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Elevate Your Garden with The Best Raised Garden Bed

by Helen
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Two Raised Metal Garden Beds To Grow Plants Nearly Anywhere

If you've been following my sustainable journey, you've seen how I have made lifestyle changes to live more sustainably. I am transforming my backyard into a garden full of veggies, pollinators, flowers, fruit trees, and more. I've been composting  for the past year and have recently started vermicomposting.   My dream and goal are to make my front and backyard a sanctuary in these times of uncertainty. Jumping into learning everything I could about gardening and chose to do all the work myself. It has been quite an adventure from planting organic or heirloom seeds to installing new sustainable raised garden beds! 

I thought I would lose my worms during this last winter ice storm, but my worms are thriving. My veggie garden was a flop the previous spring because I was a newbie eco-gardener and the lack of pollinators. I decided to bring the pollinators to me by buying mason and leaf cutter bees; more to come. During the pandemic, I realized I needed to learn to grow my food from seed.  I have been in my new home for a year and a half and have done quite a bit in the garden.

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Raised Bed Garden

Are Elevated Garden Beds Good

Initially, it was just cleaning up all the dead trees in pots, and dead plants piled up against our rock wall.  There were some garden beds but nothing usable, and I brought some of my custom-made elevated garden beds and placed them in the backyard.  After cleaning the garden beds, I planted flowers and put some bird baths and metal garden decor throughout.  I started my veggie garden late, so I could only harvest spinach and a salad mix. 

I set out to find new beds that would be the right fit for an eco-friendly garden I wanted to start.  Are elevated garden beds good?  The answer is yes.  Raised beds are usually more productive than inground beds because the soil is less compacted, has better drainage, and gets warm earlier in the spring, meaning that plants will start to grow earlier in the season.  After researching, I decided to go with Vego Garden raised beds for many reasons.  Find the right size that fits your needs, tall deep root gardening collection.  Another great option is an elevated garden bed with wheels and a handle.  It allows you to garden in small spaces like apartments, patios, or porches.

Difference between Inground and Raised Garden Beds

First, what is the difference between raised (above-ground) beds and inground garden beds? Typically, raised beds are at least a foot high and shaped like a rectangle or square. Some raised beds are made of wood, metal, or other material. Several brands are on the market, but I decided on the elevated beds from Vego Gardens, or I could have built my own. At the same time, In-ground beds are created so you can plant directly into the ground. Many home gardeners choose raised versions for their home garden because they are more convenient and for other reasons like less bending and stooping.

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Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

Using raised garden beds has a lot of advantages. Since you can bring in organic soils and fertilizer to fill the garden beds, giving veggies, fruits, and herbs the necessary nutrients. If you opt not to vermicompost the Fox Farm OceanForest1.5CF-4Pack FX14000 Potting Soil, Brown is an excellent soil for your raised garden beds or pots.   Plus, you have more control over how much water you give them. One of the issues with in-ground beds is that water can drain off, making it tough to give your plants the right amount of water.

Also, raised garden beds give plant roots more much-needed breathing room and better drainage space for the soil. Seeds seem more likely to grow in raised garden beds over time, and they also look fantastic in the yard and are the way to go!  If you are new to gardening, learn how to grow tomatoes in containers.

What Do I Put On The Bottom

Some excellent materials to place on the bottom of your raised garden bed are cardboard, straw, newspaper, woody material, leaves, wood chips, or grass clippings.  Remember, each material has unique benefits.  They can act as a barrier between your garden soil and the ground underneath to help keep weeds from sprouting through and keep out toxins and other pests.  The amount of fill you should place on the bottom of your garden bed depends on what you will be planting since some plants root deeper than others, and some vegetables are root vegetables.

Why I Chose Vego Garden Metal Raised Garden Bed Kit

After researching various brands of raised beds, I chose the sustainable garden beds from Vego Garden because they fit perfectly for my yard and offer an inground vermicomposter that fits perfectly in the bed. Below you'll find the top reasons I picked Vego Garden. 

