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Grove Collaborative Review: Grove Cleaning Products Toxic Free

by Helen
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Could Grove Co. cleaning products I use to clean my home leave behind a lovely scent? I used plastic free cleaners to find out.

Grove Cleaning Products Review:  I have been reducing plastic use in my kitchen and home because less plastic is vital for the earth and my health.  I swapped plastic-based cleaning products for grove cleaning concentrates in refillable glass bottles, plus replaced single-use snack bags with washable silicone bags.  Replacing single-use plastics with reusable items saves you money and is better for your health and the planet.  Although I am not willing to compromise on cleaning results, plus I like the cleaning products to smell nice, nothing overbearing.  I Found: The Grove Collaborative. 

Spoiler alert (wink): I've been using their cleaning products since 2020, and they are still my first choice for eco-friendly cleaning products.  I have also switched from plastic containers to more sustainable, toxic-free food storage containers.  I have slowly transitioned to clean cookware, grass-fed meats, and organic foods.  I enjoy the quality and convenience I receive from the different food and meat delivery subscription companies I use.

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Here's my Grove collaborative review of their cleaning supplies and products.

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What is Grove Collaborative?

Grove Collaborative is an online retailer specializing in natural household, pet, and personal products. Along with its brand line of household cleaning products, the retailer also carries everyday favorite eco-friendly brands like Mrs. Meyer's, Method, Stasher, and many more. Grove Co Cleaning products range from hand soap to shower cleaner and lip balm and meet rigid standards for being non-toxic, sustainable, effective, and cruelty-free, so it's a great one-stop shop to discover new brands and must-have favorites.

I love that the Grove Co. cleaning products take cleaning and eco-consciousness seriously. The brand advocates its products are free from plastic and harsh chemicals like parabens, ammonia, phosphates, phthalates, formaldehyde, and chlorine bleach. In 2020, Grove customers reduced 1.93 million pounds of plastic from being dumped into landfills. The Grove Co. cleaning products concentrates and hand soaps prevent another 994,776 pounds of waste. That's significant progress!

The Grove Co. cleaning supplies include:

  • Multi-purpose kitchen and bathroom cleaners.
  • Glass cleaners.
  • Dishwashing liquid in lovely fragrances.
Grove Cleaning

Grove Cleaning Essentials Review

The cleaning concentrates come in two one-ounce glass bottles, and the reusable glass spray bottle is sold separately. The concept is you buy a spray bottle once and refill it with cleaning concentrates; therefore, over time, money, saving plastic and shipping costs.

The products are also free of harmful synthetic fragrances. And they smell good thanks to essential oils like orange, rosemary, citron, and white rose plus – there are even some cozy fall and festive holiday scents. Grove Co. recently partnered with Target and offered a curated collection of customizable Grove cleaning supplies subscription options. You can select and pick what products you want to be delivered to your door and when. I love the accessibility; you will thank me for including this in my Grove favorite cleaning product review!

How I Use Grove Co. Cleaning Products

Grove Co. cleaning products are an innovative, eco-friendly cleaning solution. But do they work to remove stains, residue, dust, and grime? And they leave my home smelling fresh and clean for more than a few minutes. I've been using Grove Co. since 2020, relying on their eco-friendly solutions for my daily and weekly deep cleaning, laundry, bathroom, and window washing. It doesn't disappoint, and here is how it has been holding up.
Grove Cleaning

Grove Co. Refillable Multi Purpose Cleaning Concentrates

I use the cleaning spray multiple times a day in my kitchen. Coffee spill on the granite countertop or cleaning the sink? It is easy to clean up, spritz, and wipe. It works excellent on olive oil splatter on the stainless steel cooktop and white backsplash after meals. Again, all I have to do is spray and wipe. When my grandkids are over, they leave clumps of toothpaste in the bathroom sink and little spray marks on the faucet. To clean it up, I spritz and wipe. I have tried multiple multipurpose cleaning sprays in the cleaning aisle, Amazon, Walmart, or HEB, throwing out a plastic bottle whenever it is empty.

