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Automatic Doggy Door

High Tech Pet Door Review: Hi Tech Dog Door Worth It?

by Helen
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High Tech Pet Wifi Pet Door Reviews

High Tech Pet Automated Dog Door – It is no secret my house is a smart home.  I control everything from my garage door opener to my Ecobee thermostat with my phone, and my smart dog door is no different.  The Hi Tech WiFi enabled Power Pet door is like the fully Automatic Doggy door but with integrated WiFi capability.  You will love the pet door that takes the Power Pet to a new level.  The new WiFi Power Pet door allows you to control your door from anywhere there is an internet or cell phone connection.  Most people who learn I have an electronic dog door that automatically opens and closes are surprised.

The doggie door is collar activated, and the collar has a sensor that controls the dog door.  When your pet gets close to the dog door, it automatically opens.   There aren't many dog doors with collar activation that I have seen on the market.   If you want to keep an eye on your pet from wherever you are, the Furbo Smart Dog Camera with a treat dispenser is an excellent option.

This is an in-depth review of the Hi Tech Pet Door

By the end of my review, you will have enough information to decide if this door with collar activation fits you and your dog(s). 

Automatic Doggy Door

My Experience With The Automatic Power Pet Door

First, let me introduce you to my pups; they range in age from 2 – 15.  They are energetic – though aging, my dogs weigh from around 14 pounds to about 75 pounds.  I needed a doggy door that could accommodate the different sizes of my pups, from a small to a large door.  They love chasing squirrels, and birds, barking at the neighbor's dog, and lying around.  They especially love laying on their doggy blanket on the couch.

Hi Tech Pet Doors Sizes Available

There are two size options for the dog door:

  • Medium Size: For Pets Up To 30 lbs.
  • Large Size: For Pets Up To 100 lbs.

 Doggy Door History

I have owned several different automatic doggy doors dating back to 2011.  In 2011, I had a house fire, and I didn't want to board my dogs while the house was being worked on.  I came across the hi tech pet door, which was the perfect solution for my pets.  I got the automatic dog door, so they could come and go as they wished.  The door was installed on a door instead of the wall.  The smart dog door can be installed in the wall or sliding glass door.

The Power Pet Large Electronic Pet Door PX-2 I own was installed in our home in 2021, about one year and a half ago.   This review will cover all your questions about the Hi Tech Pet doors, such as why you need an electronic dog door, replacing the Hi Tech Pet collar batteries, and more. 

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Should You Invest In A Smart Dog Door Like High Tech Pet

Your dog will love the freedom an automatic doggy door provides; they can come and go as they please, get more exercise, and go outside to use the bathroom anytime.

The Hi Tech Pet dog door eliminates worrying about getting home from work or dinner to let the dogs out!  I feel much better knowing my dogs don't have to hold it the entire day until I get home or they have an accident, especially my senior dog.  Precious is a senior; she can't see, hear, or hold her pee for long.  The smart doggy door prevents her from having accidents indoors.

And there is no getting up at night or during my favorite show to let one of the dogs out.  We are all much happier, including my dogs.  My dogs are active, especially Kallie, a herding dog; she loves her indestructible dog toys.  Addie and Kallie love to play rough tug of war with their dog toys, and playing fetch turns into them getting the zoomies.  Also, exercise is good for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety or are naturally anxious.

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High Tech Pet Door Security

Typically with flap dog doors, you have to wonder how to secure your dog door from outside intruders, but you are not so much with this smart automatic dog door.  A small adult could access your home through a large or extra large flap style dog door.  

On the plus side, an automatic doggy door protects by providing an added entry barrier.  This dog door has an automatic steel deadbolt on the unit's interior, providing additional protection.  Plus, it boasts a bulletproof panel to deter and prevent intruders from gaining access to your home.

Smart Dog Door

Hi Tech Pet Doors: M-5 Waterproof Sensor Collar

Prevents Wild Animals From Using Dog Door

Although I live in the city house, there is a 200-acre park down the street from my house, and I have an opossum that lives under my shed.  I have seen a snake, a skunk, and other wildlife in my backyard.  When I lived out in the country, not only did I have to worry about keeping my chickens safe, but I also had to keep different critters from coming into the house. 

Automatic Chicken Coop Door

I had an electronic chicken coop door for them to keep them safe.  Although, the automatic chicken door was battery and solar operated.  I am an animal lover, but I don't want any other furry or not cuddly creatures coming in through a swinging dog flap door.  M-5 Waterproof Sensor Collar – Comes with High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door.

I love that the electronic dog door only opens when one of the pups gets within range of the doggie door and shuts a few seconds after they enter or exit the home.  The electronic door opening and closing functionality is excellent to help eliminate the potential of unwanted animals or flies entering throughout the day or night.

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Hitech Pet Automatic Door

Power Pet Large Electronic Pet Door WiFi Enabled

Brand: High Tech Pet
Target Audience: Dogs
Weight Limit: 100 Pounds

About this item
-Control and Program Your Power Pet Door from Anywhere With Your Phone
-Unlimited Inside and Outside Access Timers
-Operational History
-Push Notifications
-Control With Your Smart Phone
-For Pets up to 100 lbs.

high tech pet door

Safety For Your Pet

While any dog door will make a draft when opened, an automatic door always avoids creating a draft issue. Since most flap style dog doors do not seal perfectly, they allow air conditioning and heat to escape, especially when windy outside. My house backs up toward the north, and when those north winds blow, it will open a flap dog door, but I don't have that issue with my automatic doggie door opening and closing flawlessly.

