of waste I produce.  I love that I can compost the scraps and leftover uneaten food particles rather than throwing them out.  The materials used to make the caddy are eco-friendly.  It's a small change, but every little bit helps!

Stash - Modular Ceramic Sink Caddy

Meet the game-changing, space-saving storage system for your sink and countertops.  A streamlined, low-profile tray and caddy design make this modular ceramic sink system your go-to for a functional, flexible style.  Ceramic is a versatile material; you can even find ceramic cookware.  A simple single-use swap in your kitchen is to choose silicone food storage bags instead of plastic bags or containers.

Soap Holder
Kitchen Sink Caddy organizer
best kitchen sink caddy

Full Circle Bubble Up & Stash Caddy

What We Like

  • Great for kitchen organization
  • It helps keep sponges dry
  • Less Waste – Uses less water and less soap to clean
  • Plastic neutral

What We Don't Like

  • You're going to love it

The amount of single-use plastics is staggering. Plastic is everywhere! We add to that waste with every coffee lid, plastic straw, water bottle, takeout container, dish soap, and laundry detergent. Although we might feel better, like we are doing something good because we recycle, unfortunately, a minimal amount of plastic is recycled. Millions of tons of single-use plastic are dumped or burned, and multi-million tons of plastic are made worldwide yearly, contributing to environmental pollution.

Several years ago, I decided to change my habits around plastic and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. I knew it would be near impossible to be a zero-plastic user, but I could start making small changes toward reducing my single-use plastic footprint. It would be challenging, but I began making small changes, like using a reusable bag at the grocery store, mainly shopping from the local farmers market, or grocery and meat delivery in sustainable packaging. 

Also, Instead of buying water bottles, we use refillable bottles. We started using concentrate laundry detergent, but powder or dry pods come packaged in compostable packaging without plastic. We have also created gardening using sustainable practices, plus growing some of our food. We use the card boxes from deliveries in the garden and our compost.

Sink Caddy

Kitchen Organization

-Modular design
-Small footprint
-Durable bristles
-Three different colors

best kitchen sink caddy
Kitchen Soap Caddy

Kitchen Dish Scrubber with Soap Holder

-Recycled plastic
-Recycled stainless steel
-Replaceable bamboo dish brush
-Spring-loaded to create extra suds

Kitchen Dish Scrubber

Kitchen Dish Scrubber with Soap Holder,

-Brand: Full Circle
-Material: Walnut Shell
-Color: Brown
-Quantity: 1
-Quantity: Set of 3
-Number of Items: 1

Kitchen Sink Caddy Organizer

It took me a little longer to switch my dish-cleaning setup.  There are different ways of dispensing dishwashing soap, and I realized you don't have to choose between sustainable, convenient, and functional for a sink caddy.  You can have all three with the Ceramic Organizer with Be Good Dish Brush and Scrubbing Sponges.  The kitchen sink caddy organizer gives you sustainability, convenience, and functionality.

But looking at the Bubble Up & Stash from Full Circle, I realized I had found an excellent cleaning and organizing solution.  This sink caddy is functional, sustainable, and convenient to use, plus it looks fantastic.  It fits my Farmhouse Style, which I love!   Moreover, the brand is a plastic-neutral company, meaning that for every ounce of plastic it uses, it recovers and recycles an ounce of plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills.  And Full Circle is a B-Corp-certified company, meaning it passes strict standards demonstrating its commitment to the environment.  Plus, it boasts a soap holder for the kitchen sink.

How It Is Made

The Stash caddy is made of ceramic, bamboo, and recycled plastic.  The base works as a soap dispenser; you can use liquid or powder soap.  It is spring-loaded to make extra suds, but surprisingly, you use less soap, a bonus.  The design of the caddy is sleek and functional, allowing the scrubber to air dry between uses.  No more gross and stinky scrubber!  The tool holder has compartments that house items like brushes, cleaning tools, and food scrapers.


  • Brush Dimensions: 3.25 x 4.5 inches
  • Caddy Dimensions: 8 x 4.25 x 4.25 inches
  • Material: Ceramic, bamboo

Simplehuman Sink Caddy

Another one of my favorites is the Simplehuman Sink Caddy in one of my stainless steel kitchen sinks, and I like to put the cleaning one-offs in it.  Simplehuman makes excellent household products; you will always find the brand throughout my home.  The sink caddy is unlike other brands, and the suction cups stick and stay.

Final Thoughts 

I recently purchased a sink caddy to help with my kitchen organization and it's been a game changer! It's the perfect size to hold my dish soap, sponge, and scrub brush all in one convenient spot. Plus, it keeps everything off the counter and out of the way. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to declutter their sink area.

The kitchen sink caddy organizer is dishwasher safe except for the brush; I wash it by hand.  The caddy boasts a sleek design that looks gorgeous, and the ceramic is durable.  While I was only looking for something to help me with my goal of reducing single-use plastic, I found so much more.  It is the best kitchen sink caddy; it meets all my needs.

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