It is simple to prepare the Grove Co. Refillable Multipurpose Cleaning Concentrates; empty the contents from the one-ounce glass bottle concentrate into your reusable glass spray bottle, add tap water and shake a bit. Then, I use it to clean and wipe down my small appliances, KitchenAid appliances, and countertops. The citron and white rose scent instantly gave a fabulous zingy floral smell that is clean without all the added chemicals.

How To Use The Grove Collaborative Multi Purpose Cleaner

I typically wait a few seconds before I wipe the cleaner off with a microfiber towel or plain lint free towel. The formula works great and immediately cuts the grease and residue that builds on my kitchen surfaces. I watched fingerprints disappear without streaks on my black stainless steel KitchenAid refrigerator, Chefman air fryer toaster oven, and the Simplehuman motion and voice-activated trash can. The same happens on the stainless steel sink and sink fixtures and even inside my microwave, which sometimes gets a little icky with baked-on food stains, especially popcorn butter.

I have been impressed with the results in the kitchen; I've even used the Grove Co. Multi Purpose Cleaner in the living room and bedroom to dust specific furniture and appliances. The great thing about essential oils is that they don't leave residue and smell fresh. I have diffusers throughout the house that I use to diffuse essential oils. Lavender in the bedroom helps me wind down and relax before bed, and then there is Lemongrass-my favorite. It smells refreshing and crisp. I even spritzed some cleaner on dog messes on the floor.

If you are going to try just one product from this Grove Cleaning Product Review, it should be the Multi Purpose Cleaner.


  • Plastic-free
  • Cuts through grease and removes fingerprints on a variety of surfaces
  • Smells fantastic, is not overbearing, and the scent lasts for hours
  • Various scents available
  • A two-pack of concentrate last multiple months


  • A glass spray bottle is sold separately.

Grove Collaborative Reusable Cleaning Glass Spray Bottle Product Review

Grove Co. cleaning products are plastic-free. Love that! With that said, the cleaning concentrates, and glass spray bottles are sold separately. Although it may seem like one more thing to buy, the practice cuts back on the use of plastics and shipping costs since you do not have to pay for the added weight of bottles which are mostly filled with water. Plus, you only have the cost upfront once since it's a refillable bottle. So the added value is instead of tossing it in the trash, starting from scratch and less waste with a new bottle every few months.

If you are like me, you don't have to buy Grove Co. spray bottles. Reuse an old spray bottle with Grove Co. cleaning concentrates and put them in your spray bottle. But there are reasons why I like the Grove Co. reusable cleaning glass spray bottle.

The silicone sleeve comes in multiple colors; therefore, you can color code the glass cleaner bottle from the tile cleaner bottle. The bottles are also labeled, and the silicone sleeve prevents accidental slips and breakage.

Grove Cleaning

Grove Collaborative Cleaning Supplies Review: Refillable Spray Bottle Review

There are some refillable spray bottles made with a cheap spray top, but not with Grove Co. I've used my bottles daily for quite a while now and have not had any leaks or drips. The spray is still strong, and the product is applied evenly, which is crucial when using the glass cleaner; you don't want an erratic spray.


  • Keeps plastic out of landfills and oceans
  • Silicone sleeve prevents accidental slips and breakage
  • Sprays a constant flow of product without any dripping or leaking
  • Come in various colors


  • The trigger sometimes pinches your skin slightly if you hold the bottle incorrectly.

Grove Collaborative Glass Cleaner Concentrates Review

I'll be honest cleaning glass, including doors, is my least favorite chore because streaks drive me insane. My dogs love to go to the back door and slobber, touch, or press their noses against the glass. So, I have a farmhouse-style accent mirror in my foyer that attracts every dust molecule, and my doggies love to make a mess of it. I'd given up on keeping the backdoor and mirror clean, but I'm not too fond of messes; therefore, I decided to write this Grove Co. review.

Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about because the Grove Co. Glass Cleaner Concentrates formula goes on thick but buffs out to a streak-free shine with a lint-free cloth or bamboo paper towels. I was shocked at how fast I could clean my glass door, bathroom mirrors, and accent mirror, and it also worked great at removing water spots from the bathroom vanity mirror. 