In my experience, the best dog door for any weather, cold, or Texas summer heat is the High Tech Pet Automatic Dog Door. The door stays shut when not used, which helps keep the elements and mosquitos from outside where they belong.  We curated a list of 5 top-rated doors for cats and dogs, from sliding glass doors to screen door doggie doors.

Hi Tech Pet Automatic Dog Door Overview

After more than 13 years of use, my experience with the brand has been excellent.  When I have had questions, the customer service is also excellent.  The Power Pet fully automated pet door provides your pet freedom and peace of mind.  But when you purchase a product with this price point, you want to ensure it works as expected, especially since it is somehow installed into your home on a wall or door.  Note:  If you install your doggy door on the wall, you need the high tech dog wall tunnel.

Smart High Tech Dog Door WiFi Enabled  

The doggy door is WIFI capable, so you can add it to your wireless network.  You can then use the telephone app to control the door from anywhere.  Set up schedules for when your pets can enter and exit.  


The doggy door is WIFI capable, so that you can add it to your wireless network.  You can then use the telephone app to control the door from anywhere.  Set up schedules for when your pets can enter and exit.  

Smart Dog Door
High Tech Pet Power Pet small Electronic Pet Door PX-1

Hi Tech Pet: Dog Collar Battery Replacement

The dog door can run on AC power or battery, and I have only used the AC power and have never had problems with powering it this way.  Depending on how often your pet goes in and out will depend on how often the dog collar needs battery replacements.  Since my dogs often go in and out, I usually buy these batteries a few times a year.  This is one of the best dog doors with collar activation.

Pro Tip:  The Hi Tech Pet Collar could be of better quality.  I have searched the backyard for the sensor because the collar fell off one of my dogs outside.  A hack I have started doing is attaching it to my dog's favorite collar with a zip tie.  It is much more secure and easier to take off when I need to replace the battery or when it is bath time.

How To Open The Dog Collar

The collar comes with a small cross screwdriver.  You will have to remove the two tiny screws from the collar.  There is a small slit on the collar.  You will have to pry the collar open by prying it open with a small flat object like a flathead screwdriver.  Then gently pull on the collar to remove the back of the sensor.

Smart Dog Door Installation

I had The Power Pet Large Electronic Pet Door WiFi Enabled is the door I have owned since installed.  I can only help a little with this because I had my doggy door professionally installed when I moved into my new house.  My handy guy measured and cut the brick on the wall and then installed it.  The hardest part was cutting the wall out, and he made sure there were no electrical wires where he cut.  

He placed the door next to an outlet so I didn't have to drape the power cord.  I purchased the biggest door available, so my Catahoula and Blue Heeler can use it.  Although, my Aussie Shepherd and Terrier use it too.  I also had to buy a step for my little terrier to get in and out.  The high tech pet wall tunnel is the piece of equipment that sandwiches the off and interior parts of the doggy door.

Is The High Tech Smart Dog Door Loud?

The door can be a little loud, but only the door opens and closes.  The sound is louder as the door opens than when it closes.  It is not silent, but it is not a noise that annoys me.  Although, my daughter's pet door is not loud at all.  I can only live with my Hi Tech Pet Electronic Dog Door.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  I will do my best to help.

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FAQ Questions and Answers: High Tech Pet Automatic Doggy Door

Do electronic dog doors work?
An electronic pet door is much more energy efficient, plus it locks when it is not in use to keep intruders out. The door automatically opens when it specifically identifies your pet, allowing it in or out. Some electronic doors are triggered to open by the sensors in the pet's collar, while others recognize a microchip.
How Does the Electronic Doggy Door Work?
The Hi Tech Dog Door uses your dog's sensor collar to open. Your dog wears a Hi Tech Pet Collar. When your dog comes within the range, you set for the dog door – inside or out, the sensor on the collar triggers the door to open automatically. The doggie door shuts a few seconds after your dog is out of the doggie door sensor's range. As a safety measure, the door automatically opens if it senses your pet is in the doorway.
Door Features:- Sensor Sensitivity
The door has 2 knobs that control the sensitivity of the opening trigger. One knob is for the inside, and one is for the outside. You can adjust the setting to open when your dog is right in front of the door or a foot away or more, preventing the door from opening unnecessarily.
High Tech Door In-Out Off-On Buttons
Another feature that comes in handy is you can choose to turn the system off inside or out. The off-and-on function comes in handy when you want your dogs to be able to go outside but not come in automatically. Or you want to keep your dogs from going out, but if they are out, you want them to be able to come back inside.
Manual Open Button
On the power panel, you will also find a manual open button. I usually only use this when the collar's battery starts to go low or is dead. As the battery on the collar begins to wear out, the collar's sensor doesn't communicate with the door. Sometimes I hear one of the dogs standing at the door waiting to get in or out, unless it is Kallie, and she barks when she is stuck. Usually, you can tell when the collar's battery is beginning to die because there is a lag from when my dog is in front of the door for the door to open.
Battery Indicator
If you decide to use the battery to power your Power Pet dog, the battery indicator on the door will notify you when to change the battery. If you prefer to use a battery instead of AC power, it will help alert you when it is time to change the battery.

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