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Name Bubbles Labels for Pantry

Labels for Jars Name Bubbles Why We Love Them

by Helen
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My honest review of Name Bubbles Labels

Up until now, I have been using a label maker to make labels for jars in my pantry for dry food jars and containers. Although this system works well, I need a more flexible labeling solution for my food jars and containers in my kitchen.  For example, dishwasher safe, reusable or re-writeable labels (re-write the contents stored in the jars as they change), freezer safe, microwave safe and and that I can order custom labels online. What's more, I am always looking for ways to be more sustainable and using non toxic food storage containers. Therefore, I was very excited to learn they have an option for reusable labels.  Finally, I have started growing my own vegetables and will be needing some custom canning labels.

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What is Name Bubbles

Recently, I came across labels Name Bubbles. According to the Name Bubbles website, you can use the labels on jars, cups, backpacks, jackets, bottles, clothes and many other products. The labels can be personalized and meet all my needs. Name Bubbles provided me with blank and reusable labels to review.  What's neat is you can personalize these labels for all your kids items for school or daycare.

My Experience Ordering Labels for Jars

The website is easy to navigate and there are several label options to choose from.  

Step 1)  Select type and size of label needed (I made a mistake and chose tiny labels.  They were to small for what I needed them for.)
Step 2) Pick Shape
Step 3) Choose Color
Step 4) Review Your Order

Step 1 : Ordering Re-Writeable Custom Labels For Jars

Labels For Jars

Step 2 : Ordering Labels

Choose Shape

Step 3 : Ordering Labels

Choose Label Color

Packaging and Quality

The Name Bubbles packaging is minimal and includes all of the directions in a small folder. Additionally, it comes with either a pen or pencil. I found it is easier to write a description on the label while still attached to the sheet. Also, the Name Bubbles labels are of good quality. I love it when a product works as I need it too! You can use them as pantry labels, seasoning containers, nontoxic plastic, or glass containers.

These labels are so much nicer than my label maker labels. Furthermore, I love that the pencil that comes with the labels does not smudge or bleed when you touch it with greasy or wet hands!  Although, you do have to let the ink dry for at least 24 hours.  It would be nice if the tip of the pencil tip was thinner to get more letters on the label.

My Verdict On Custom Labels For Jars

These labels are perfect for labeling pantry, bathroom, kitchen jars or containers, and much more. They come in different sizes and shapes. Additionally, they are cute and are reusable. I updated all my pantry labels and containers on the counter with Name Bubbles labels. If you need some tips for organizing kitchen or organizing pantry read our other posts.  Finally, the re-writeable labels can be used for food jar labels, pantry labels, custom canning labels or any way you see fit.

Name Bubbles Labels for Pantry
Name Bubbles Labels for Pantry
Name Bubbles Labels for Pantry

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