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Lavazza Classico Coffee Review: A Perfect Roast Taste and Quality

by Helen
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Is Lavazza The Best Coffee

Lavazza Classico coffee review: Lavazza coffee is made from a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.  The beans are first roasted and then ground before being brewed.  Lavazza coffee is considered one of the best coffee in the world for its aroma, taste, and quality.

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Who is Lavazza?

Lavazza was founded in 1895 by Lavazza in Torino, Italy, and it is one of the world's most prominent and reputable brands.  Whenever I share a cup of coffee with friends and family, they always ask where they can buy Lavazza coffee.  The excellent news is Lavazza coffee is available in the USA.

The coffee is prepared in an authentic Italian style.  Therefore, the coffee flavor is never an issue whether you're using capsules, an espresso machine, a drip coffee machine, or simply drinking instant.  However, they also offer ground, whole beans, and a variety of roast-level for every coffee lover.  Lavazza uses sustainable practices and social, economic, and environmental initiatives, which I look for in a brand.  If you love coffee like we do, Bulletproof coffee is a popular drink made by blending coffee with grass-fed butter and MCT oil (medium-chain triglyceride oil); to learn more, read our article.


 I'll give you my honest opinions so you can determine if this coffee fits you.  

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Why I Was Excited To Try Lavazza Ground Coffee

Best lavazza coffee

Initially, I wanted to avoid trying the Italian coffee product. I had read several reviews about Lavazza as not acidic, and reviewers with sensitive stomachs raved about it. I was a little uneasy because I couldn't drink acidic coffee. After all, it causes me tummy issues. When I was finally ready to try the Lavazza Classico, I gave it a shot and ordered it online. Nonetheless, I shouldn't have wasted my time hesitating because it was just as described in the reviews, as my Lavazza Classico coffee review will reveal.

Lavazza Coffee Review

Reviews of Lavazza coffee and coffee enthusiasts love the full-body blend and the fact it is more robust and smoother than other brands. The price is also a plus because the Classico option is only $36.94 for six bags of 12 ounces on Amazon. Or $13.29 (original $15.45) for a 20-ounce pack when it sells on Lavazza's website. Although, I enjoyed my Lavazza Classico cup of coffee. It is a simple coffee, nothing exotic, but it is still delicious, and best of all, it is not very acidic.  

Lavazza Classico Ground Coffee Profile and Roasting

  • Full-bodied flavor

Classic Italian recipe for a truly authentic experience.

  • Look: Dark
  • Aroma: Rich and fruity
  • Taste: Delicate
  • Aromatic Notes: Dry fruit
  • Roast: Medium
Lavazza Classico Review

Is Lavazza Coffee Good?

The signature blend of Arabica-Robusta originates mainly from South America and Africa. It's a classic go-to filter coffee with an intensely rich flavor and sweet aromatic notes. The Arabic coffee aroma is lovely, and the smell is so pleasant! The texture of the coffee grounds was very moist and slightly oily. So, I wasn't leaving to my nose before deciding to taste the coffee.

My first impression was how rich and robust the flavors were. According to Lavazza, the intensity of the Classico range is medium, not very high at all, so the mere fact that it felt like an espresso was unexpected. Since Lavazza Classico ground coffee is only considered a medium roast, it tasted much more robust than most mediums I have tried. But what was striking were the sweet flavor notes that followed. Blending rich and sweet in coffee is challenging, but the Classico pulls it off effortlessly. Since it didn't bother my stomach, I was relieved I had to have another cup!

Initially, I didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this product. The differences between the Classico and other coffees I have tried are huge, and, for me, that makes the former an easy winner. 

4.7 Out 5

Customer Reviews: 28,555 global ratings

BamBam's Coop

Lavazzo Classico Coffee

Full-bodied flavor
This a classic Italian recipe for a truly authentic experience.

Look: Dark
Aroma: Rich and fruity
Taste: Delicate
Aromatic Notes: Dry fruit
Roast: Medium

Lavazza Classico Coffee

Things To Note With Lavazza Classico Ground Coffee

Something to consider is the coffee is labeled as a medium, but it's much darker. So, if you expect a smooth, run-of-the-mill roast, this blend may shock you. Although, if you like a medium roast, you can use less of the mix to get the perfect result. The instructions state to add one tablespoon of coffee for every six ounces of water, but if you prefer a lighter cup of coffee, scale back the recipe. I use two scoops for six cups of coffee, which is pretty dark, but I like a more robust cup.

Therefore, if you are a dark roast fan, try this before moving on to a different Lavazza dark product. Occasionally, certain products are perfect, so you should avoid moving on after trying Lavazza Classico.

If you move up a level, it's better to have Lavazza as an espresso to counteract the flavors of the robust beans.

Lavazza Coffee offers a coffee subscription delivery service.


  • Lavazza My Way Capsules subscription
  • Get your favorite single-serve espresso capsules with a special 20% discount.
  • Lavazza My Way Ground & Beans subscription
  • Get 10% off your favorite roast, ground, or whole-bean coffee.


  • Lavazza My Way Classy machine & Capsule subscription
  • Save up to $73 on the Lavazza Classy coffee machine & save 20% off capsules.

Coffee Comparison

Lavazza Comparison

My Final Thoughts: Lavazza Classico Coffee Review Is It Worth It

In my opinion, the Lavazza Classico brand is 4.5 out of 5 stars. The flavor of the coffee is intense, yet the sweet notes balance it, making this Italian ground coffee blend very flavorful. I have yet to try the Perfetto because I love the Classico.


Lavazza Super Crema Review

Customer Reviews - 76,777 4.7 out of 5

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend, light-Medium Espresso Roast

  • Premium Quality, 
  • Aromatic,
  •  Mild and
  • Creamy
  • Available in 2.2 Lbs. bag

As the name suggests, these Lavazza espresso beans deliver a great, rich crema; crema means creamy.
The resulting espresso is thick with a light chocolatey delicate flavor, but this medium roast coffee contains higher acidity levels and is 80% Robusta and 20% Arabica.

A bonus with Lavazza coffee beans: since they are nitrogen-packed, they have a longer shelf life before opening the package.

Key Features of Lavazza Super Crema

  • Roast: Medium
  • Origin: Brazil, Indonesia, and Central America
  • Notes: Velvety crema, milder with sweetness, and aromas of honey and almonds
  • Organic: No

Lavazza coffees are nitrogen-packed for freshness; Lavazza Super Crema is an 80% Robusta blend from Brazil, Indonesia, and Central America formulated with one main goal: that's a rich espresso with subtle hints of honey and luscious, smooth crema.  I am stoked we can buy Lavazza coffee in the USA, which is fantastic.  If you are like us and are looking for ways to further your sustainable journey, opt for compostable coffee filters.  Instead of throwing your used coffee grounds, toss the coffee filter and coffee grounds in your compost bin.

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