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8 Amazing Headboard Ideas: Sleek and Stylish Bedroom Designs

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Bed Headboard Ideas:  Are you looking to upgrade your simple bedroom design? Instead of buying a new bed, consider a chic headboard and transform your bedroom, regardless of home decor and style. Unique bed headboards are available as single units, as an attachment for your current bed, and some that can be mounted directly onto your bedroom wall. When you buy a headboard, consider whether you need built-in storage or a shelf for your decor or books. If you're looking for a simple upgrade or a complete renovation, we found the best headboard ideas to elevate your bedroom to the next level. 

Bed Headboard Ideas That Inspire

Buying a stylish headboard can transform your space without renovating or investing much money in a brand-new bed.  Regarding installation, remember all headboards are not created equal: as mentioned previously, some attach to your bed frame, while others need to be attached to the wall.  When eyeing a new headboard, ensure it fits and can be installed in your space.  Once you've figured out all that, you can move on to more aesthetic options, such as what the headboard looks like and the material it's made of.

Your best restful sleep doesn't have to end with your mattress—your bedroom design should inspire you to get cozy too!  Our list of headboard ideas lends to any price point—including upholstered options, farmhouse style, a boho flair, or a contemporary style.

Updating your headboard is an inexpensive way to switch up your bedtime routine and design.  Get comfortable in your dream bedroom!  Have you ever wondered what kind of decor to place over your headboard?  It always seems like a weird open area.   I've been looking for new sustainable and organic bedding and stumbled upon the Parachute's new bedding collection. It looks so cozy and inviting, with various colors. I love how they use high-quality materials and have a focus on sustainability. I can't wait to try it out and see how sleeping on such luxurious bedding feels.

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Bed Headboard Ideas: Our Top Picks

Rustic Farmhouse Asymetrial Headboard

Bed headboard

Headboard idea: Modern Wooden Headboard

For those after a rustic with a dash of modern minimalism yet a custom look, this fantastic panel headboard is a great choice. The detail is all in the geometric panels in a two-toned hue wood that catches the eye and adds a decorative touch—crafted from a blend of solid wood distressed toffee-colored finish for a rustic look—style with earthy tones and soft furnishings for a beautiful design to make a great focal point.

Pictured:  Blend of Solid Wood King Size Tarin Bed Headboard, By Mistana – Wayfair

Bed Headboard

Headboard idea: Create warmth and a soft feel with a handmade rattan headboard

Hand Made in Indonesia, this headboard is handwoven using rattan, a strong and durable organic and natural material. Natural materials are a popular choice within the home due to their versatility. Its warm color and texture bring softness to any bedroom. It boasts an intricate weave that will add detail to your space, boho style.

This headboard boasts intricate weaves that will add an element to your room. It boasts a solid headboard framed with two mango wood legs. At the same time, its neutral design can suit any color scheme. Moreover, you can pair this with light fabrics, leafy plants, or rattan accessories to create a cozy vibe with any time of decor.

Pictured: Wicker Rattan Queen Size Nava Rattan Headboard, Beachcrest Home – Wayfair

Headboard Idea

Headboard Idea: Experiment With Contoured Shapes

Who says you must stick to a traditional bed headboard's generic, rectangular shape? Instead, add some fashion and character to your bedroom with this unique design.

For those after a rustic yet custom-made look, this striking handmade headboard is a perfect choice. The detail is all in the sustainably sourced wood in the classic Americana design, and the high quality draws the eye. What's unique, it's sustainably sourced and made to last. You can style this beautiful design with earthy tones and soft furnishings for a rustic farmhouse style.

Pictured: Sustainable Handmade King Size Wood The Wyoming Headboard: Urban Billy – Etsy

Harlow 72 in. King Wall Mount Faux Leather Upholstered Headboard

King Wall Mount Bedding

Headboard Idea: Go With Vegan Leather or Fabric

Harlow is a wall-mounted headboard that is easy to install. This headboard includes lightweight panels that are wrapped in either vintage brown vegan leather or a light gray/sand fabric. This headboard is ideal for a small bedroom or space. Also, the faux leather straps enable you to fasten this headboard with or without the included suspension black matte metal PC rail.

