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How To ORganize a Small Laundry Room

How to Organize a Small Laundry Room Ideas

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Going from a big laundry room with plenty of storage space to a bare, tiny laundry room can be challenging. However, you can turn that small, bare laundry room into a functional and efficient space with some creativity and organization. Some of the tips and ideas from this article could be DIY to help organize your small laundry room and maximize storage.

Let's discuss organizing small laundry rooms, which is more enjoyable than considering a complete renovation from scratch! Many people have small laundry rooms that need more functionality. Unfortunately, the laundry room is often overlooked. While slapping a coat of paint on the walls is a quick fix, let's explore how to create a functional space with storage solutions, even if you have a large room. These tips will help you stay organized!

Tiny Laundry Room Ideas: Add Storage

Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Storage is crucial to every household, even in the laundry room.  Organize and add some storage to maximize space in a small laundry room.  Women, in particular, need ample storage space in every room in the house, including the living room.  The first thing you should do is to add more cabinets.  If you're short on floor space, don't worry – you can always go vertical!  You can store typical laundry room items and beach towels by installing two large cabinets.  These towels would otherwise take up valuable space in the linen closet.  Since we primarily use them in the summer when we use the pool, these towels are only used briefly.  Therefore, it makes sense to store them in the laundry room.

Add a DIY Shelf

Add Shelves

Consider adding an open shelf to your space to organize your everyday items in your laundry room.  For example, dryer balls, laundry detergent, or sheets should be in plain sight in a basket.  This will maximize your hidden storage space.  You don't have to settle for unsightly containers, either.  Opt for a charming glass jar to store laundry pods or powder.  If you prefer liquid detergent, there are plenty of DIY dispensers on Pinterest that you can try out!  I love to use baskets, adding a couple to the shelf where you can organize cleaning or laundry products.  

Laundry Room Storage Ideas for Small Rooms: Keep a Folding Stool Handy

Having a stool handy is essential for those of us who aren't blessed with height.   I used to drag a short ladder from the garage whenever I needed to reach to organize something in our laundry room, but it was inconvenient. Then, I discovered a lovely little folding stool perfect for our needs. I keep it folded up and stored between the wall and a small shelf where the folder laundry baskets are near the closet when it's not in use.  This way the stool it's out of the way yet still easy to access.

Create a Place to Hang Clothes

Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Having the convenience of hanging clothes directly out of the dryer or hanging them to dry is a great advantage.  Sometimes, you may not have time to fold all the clothes, but you still need to take something out of the dryer to prevent it from wrinkling.  It may seem small, but having a designated area to hang clothes has helped keep my clothes from wrinkling and the laundry room floor clean.  

Although I don't have much wall space in the laundry room that wasn't taken up by appliances, cabinets, or open doors, I could still add a small DIY shelf I made to organize baskets!  We also added small hook behind the laundry room door to hang dusters, swiffers, mops and a few other items it was the perfect solution for our space.

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Find Your Laundry Room Hotspot

If you're unfamiliar with the term “hotspot,” it refers to an area in a room where items tend to accumulate. In my house, this spot was on top in front of the washer and dryer in the laundry room, making it hard for me to stay organized. My grandkids and guests often place things there when they don't know where they should go. However, I decided to repurpose it to keep this area free from clutter, especially wet beach towels, dirty unpaper towels, and other items. I added a clothes sorter. It's portable, hangable, wheeled, and has handles to hold dirty clothes or wet towels. Nevertheless, I must warn you that this “hotspot” may resurface elsewhere in your home.

Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas: Choose Collapsible Laundry Baskets

Before we renovated our laundry room, my laundry baskets always caused inconvenience. Either they were blocking the linen closet door, making it impossible to access, or they were in front of the washer and dryer, making it difficult to use the appliances. I had to move the baskets around frequently, which was frustrating. 

I was initially skeptical about using collapsible baskets instead of my traditional ones. I doubted their sturdiness. However, after using them for over a year, I can confidently say I love them! Although they are a tad smaller than my regular baskets, they easily hold a full load of laundry. Moreover, they have held up remarkably well so far. 

If you don't have any closet space in your small laundry room, you can easily install a small hook or two and hang the baskets flat against the wall. This way, they will be out of the way yet easily accessible.

Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas: Use a Magnetic Lint Bin For Trash

I had a problem with staying organized about what to do with the trash, such as lint and compostable dryer sheets, in our tiny laundry room. Earlier, I used to keep a small trash can in our linen closet, which was right across from the dryer. However, it wasn't easy to access when my hands were full. So I was looking for a better solution.

Finally, I found a magnetic lint bin that easily sticks to the side of the dryer, and it has been working perfectly. It is tucked out of the way, and one has to lean against the far wall to see it. The bin is convenient to use and easy to throw in compost bin without hassle.  

If you check the photo below, you can see the front of the lint bin. I chose the black version to match my washer and dryer, although it also comes in white.

Laundry Room Magnetic Bin

Final Thoughts: How To Organize a Small Laundry Room

Organizing a small laundry room can be challenging, but you can turn it into a functional and efficient space with some creativity, ideas and organization. Adding storage solutions such as cabinets and shelves, a designated area to hang clothes, and collapsible laundry baskets can maximize your space and keep your laundry room organized. Using a magnetic lint bin for trash can help keep your laundry room clean and tidy. With these tips, you can create a small laundry room that is both practical and stylish, making laundry day a breeze.

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