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Dog Poop Bags: Eco-Friendly Choice Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

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If You Have Dogs, There Is Dog Poop To Be Picked Up

Those who know me will tell you I scoop up my dog's waste in a dog poop bag from sidewalks, dirt trails, parks, and dog parks. Then I dispose of the dog doo, throw it in the trash can, and feel pretty happy for picking up after my pets. After all, I'm helping the environment, so cleaning up after my dogs and picking up after them is a must. So which should you buy, better for the earth, biodegradable dog poop bags or Compostable dog poop bags? Using compostable or biodegradable dog poop bags is another swap I have made in my sustainable living journey.

For those who read my blogs, it is no secret I have four rescue dogs, three large dogs, and one small dog.   All three of my furry girls wear matching pink camo harnesses because they get excited and pull, especially Addie the Aussie. The Three big dogs love to go on long walks and play in the park. One or all will inevitably go poo while we are on our walk. 

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Compostable Dog Waste Bags

I always make sure to bring dog poop bags with me when I take my furry friend for a walk. It's considerate to others and essential for keeping the environment clean. Plus, it's just good pet ownership to clean up after your dog. I like to keep a roll of bags in my coat pocket, so I'm always prepared. It's a small gesture, but can make a big difference in our community.

As a responsible dog owner, picking up after your pet is essential. But did you know there are eco-friendly options for disposing of dog poop? Instead of using plastic bags that take hundreds of years to decompose, consider using biodegradable bags or even a composting system specifically designed for pet waste. By making these small changes, you can help reduce your environmental impact while being a responsible pet owner.

Greenwashing Labeling Poop Bags For Dogs

For something to be labeled as compostable, it has to adhere to the ASTM D6400 standard, which specifies the time and conditions under which something must fully decompose without leaving anything harmful behind.  You'll see plenty of bags proudly declaring they meet this standard.  While that's not a lie, it doesn't mean what you might think it means.  Brands are “greenwashing,” a form of misinformation usually used to entice a green consumer.  

The FTC has already warned dog poop bag makers against using the term.  But this problem is more than just with poo bags.  Even the best, most scientifically-proven biodegradable plastics don't degrade when dumped in a landfill because the compression, compactness, and lack of oxygen lead to garbage “mummification.” To get the best results from eco friendly dog poop bags, you must dispose of them properly.

Some poop bag companies have changed the labeling on their products because of the controversy regarding labeling and changing laws and regulations, but they are different state by state.

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How To Properly Dispose of Dog Waste Bags

Here are some best practices to make the best use of compostable pet waste bags:

  • Use a dog waste-only compost bin.  Although pet waste compost should never be added to a garden with edible vegetation, it can be an excellent fertilizer for decorative gardens!  To achieve the best compost, only use compostable dog waste bags.
  • Flush it.  Flush unbagged dog poop down the toilet or in a bag only if the poo bag is water solubleDO NOT flush the dog waste bag down the toilet; only if you're sure the bag is made from water-soluble plastic.
  • Throw it Away.  Toss it in the trash can.

Of course, you can also use a dog waste bag sparingly or not at all.  An alternative is to use a hand-held dog poo scoop or shovel to move dog waste from the ground to a dog poop composting bin, trash, toilet, or hole in the ground, a more earth-friendly option. 

But realistically, the compostable dog poop bag is the best way for those living or working in densely populated areas, and we need to use them correctly.  Plus, when walking our dogs, we have to pick up after them.  Therefore, we don't have an option but to find and use verified compostable doggie waste bags.

Woman Throwing Trash Away

The Best Compostable Poop Bags Available

That's why researchers say compostable bags are a more eco-friendly option.  Not only should we consider poop bags but also home cleaning products.  They're typically made of plant-based starch and contain no plastics, so they dissolve much more quickly.  If you're used to standard bags, these feel thinner and don't have an added fragrance to disguise the typical doggy smell.

