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How To Paint Cabinets Without Sanding Using Chalk Paint

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Does Your Bathroom Need An Affordable Facelift?

Have you ever wondered how to paint cabinets without sanding, kitchen, table or bath? When I moved into my new home a few months ago, I knew I was going to make lots of changes throughout the house. I hired empainting for the more skilled modern home improvements my new house desperately needed.  Since the bathroom has high ceilings EMpainting painted the whole house including the bathrooms.  My first project was a simple and inexpensive simple DIY bathroom remodel.  

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Home Improvements Can Increase Home Value

Making small home improvements not only makes your home look more modern beautiful, but it can also increase the value. Some examples of improvements are changing light fixtures, paint, and more.

DIY Bathroom Remodel

I did several projects in the master bathroom, including cleaning grout lines naturally, installing new bath towel hooks and wall paint. But most importantly, let's go over how to paint cabinets without sanding. How exciting is that?  Honestly, I was a tad nervous about taking on this DIY repaint bathroom cabinets. Taking on this DIY home remodel project seemed like a daunting task because I did not want to screw up and end up with something that looked awful. But I also knew that the black spray-painted, dripped paint marks and terrible condition the cabinets were in had to change. If you know me or follow me on Instagram, you know I prefer to upcycle, reuse and recycle. Finally, I am so pleased with the final results of my first DIY bathroom remodel. The entire process was painless, and I did again in the kitchen and spare bath.

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Mini Master Bathroom Remodel

How To Paint Cabinets Without Sanding

Cost For DIY Bathroom Remodel - $216.04

Shop The Look

Cost: Painter's Tape: $15.99, RetiqueIt Starter Kit: 84.99, Livocurr Rustic Towel Rack: $32.99, Floating Wall Shelf: 28.99, Farmhouse Towel Hooks: 18.99 x 2- 2 Pack (total 4 towel hooks), Franklin Brass Pulls – 10 Count: $15.10

Note: I already have a drop cloth, painter's tape, different types of brushes, and rags.  Also, if you like your current cabinet pulls or knobs, clean them and/or repaint them.  You can make your own Green Clean Starter Kit for use in your whole home.  I used some leftover hardware I had from my kitchen remodel.  Also, instead of buying a new light fixture I painted instead and added different light bulbs.

Tools Used

What Kind Of Paint Should I Use To Paint My Cabinets

I chose to use the RetiqueIt Chalk Furniture Paint by Renaissance Delux Starter Kit, Wax, 04 Dove Grey, 8 Piece Set. Dove Grey is a rich, beautiful gray with blue undertones. Depending on how the light hits this gray, it changes a little. To browse the RetiqueIt Chalk Paint color options for the kit, click here. It is water-based and puts out little or no toxic VOCs.

If you are feeling a little uneasy about taking on this project, watch RetiqueIt's Videos

How To Paint Cabinets Without Sanding

I did not remove my cabinet from the wall or remove the cabinet doors. I used painter's tape to prevent getting paint on the wall or other surfaces.  Also, remove all hardware and cover the hinges. In my case, since there were paint drippings on the cabinet, I lightly sanded those areas, but I didn't have to. Cover your work area with plastic or a painter's drop cloth.

Clean The Surface

  • Clean the surface of the cabinet with a lint-free rag (old t-shirt) and water with some dish soap
  • Make sure you dry the surface thoroughly before you start painting

Paint It 

  • Apply one coat of Retique It Chalk Paint. Don't worry about brush strokes, as they will dry smooth. Wait until the first coat has thoroughly dried before applying a second coat. Watch for and avoid paint pooling in the corners
  • Make your paint strokes long and even in the direction of the wood grain, except for the cross pieces
  • Clean your brush while you give your cabinets time to dry
  • Note: The paint is very thick and dries fast. You can dip your brush in water or squirt the paintbrush with a spray bottle to help spread the paint evenly and smooth.

Wax It

  • Get your protective gloves on
  • Apply dark wax to chalk paint in the crevices or creases of your cabinet with a brush
  • Remove as much or as little of the dark wax from the chalk paint with the clear wax (use a lint-free rag). If you remove too much of the black wax you can apply more and repeat the process

In Closing

Whether you are looking to save money by doing a DIY Bathroom remodel or don't want another cabinet in our landfills this technique is simple and fun. Additionally, learning how to paint cabinets without sanding them will save you time and there is no big mess to clean up afterward.    

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