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9 Best Home Decor Sites: Including Unique Room Decor

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by Helen
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Where To Score Unique Home Decor And Furniture

Unique Home Decor Sites:  Who doesn't love home decor?  I admit that I love decorating my house, including my living room.  Like anyone in my new home, I am always excited to find gorgeous and amazing deals on unique home decor.  If you've ever seen my living room or house, you already know how much I love to decorate and use special decor items.  My home deco style focuses on the farmhouse, vintage and somewhat rustic farmhouse decor but elegant!

I find it much easier to order my home decor online sites than going store to store to find something that screams BUY ME!  Many companies also offer home decor companies that deliver quality home decor to your front door.  I love the convenience of everything being just a click away, especially now that we have AMAZON StoreFront.  Although, I have found numerous sites where I always find steals and deals.  Since I love decorating, cooking, and caring for my dogs, and yes, I am a DIYer, I have curated 7 of the best home decor stores to share with you so you can find what you want in-home decorating ideas.  Do you need ideas on what decor to put on the wall above your bed?

Earthy Tones in Home Decor: Nature's Influence

Are you looking for unique home decor ideas to spruce up your living space? This article suggests where you can shop for decor to add personality and style to your home. Whether it's a funky wall hanging, farmhouse decor, boho, or a colorful rug, I'm excited to share some favorite online shops where you can find creative ideas. I love the idea of incorporating natural elements like plants or wood accents, but I'm also drawn to earthy-tones in home decor. I hope you find my recommendations for where to find unique home decor pieces useful

Where To Splurge And Save When Decorating

Splurge on those that serve a critical function and that you intend to keep for years to come, like sofas, rugs, and mattresses, not on items like accent decor and flower vases decor, which aren't worth splurging on.  Instead of buying a new bed, buy a chic bed headboard.  You can create a focal point or go without altogether; add some decor to the wall and make a focal point that way.

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Best Home Decor Shopping Websites

I've been researching the best home decor sites, and so many great options exist! Here are a few of my favorites:

Home Decor Websites

I remember Kirkland's from back when they used to have a storefront in the mall for home decor. Honestly, I had forgotten about them until I saw some unique wall art decor on a friend's house, and she said she bought it at Kirkland's. They have a fantastic selection of great items for the home's different decor styles. I don't see anything yet that I don't like. This store can get you in trouble because they have so much to choose from, but everything is reasonably priced! Kirkland's home decor and uniquely distinctive gifts – from wall decor, home decorations, and furniture, plus hundreds of your favorite items are available,

Unique Home Decor Websites

Antique Farmhouse

Home Decor Websites

I ordered a small farmhouse-style cabinet from Antique Farmhouse, and it is functional and distressed, and I love it. Antique Farmhouse focuses on farmhouse style decor, but many more styles are included, like vintage and modern decor, from the kitchen farmhouse to modern farmhouse. Plus, they offer furniture and outdoor decor. If you take your time and browse the Antique Farmhouse Decor website, you will find unique finds, like this COASTAL INSPIRED END TABLE is not quite farmhouse decor. You can check them out and see what unique finds you come across.

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Chic Farmhouse Home Decor Sites

Decor Steals

Decor Steals

My favorite farmhouse decor site specializing primarily in farmhouse decor is Decor Steals. Not only does Decor Steals, along with farmhouse decor, but there are also often vintage inspired and romantic style home decor items. What makes Decor Steals unique is they only sell certain products until they are gone, and once the item sells out, they load a new product up for sale. Each time you visit the Decor Steals website for home decor products, you will more than likely find new items available.

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Etsy Online Shopping

Etsy is an all-time favorite of mine and many people I know. The entire site is dedicated to supporting local artists and small businesses, and what's nice is that an individual crafter owns each shop. The products range from handmade body products, metal works, lighting, candles, soaps, seasonal decor, decor, pillows, mirrors, mason jars, curtains, pillows, and more. I have done my fair share of supporting small businesses by shopping on Etsy, and you would love it!  Etsy is a great place to shop for one-of-a-kind and handmade decor items.

Farmhouse With A Touch of Vintage Home Decor Sites

Pier 1 Imports

Home Decor Sites

Although you will only find a few pieces of home decor from Pier 1 Imports in my house, they are unique. They have such a wide array of home decor items you can easily get lost browsing the Pier 1 website. Finding many modern decor items is better than the last, from glam pillows to stunning wall art decor, including mirrors, beautiful furniture items, and attractive decorative accents.


Unique Decor


You will find Wayfair furniture, office desk, bedding, and wall decor throughout my house. I was nervous about ordering large furniture items online because I have had bad experiences in the past. I have no complaints other than I had to put my desk together but regarding the quality and options no complaints. The desk was delivered nicely secured and wrapped in a large box, and putting it together was alright. The quality of my desk is outstanding. I was a bit nervous ood, and it has that rustic farmhouse look. Initially, I was worried about the quality and comfort, but I was pleasantly surprised and delighted with my purchase.  They have a vast selection of furniture, decor, and home goods at affordable prices.

Vintage Inspired Home Decor


Home Decor Sites

One may think Zulily is only boutique clothing. Although they sell baby clothes, shoes, nursery room, furniture, and sell home decor items. Zulily offers decor items, and they have a wide range of home decor styles, from Boho to Eclectic, Glam, Modern, and Industrial. You name it and can find it on Zulily.

Trendy But Affordable Home Decor Sites



Yes, your favorite place to shop for cute decor, throw blankets, candles, rugs, and more, plus an online store. It's nearly impossible to leave the store empty-handed, and their online deals will lead you to check out each time.


Budget-friendly furniture, outdoor items, lighting and home decor.

No matter your style or budget, these sites have something for everyone!

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