Are Compostable Bags More Expensive

Compostable bags also are more expensive than standard poop bags, but there's the environmental tradeoff.  Considering all the options above, you need some bags that truly meet high eco-friendy standards and will hopefully reduce our carbon footprint -when adequately discarded.  

So as responsible puppy owners, what do we do?  Is there such a thing as eco friendly poop bags?  We've got the best compostable dog poop bags and how to use them properly.  Are you still using bags made of latex or synthetic plastics?  We are here to help you switch to keeping these contaminants out of the trash and landfills.  We have done the research to help you, and below, you will find some eco friendly dog waste bag options.  Walmart carries a wide array of compostable dog bags.

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Here Is the Scoop on poop

BioBag Pet Waste Compost Bags Rolls

compostable dog poop bags

For on-the-go cleanup, these BioBag Pet Waste Compost Bags Rolls are very convenient for taking on walks, trips, and anywhere else. These pet waste bags come in three rolls of 15, totaling 45 bags. They're made from 100 percent compostable plastic and are strong and dependable for picking up poo. In addition to making pet waste bags, the brand makes amazing household garbage bags and kitchen compost liners using the same material. Bags are made from a resin derived from plants and vegetable oils.

BioBag Pet Waste Bags

Pet Waste Bags

Stress less when you have the materials to pick up your pet's mess. The BioBag Pet Waste Bags are strong and reliable for holding pet waste from your backyard or walking the trails. Also, the pet waste bags are fragrance-free plus never tested on animals. Feel at ease because it is made from responsible packaging, so when you buy the BioBag, you are looking out for the planet and you and your pet. These pet waste bags are large enough so you can rest assured you won't accidentally touch your pet poo when you clean it up. The package comes with 50 bags.

Earth Rated Pet Waste Bags with Handles

poop bags for dogs

Here is the scoop on poop: Earth Rated Pet Waste Bags with Handles make it easy to clean and dispose of pet waste — worry-free and without the mess! The ultra-thick pet waste bags offer ultimate protection and pledge a 100% leak-proof guarantee. The bag's extra-wide mouth is great for cat litter scoops. Additionally, the easy-tie handles make it super easy to close the bags after your dog goes poo. 

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bag Holder with Dog Poop Bag

Earth Rated Bag Holder

This Earth Rated Pet Bag Dispenser is lightweight and easy to use. It comes in pretty handy when cleaning up your dog messes left behind. It is a small but mighty dispenser that houses most standard-sized pet waste rolls and comes with an adjustable strap that you can easily attach to any size leash. It boasts a screw-on top to keep bags secure while you and your fur baby are on the go. This dispenser includes one unscented starter roll of 15 bags.

Doodie Flush Dog Poop Bags

Doodie Flush Dog Poop Bag

For a non-toxic flushable option, Doodie Flush Poop Bags are durable extra thick and strong.  But, it biodegrades in water in a matter of seconds.  Nevertheless, the 100% flushable bag is designed to break down when introduced to water.  You will be happy I added this dog poop bag to my list.

Beyond Green Bags

beyondGREEN Plant-Based Dog Waste Bags

Beyond Green Bags are Made with USDA-certified bio-based materials. These poop bags are compostable and have higher strength than plastic bags. They're an excellent non-toxic option, made with corn and vegetable oils, plus the print is water-based inks.

Final Thoughts: Should I Switch To Eco-Friendly Dog Poop Bags?

There are plenty of reasons why using eco-friendly dog poop bags is important. Not only are they better for the environment, but they also help keep our communities clean and safe. Traditional plastic bags can take hundreds of years to decompose, leaving harmful chemicals in our soil and waterways. Eco-friendly bags, on the other hand, are made from renewable resources and break down much faster. Plus, some even have added benefits like odor control and leak protection. So next time you're out with your furry friend, consider switching to eco-friendly poop bags – your planet (and neighbors) will thank you!

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