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how to bathe a dog at home

How To Bathe A Dog At Home Easily Tips And Tricks

by Helen
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How do you bathe a dog at home to help eliminate odor from furniture, carpet, and everything else?  Another popular question is, how often do dogs bathe?  Because you don't want to bathe your dog too often or not often enough.  Also, good grooming is more than just having a good-looking dog.  Therefore, they need their nails clipped, annual vet checkups, give them good quality dog food, and dog treats; all these things contribute to a healthy dog.  Plus, grooming your dog's hair and coat is another necessary pet parent's responsibility to remove matting and tangles.  In addition, sanitize, wash, vacuum, and deodorize your dog's bedding.

Where Can I Wash My Dog Myself?

For some reason, some dogs do not like baths or showers.  If this is the case with your pet, positive reinforcement will be your friend, and you should use it to your advantage when trying to get your pet in the bathtub, shower, or outside; also, give it lots of treats and affection.  If you cannot bend over to bathe your dog, you can purchase an elevated dog bathing stationAdditionally, washing your dog in the sink, bathtub, shower, outside in a bin, or with the hose is perfectly safe.  Although, if you bathe your dog outside, be sure it is not cold.

First, you must start slowly to get your pet into the tub.  Also, spend time with your furry pet and give it lots of attention while they are sitting in the tub or shower.  Plus, this is when you provide them with a treat, an indestructible dog toy, and positive reinforcement.   Many people wonder if they can bathe their dogs at night; it is perfectly safe to wash them at night.  What should you know before you adopt a dog?

Start Wetting Your Pooch Down

Second, you will want to start filling the tub with warm water or turn on your shower, assuming you have a detachable spray nozzle.  Furthermore, your pooch will feel more comfortable pouring the water on your pup and rubbing its fur as you work in the water.

Third, leave their collar on until they get comfortable in the tub or shower.  Otherwise, your dog may try to run for it.  Last, be prepared for them to shake off the water several times before you are through with bath time.  If you can't get your pet to calm down, before you try to bathe them, try giving your pup some doggie CBD oil or diffuse some pet-safe essential oils for anxiety.

Very Important To Protect Your Dogs Ears

You must be careful not to get water into their ears during bath time.  First, they do not like it, which can cause health problems such as ear infections.  Typically, when using water near the ears, I keep the snout pointing toward the ceiling.


There is no exact science on how often to bathe your dog; usually, they should be given a bath every three months. However, you can bathe them more frequently using a gentle shampoo, as you don't want to dry out or irritate the skin. I bathe my dogs every six to eight weeks unless they get into mud or something like that.

Start Baths When Your Furry Friend Is Young

Start giving your puppy baths early on so they will not be afraid of the water or experience it when they are older. Moreover, if you start baths when your pooch is a puppy, it is less likely you will encounter trouble later.

Use Natural Dog Shampoo

First, never use Dawn dish soap or human shampoo to wash your dog. Therefore, buy a dog shampoo that will nourish and soothe the skin. You do not want to dry out and irritate the skin, causing it to scratch. Because dogs have very sensitive skin, much more sensitive than ours, when you buy dog shampoo, you will need to find one that cleans and removes unwanted odors without irritating their skin. The best type of dog shampoo for your pet is to buy something natural, without all the perfumes and synthetics.

When Bathing Your Dog Work From The Neck Down

We use a wand shower sprayer to wash our dogs.   Also, using a wand shower sprayer makes washing your dog much more accessible, making it much easier to keep their ears, eyes, and mouths safe.  As I mentioned, you do this by washing from the neck down and using a moist washcloth to clean your face.

Use The Right Kind of Towel To Dry Your Dogs Coat Correctly

Start at the neck and work your way down toward the feet when drying your dog off.  Additionally, you will need a super absorbent pet towel to absorb the water and catch the hair that falls off.  Lastly, prepare for the imminent shake and scooting on carpet or furniture as your pooch dries off.

By making good associations with bath or shower time and always remaining calm and positive while you’re bathing your dog, you can make it an opportunity for bonding.

In Conclusion, all dogs need baths.  Further, some dogs love baths, and others hate them.  Sometimes, it takes work to get your dog bathed, but it is worth it in the end.  Good luck!

If your pup suffers from anxiety, patience is vital; also, try investing in a bolster bed that can help your furry friend feel safe and comfy.  Place the bed in a quiet area, and your dog can go to it when it needs quiet time.

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