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Living A Natural Lifestyle

Natural Healthy Lifestyle: How To Live A Natural Organic Lifestyle

by Helen
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How To Start Living A Healthy Lifestyle?

Have you ever thought about transitioning to a naturally healthy lifestyle? The power of nature is astounding, and it can also help with many health problems. However, it would help if you tapped into it. Living a natural healthy lifestyle has numerous health benefits that significantly impact your mental, emotional, and environmental well-being. The first step towards achieving this is to want to start living a naturally healthy lifestyle.


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What Are The Benefits of Living A Natural Lifestyle?

Living a natural lifestyle can provide both health and environmental benefits. It can reduce stress, improve concentration, increase energy, and promote overall health.   You can achieve a natural organic lifestyle by making homemade bath and beauty products, cleaning products concentrate, or a combination of both. 

Cleaning products in a small glass bottle are usually concentrated, which gives you more use for the product and creates less waste. Depending on the brand, they can be as effective as traditional cleaning products or, even better, without potentially harmful chemicals. 

Additionally, incorporating essential oils into your daily routine can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. Whether you want to improve your health, lose weight, or make better choices regarding beauty or cleaning products, living a natural lifestyle can help. For example, an easy healthy swap can make your deodorant and customize the scent, or you can buy aluminum-free deodorant here. 


If you are not a DIYer, swap to aluminum-free deodorant and customize the scent.   We use Each and Every brand of deodorant that we use in our household. , it is called Each and Every.   My favorite deodorant scent is Lemon and Lavender, and my fiance loves the Lime and Coconut scent. It works!

Be Gentle With Yourself When You Start Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy, natural, organic lifestyle can sound overwhelming, but you can start by making small changes.  Also, eating organic doesn't have to be expensive.  We have some tips on how to eat organically.   

For example, you can make organic baby food and buy it locally or buy organic baby foods online.  It's important to remember that a healthy lifestyle shouldn't feel like a restrictive diet, so making a few changes is a good start.  And don't feel guilty about eating fast food now and then; we all have our favorite places to dine.  

It's nearly impossible to be 100% organic and sustainable, but we can make conscious choices to improve our health and well-being.  Did I mention that I love McDonald's french fries?  Yum!

Natural Healthy Lifestyle

How To Get Started Living An All Natural Lifestyle.

Embarking on the journey towards natural living and a healthier lifestyle is a process that requires patience and perseverance.  You can start by making small changes, like reading the label before purchasing food or cleaning products.  Use the cleaning products you already have, and start investing in clean products in the future.  It's not necessary to implement all changes overnight.

It's essential to remember that every family is unique, and everyone's circumstances differ.  Therefore, it's okay to move at your own pace.  Being healthy means consciously making daily choices that care for your body, mind, and family.  One of the most crucial aspects of living healthier is reducing stress; worrying about holding yourself to an unattainable standard won't help you achieve that.

How do I transition to natural living?

Focus on taking small steps towards making your household nontoxic, natural, organic, and sustainable.  One of the ways to achieve this is by replacing your Teflon pots and pans with stainless steel or nontoxic Teflon-free cookware.  This will help you cook healthier and better-tasting food.  Check out your local Goodwill Store for good deals on nontoxic cookware.  If you can't afford to buy a complete stainless steel set, start with the pans you use the most and gradually build up your collection from there.


It is possible to live a healthy and natural life on a budget.  

My suggestions are:

Reducing waste is possible by buying in bulk whenever feasible.  Avoiding one-time-use items and replacing them with reusable ones is also advisable.  Over time, one can gradually replace household items with eco-friendly, nontoxic, and BPA-free alternatives. 

As mentioned earlier, you can make or purchase your cleaning products.  You can also grow your food, cook at home, create your cleaning supplies, and spread the word.  You can also grow your food, cook at home, create your cleaning supplies, and spread the word.

“Do What You Can Where You Are – Enjoy Your Life and Family

living a natural healthy lifestyle

Natural Living Ideas

Raising Backyard Chickens For Eggs
Living Natural Lifestyle

More people are discovering the benefits of Raising chickens naturally, and it has become popular. Therefore, more and more families are enjoying fresh, wholesome eggs and the companionship of backyard chickens. 