Pictureds: Faux Leather Full Size Headboard: Harlow – HomeDepot

Headboard Idea

bed bath and beyond

Headboard Idea: Keep It Classic With Polish Nailheads

This streamlined headboard is simple, classic, and sophisticated, boasting diamond tufted button detailing and stitching and adorned with polished nailheads. It comes in three colors, including traditional pewter and brown, and a unique option, eggplant. Velvety and inviting, this is an excellent option for elevating your bedroom's style—and coziness.

Pictured:  Arebelle Velvet Tufted King Size Bed Headboard : Safavieh – Bed Bath & Beyond 

Ruby Layered Storage Headboard

urban outfitters

Headboard Idea: Stay organized with a headboard with storage

This appealing option doubles as a bookcase—ideal for those hoping to optimize their storage space. Along with the valuable shelf space on top and the cubbies on the side, the shelves also include subtle curved edges, which keep items secure and nearby. Also, it comes in two contemporary colors- white and olive and Queen size. The non-traditional design can be adjusted for smaller bed sizes, depending on your style and preference.

Pictured:  Ruby Layered Storage Headboard: Urban Outfitters 

Metal Headboard


Headboard Idea: Use Metal To Create A Unique Look

If you prefer a no-fuss or frills with upholstery, why not liven up your space with a solid metal pick instead? This simple but classy piece is crafted from metal with an antique brown finish, providing a versatile look that works well with rustic, farmhouse, and industrial spaces. The delicate twisted spindles and alternating bars give it a vintage look, which lends design without taking up to much space. Even though it's not available in Full size, it is available in twin, full/queen, and king. It's still versatile for any of your bedrooms or guest rooms.

Pictured:  Pinnacles Metal Headboard – Antique Brown – Twin: Copper Grove, Overstock

Upholstered Channel Stitched Headboard


Headboard Idea: Arched Mid-Rise Designs

Arched mid-rise design headboards are a unique option to transform your room with a nonstandard shape. This headboard boasts channel tufting and a scalloped silhouette that enhances is a great statement piece for any bedroom. It blends modern and classic styles, plus this headboard will be a chic backdrop to many bedding and décor choices. Best of all, this creates a stunning environment when placed against stylish, vintage wallpaper. It is not available in twin or full but is in Queen and King size headboard.

Pictured: Upholstered Channel Stitched Headboard, Arched Headboard Mid-Rise Design: KotPop, Amazon

Rattan Bed Headboard


Headboard Idea: Boho and Unusual

If you want to elevate your room to create a bohemian paradise, this gorgeous headboard is a head-turner. This Kuoboo headboard is intricately designed using woven rattan to develop an unusual ‘sunburst' design. Its neutral, calming colors make combining and matching any bedroom style straightforward. This unique and lovely is crafted from naturally grown rattan.

Pictured: Bed Headboard: KuoBoo, Amazon

Headboard Ideas: Things To Consider When Buying A Bed Headboard


A headboard is only usable if it fits your bed, so ensure the dimensions of a headboard before finalizing your online purchase. Also, double-check the height— because most headboards are typically too tall for low-profile platform beds, even when on the lowest adjustable height. Therefore, take special care if that's the kind of bed frame you have. You may need to purchase a box spring if you don't already have one to ensure the headboard fits appropriately.

Installation Method

While some headboards attach to the bed frame, others must be nailed or installed into the wall—although some can go either way. Each scenario has pros and cons: A wall-mounted headboard works well with any bed, so it is best if it's low-profile or platform frame, while a bed frame-mounted headboard is a tad harder to assemble, although it looks more like a real bed after installation.



Headboards come in various materials, like wood, faux wood, sustainable materials, metal, fabric, and a combination of materials. Upholstered headboards generally are filled with foam for extra comfort, and solid wood or metal headboards do not. Whether upholstered or not should be fine if you use pillows, but it narrows down to personal preference, something to keep in mind when shopping. If you choose the fabric upholstery route, consider selecting a performance material that can withstand normal wear and tear.


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FAQ: Bed Headboard Ideas

Can you mount a headboard to the wall?

  • While various headboards can be mounted directly onto the wall, some can't. Before buying a new headboard, you should ensure the headboard's installation method. The three design methods s a headboard can be used are wall-mounted, bed-frame-mounted, or freestanding. 

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