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hanging pots and spoons

How To Organize Your Pantry Effectively With These Ideas

by Helen
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Is your pantry in need of a makeover?  How and where do you begin to organize a pantry?  There are different ways to organize a pantry.  Additionally, these best ways to organize pantry ideas will help you get it cleaned up and situated.  If you haven't seen what is in the back of your pantry, it sounds like it may be time to get your pantry organized and functional.  This post will give you some ideas on how to arrange your pantry; therefore, it is much more practical. 

Group Similar Foods Together In Clear Storage Containers Or Bins

Group same kind goods into categories

The type of food you can keep together in bins, such as foods in small packages, plastic bags, organic sauces, organic crackers, and organic snack bars.  Ideally, it should be food items that can't stand up on their own because of flimsy packaging.  The ideal bins should be BPA-free, toxic-free, and clear so you can see what's inside them.  When buying your bins or containers, try to buy the ideal size for your storage.  You can buy sizes ranging from small, medium, to large deep bins or baskets, and so on.

One of the easiest ways to make your pantry look organized and tidy is to transfer food into clear storage containers.  Items in BPA-Free clear stacking storage containers and food saver dispensers tend to group nicer than in their original packaging.  The types of foods you can store are organic and GMO-free flour, sugar, nuts and seeds, dried fruits, and small snacks.  Also, buy the best organic food for your baby, toddler, and kids.  Always read the labels and avoid baby food high in added sugars.  You can label your jars using label paint and pens to label the contents you store in them.

If your pantry has pull-out bins and you notice some of them shift around when you repeatedly open and close the drawers, you can use snug baskets or containers or place non-skid material or rubber under the items moving around.

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Use A Storage Cart

Portable Kitchen Cart Pantry Organization

Adding a small portable cart can make your pantry and kitchen more functional.  You can store the cart in your pantry if you have some extra space.  Instead, you can place it outside your kitchen to increase your pantry storage space.  Some ideas for using the cart are moving often-used items from the pantry to your kitchen counter for cooking, such as all of your baking or meal ingredients.  Or you can leave the cart out of your pantry with the items you transfer the most.  Depending on how you use them, there are different types of moving carts.

In addition, after you clear out your pantry.  Use a nontoxic all-purpose cleaner to wipe down your shelves, walls, and floors.  We have more for you if you are ready for more kitchen organization ideas.

Create And Utilize Storage Space Back-Of-Door and Under Pantry Shelving

Small Pantry Ideas

Use under-the-shelf storage racks and place your wraps, foils, or items you can't put in containers or baskets. In other places, you can use them in your cupboards, which are also excellent for use in linen closets! Create space, if your pantry allows, use behind your pantry door rack. Using a pantry door rack will give you a lot more extra space. 

Small Lazy Susan For Spices or Snacks

Lazy Susan Spice Rack

 Small lazy Susans are a great addition to any pantry, whether you have a small or large pantry.  They work great because you can spin them around to see what is in them.  Plus, it makes it easy to keep an inventory of what you have.  Moreover, I especially like wood seasoning organizers.

The lazy Susans are great for shelf and walk-in pantries, not for pull-out shelves.  A spice rotating spice rack is also a great space saver and makes for easy organizing.  You can place your spice rack in your pantry or a cabinet near your stove.  I keep a bamboo rotating spice rack next to my stove.  Keeping the spices I use often is much more convenient and keeps everything tidy. 

Install Open Shelving

Open Pipe Shelving

Consider installing open shelving if you don't have a traditional pantry or cupboard.  Also, if your home decor is a rustic farmhouse motif, you can make pipe shelving.  Plus, you can do floor-to-ceiling shelves or wall shelves.  Open shelving is helpful if you have a galley kitchen, which is narrow and long.  Therefore, you don't have space for a swinging door.  Use coordinating jars, bins, and containers to keep your items for a nice, clean, and organized look on your pantry shelving.  While clear storage containers will work, you can also include opaque containers to mix it up.

Hang Popular Spoons And Pots

hanging pots and spoons

Modernize your kitchen by hanging commonly used sustainable wooden spoons, not toxic stainless steel pots, pans, and cutting boards.  This a great and clean-looking way of organizing. 

Group Cans With Wire Rack Or Tracker Food Organizer

Tracker Food Organizer

If you like to keep a lot of canned goods in your pantry, it is an excellent way to keep them in a form that you can access easily; plus, you can rotate them and then use the older ones first.  Furthermore, you can store different sizes and numbers of cans depending on the size you buy.  Another good product is the tracker food organizer; you can fit multiple cans.

The holidays can be pretty stressful with cooking and entertaining.  Having a clean and organized kitchen and pantry should help reduce your stress.  For more ideas on how to reduce your stress entertaining guests, we have some suggestions for you.

Final Thoughts on Tips for Organizing Your Pantry

I finally organized my pantry, and it feels amazing! I started by taking everything out and sorting it into categories like canned goods, snacks, and baking supplies. Then, I used clear plastic bins to store each category to see what I have easily. I also labeled each container, so I know where everything belongs. It took some time to get everything sorted, but now I can easily find what I need, and I don't have to worry about food going bad or expiring because I couldn't see it. Plus, it looks so much neater now! My ultimate goal is to waste less food, and since I buy a lot of my food in bulk, it is much easier to sort it out.

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