They are pets with benefits because they provide us with natural, healthy egg recipes.  Raising free-range backyard poultry is for more than just families who live in the country. Of course not; backyard chickens can make an excellent addition to your family – whether you live in the city or the suburbs.

If you are considering raising backyard chickens, there are some questions to ask yourself. For example, do you have the time to care for them?   For eggs with stronger shells, save money on feed, and more nutritious, you can ferment your chicken food.



Benefits Of Homemade (DIY) Bath, Beauty & Cleaning Products
Green Cleaning Products

When you create your homemade products, such as soap, body butter, and household cleaning products, you have control over what goes in them. 

You can customize them according to your preferences of scent, texture, and other organic ingredients to reduce waste saving money without compromising your and your family's health.  Also, creating body care and all-purpose cleaning products can be very rewarding for various reasons. 

Plus, your family will live healthier by not being exposed to the common preservatives, fragrances, and color chemicals found in many commercial cleaning and body care products that will contribute to living a natural, organic lifestyle.

Organic Real Food And Recipes Are Integral When Living A Healthy Natural Lifestyle
Organic Food

Some of the main components of living a natural, organic lifestyle are our diet and the household cleaning products we use in our homes. 

My boyfriend and I love to cook and eat together.  We have developed ways of cooking that are easy to prepare and healthy.  Also, we incorporate fresh organic ingredients into our meals because it makes them more nutritious than processed or fast food.

Therefore, by cooking our meals, we can include more fresh fruits, fish, organic proteins, and veggies.  Also, we cook once and eat all week.  We have hectic schedules, and this helps us eat better.  With food scarcity, we order most of our food online because of the times we live in, local grass-fed, free range, and from Thrive Market.  

These are just some ideas for how your family can live more naturally. 

Simple Ways to Move Toward Living a Natural Healthy Lifestyle

natural organic lifestyle

Benefits of Living A Natural Healthy Lifestyle, Tips and Ideas

5 Health Benefits of Living a Natural Healthy Lifestyle

1. Increase your energy levels and feel better
2. Decrease in allergies and asthma symptoms
3. Better sleep and mood
4. Increase your immune system
5. Decrease the risk of disease, such as cancer, auto-immune

These are just a few health benefits of natural living.

Using Essential Oils As Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

Benefits of living a natural lifestyle: using essential oils can play a role in living a natural, organic lifestyle. So, you can discover and learn the benefits of pure therapeutic-grade essential oils and how to use them. Essential oils can lift your mood and make you feel good with just a whiff of their fragrance.

Feel free to email or contact me if you have any questions or want to learn more.

Doterra Essential Oils Digestzen

Some people may even help alleviate the symptoms of various conditions. You can use essential oils in body wash, bar soap, cream, foaming hand soap, cleaning products, recipes, natural products, relaxing baths, and on your pets.

Buy Organic & Natural Meats Online

First, living a natural lifestyle for you and the environment has many benefits. Also, a pivotal component of a healthy lifestyle is preparing nutritious dishes with clean ingredients or real food for you and your family. 

There are several reputable companies that you can buy pure proteins from that have an e-commerce presence online, like The Crab Place, Thrive Market (I Buy My Specialty Foods like Organic, Keto,  special diets – It's like a Costco for food), Good Chop (Its Who I Use), Crowd Cow, Mr. Steak, and more; they provide online delivery services, therefore; no more trips to a specialty grocery store. Place your order online, sit back, and relax. 

Have your proteins, fish, and vegetables delivered to your front door with free delivery.


Final Thoughts On Transitioning to Living A Natural Healthy Lifestyle.

Natural living doesn't have to be confusing, expensive, or complex.  The key is to decide which areas of your lifestyle you want to live naturally.  Also, once you understand the benefits of making simple lifestyle changes to improve health, take small steps to accomplish your new way of life.  A simple step is to start using all-natural deodorant in sustainable packaging, which may help your health and the environment.

I have noticed that I can't see myself stopping now that I have started.  With all the resources available, living a healthier life is much easier.  Also, we are on a journey of living a more sustainable lifestyle because we feel living a natural, organic, sustainable lifestyle goes hand in hand.  

Finally, take baby steps if you need to; move at your own pace.  There is no right or wrong way of transitioning to a naturally healthy lifestyle.  

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