Raised Garden Bed

Birdies Raised Metal Beds Vs. Vego Garden Raised Garden Beds

Birdies Raised Metal Beds is another excellent choice of raised garden boxes. Vego and Birdies have many of the same options, such as sustainability, configuration, size, and color options.

Birdies is Australia's leading and original manufacturer of raised garden beds but they are now available in the USA. For over 13 years, Birdies has led the industry with the highest-quality, longest-lasting metal raised garden beds with many configuration options, sizes, and colors. Like Vego Garden, the Birdies metal garden beds are made from cold-rolled galvanized steel with an Aluzinc coating, providing durability and longevity under various environmental conditions.

The galvanization process is three times more rugged than most cheaper copycat competitor's brands. The galvanized metal raised beds are powder-coated with a food-safe, non-toxic paint for a gorgeous, long-lasting aesthetic. Although Birdies doesn't have an inground composter option, I went with Vego.

Birdies Raised Metal Beds

The Best Materials Corrugated Metal Planter Box

First of all, Vego Garden uses eco friendly materials made out of metal. While Redwood is a popular material for garden beds, trees are not cut down to construct Vego Garden beds. When researching garden beds, I wanted to use something other than Redwood, and I'm not particularly eager to contribute to deforesting Redwoods. Luckily I found a solution with Vego Garden.

Not only do their materials not rust or leach chemicals into the soil, which is essential. They boast thick stainless steel bracing rods that are very strong, so the beds are well-protected. The steel used is also 100% recyclable and is manufactured using a “green process.” I love that they've put so much thought into their materials and using sustainable practices.

Garden Beds Are Long-Lasting

I also chose Vego Garden beds because they should last over 20 years, according to the brand. It's also a relief to know they won't soften or rot over time like wood beds, and I won't have to replace them every few years. The beds are made from Aluzinc-coated steel. Aluzinc is a mix of aluminum, zinc, and silicon and is a recyclable coating. It's strong and considerably more resistant to breaking down than plastic or wood beds. In addition, Aluzinc lasts more than two decades in water, so it should last even longer in my home garden. 

Great Option For Hot Temperatures

Another selling point for me is that the Vego Garden beds reflect heat. Since we live in Central Texas, our summers are sweltering, and temperatures can easily reach 110 degrees. I want all of my hard work to go to good use, so I must protect my plants from high temperatures.

If you live in a hot climate, as I do, it's best to avoid dark colors when choosing garden beds.
The Vego Garden beds come in various colors, including white, a color that reflects heat. Reflecting heat away from your garden protects the soil and plants from overheating. That's a relief for me as the summer temperatures will soon rise.

Raised Garden Beds Fit Any Space

Vego Garden was also my top choice because they offer raised garden beds in different shapes and sizes. The different shapes and sizes allow you to design and create the look that fits your yard.

The brand's sustainable garden beds are longer and wider than other brands, offering more space to grow plants of your choice, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. They also come in 17-inch and 32-inch tall sizes, taller than the other brands. Other raised garden beds are approximately a foot or less short, whereas plant roots can extend more deeply since the Vego Garden beds are taller. That's particularly helpful for root veggies because they need much extra room to grow deep into the soil.

The design of the beds is a more comfortable height for gardeners, and it's so lovely not to have to bend down when watering or adding fertilizer, especially if you have back problems like me. They also come in many different widths and customizable panels, so gardeners can create any garden they have in mind.


In Closing - Are Raised Garden Beds Worth It?

Yes, the Raised Garden Beds are worth it. Living a more sustainable life requires change, but it isn't difficult. I have begun composting food scraps and worm composting since compost is rich in nutrients and helps plants thrive. I also purchased the inground worm composters for the Vego Raised Garden Boxes. I love it because it is an In-Ground Worm Composter for Outdoor Composting Bin (8 Gallons).  It is also a BPA-Free Composting System for Garden Beds, making worm composting easy.   I've found the inground worm composters because your worms can escape the elements by traveling into the garden beds. I raised chickens for eggs when I lived in the country but had to get rid of them when I moved to the suburbs. Whether you garden in a raised garden bed or an inground garden growing fruits, vegetables, or just flowers is very rewarding and great for pollinators.


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