  • Quickly and easily removes spots and smudges without leaving ugly streaks
  • Smells great
  • Multiple scents are available


  • Slightly more expensive than other glass cleaners

Grove Co. Tub and Tile Cleaner Concentrates Review

Since I worry about using household cleaning items with harsh chemicals, including bath and shower cleaners, combining a steaming hot shower and toxic chemicals is unsafe. Some toxic cleaners burn my eyes and lungs. Plus, bathrooms have poor ventilation, making the cleaners' effect more intense. But cleaning soap scum is a tough job. However, Grove Co. Tub and Tile Cleaner Concentrates is up for the task and works excellently.

Like the other multi-purpose and glass cleaners, the Tub and Tile Cleaners also come in two one-ounce glass bottles that should be poured and mixed with water into a spray bottle. The first time I used the tile cleaner out of fear, I held my breath to avoid breathing in toxic fumes and chemicals. But the scent was a white rose and citron; it smelled refreshing! There was no burning of my eyes or coughing lungs.

Regarding performance, the tub and tile cleaner removed the soap scum on my stainless steel faucet, the dried conditioner on the shower walls and glass, and the dirty shower floor. I used old white t-shirt cut pieces and hand towels for cleaning, and I was done in a few minutes. I've learned that an alternative to plastic wrap has to stay on top to prevent soap scum buildup, so I use the tub and tile cleaner a few times a week. Since it smells good, it is an easy task.


  • Quickly removes soap scum and residue from tile, shower floor, and faucets
  • Smells refreshed and light
  • Strong spray for precise application
  • It helps with water stains and buildup when used regularly


  • It is very effective on super tough water stains and buildup.

Grove Co. Laundry Detergent Sheets

The house is spotless if the hamper is empty. I used the Grove Co. laundry detergent sheets and did multiple laundry loads in my top-loading LG washing machine.

The laundry detergent sheet dissolved entirely in about 30 seconds, and there were scented lavender and foamy bubbles. After I added the soiled clothes to the washer, I closed the lid and waited for the whole cycle to finish. Since no measuring or pouring is required, I liked the mess-free laundry sheets.

When I pulled the wet towels out of the washing machine, I immediately noticed a subtle lavender scent. The clothes were clean and smelled nice. I don't use dryer sheets; I use wool dryer balls instead. After drying the clothes, I checked they felt fluffy and soft.

I also wash sweaty workout clothes and a load of denim in cold water with the Grove Co. laundry detergent sheets. I've had issues with laundry detergent not completely dissolving when using cold water and leaving a white film on my dark clothes. I no longer use powder detergent; I've switched to liquid or detergent sheets, and I don't have that problem with my Grove Co. laundry detergent sheets. The laundry sheets are my go-to for washing my sheets and towels because I want them lightly scented with lavender.

Since I have a large washing machine and tend to do large loads of laundry with bulky items like dog blankets, I use two laundry detergent sheets. If you have a smaller drier or wash smaller loads, you only have to use one sheet per load.


  • Formula thoroughly cleans and lightly scents clothes
  • Zero-waste packaging and formula
  • The lavender scent is lovely and safe for sensitive skin


  • Larger loads require two sheets
  • The lavender scent isn't super strong (a pro for some


A high-performance ultimate liquid dish soap is proven to remove 48-hour stuck-on food and is crafted sustainably and powerfully for a healthy home and planet.

You might also need the glass soap dish dispenser:

Reusable Glass Dish Soap Dispenser – Square Base


The signature plastic-eliminating Dish Soap Dispenser is designed with our Ultimate Dish Soap and crafted to be sustainably powerful for a healthy home and planet.

Are Grove Products Non-toxic?

Yes! All cleaning products sold on Grove Collaborative meet the standards that make them non-toxic, ethically made, and cruelty-free.

How does Grove Co. work?

The beauty of Grove Collaborative is orders are entirely customizable. You can subscribe to recurring deliveries for all household cleaning products, as the cleaning concentrates, so you never run out. Or, you can buy what you need and return it when you need to stock up. Whatever option you choose, Grove Co. makes it so easy to edit the shipments you're subscribed to, and you can discover some more eco-friendly cleaning brands.

Is Grove Co. EWG Certified?

Per Grove Collaborative, they for the most strict independent certifications, including EWG Verified and EPA Safer Choice, which guarantees the highest standards of ingredient safety and transparency.  Grove is also proud to have been recognized as EPA 2020 Safer Choice Partner of the Year.

Claim your free starter set and free shipping:

Offer Free starter set & free shipping with first order!

Grove Product Reviews and Experts Had to Say

According to TrustPilot, 3933 Reviews – Rating is Good, the average rating is 4.1 out of 5, but 75% of customers have rated Grove Collaborative a total of 5 Stars.  There were some unhappy customers, too but mostly positive feedback. 

Customer Reviewer: Darcy Santala

I've loved my experience with Grove so…
I've loved my experience with Grove so far but, I enjoy the ease and convenience of subscription boxes. If you aren't someone who stays on top of your orders I could see how even with the option to skip, it might get frustrating. We've been subscribed for a little over a year now and with a family of four and two dogs, I've gotten about 5 boxes so far.

Usually right after I receive an order I set the next delivery date for a few months ahead so I can place my next order when I'm ready.

Customer Reviewer:  Roxanne Sztapka

Environmental friendly Great products.


Final Thoughts On The Grove Collaborative Cleaning Products

Okay, wrapping up my Grove Cleaning Product Review, it is no secret that I love subscription boxes and home delivery services. I order my groceries from Thrive Market and my meats from online meat delivery services.

After I cleaned my entire home with Grove Co. Cleaning products, I played with the dog and took them for a walk. When I came home several hours later, I walked in the door, took a big whiff, and smelled a clean house with aromas of essential oils! I love the smell of a clean house, especially when returning home to the pleasant scent of my freshly cleaned house and Grove Co. delivered in so many ways.

If you like subscription box services like I do, take a look at some of my other company's who offer subscription services.


Before I Discovered The Grove Collaborative Cleaning Supplies

Since I began using Grove Co. in 2020, it's still my first choice of brand of cleaning products, mainly because I love multipurpose cleaning concentrates. One refill lasted me multiple months, and I've switched it up with the holiday scents, which are also pleasant. I use the refillable glass bottles between the bathroom and kitchen daily, and they have held up with a strong spray—no clogged, broken, or chipped glass either.

Before starting my sustainable and all-natural journey, I thought eco-friendly cleaning products were too expensive and needed to be revised. Since I started using Grove Co., it has proved me wrong. Plus, they work, and I also estimate these sustainable products have saved me from pitching about a dozen plastic bottles in my recycling bin. We all know only a fraction of recyclable products are recycled, and many end up in the ocean or other waterways.  I have also been known to make my own all-purpose cleaner and green cleaning starter kit.  But what exactly is green cleaning?  Learn all about Green Cleaning here.

Where to Buy Grove Collaborative Natural Cleaning Products

Are you ready to give eco-friendly cleaning part of your cleaning routine? Grove Co. cleaning products are widely available through Grove Collaborative via their easy subscription service. An alternative is you can also find Grove Co. cleaning products at Target. The collection is affordable, too, and prices range between $5 and $15.

In the last several years, since using Grove Co. I have tried new products, like Molly's Suds oxygen whitener, a safer alternative to traditional bleach. I have also found low prices on household necessities like dishwasher detergent packs, Method stain remover, and Bee's wraps for leftovers, an excellent alternative to plastic wrap. Trust me when I tell you that you will go right with making the switch to Grove Co. Happy cleaning, all!

Grove Co. Cleaning Starter Sets & Kits

Finding your cleaning essentials is half the battle for house cleaning.  Discover customers' most-loved sustainable cleaning sets from Grove Co. and say goodbye to unnecessary plastic waste. Shop cleaning starter kits. 


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