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Organic Online Meat Delivery

Best Online Meat Delivery Services, Ordering and Subscriptions

[*Affiliate links are used in this post. If you use a link to make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting Bambam's Coop Lifestyle and Household.]

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Closer Look At Organic Free Range Meat Delivery Box Sources

Subscription services, meal kit delivery services, dog toys and food, organic baby food, coffee, and online grocery shopping have become increasingly popular.  Even those who were once skeptical about purchasing meat without seeing it in person have started exploring new services.  These meat delivery services offer individually sealed cuts of meat, delivered quickly and frozen straight to your doorsteps.  I was one of those skeptics, and now, unless I'm in a pinch, we don't buy our meats at our local grocery store.


To help you choose which services to try, we tried and cooked a range of beef cuts from meat delivery boxes.  After careful consideration, we have found that Good Chop (Get At GoodChopis the best meat delivery service we have tried.  We also discovered that Crowd Cow (Get At Crowd Cow) offers the most extensive variety of products.  However, we recommend  Porter Roads (Get At Porter Roads) as the best meat delivery to gift.


We have some tips on transitioning to healthier eating, organic, grass-fed, and pasture-raised meats.  Also, what exactly makes something organic? –Read hereWhether you're looking for grass-fed steaks or strips of thick-cut bacon or just curious about what heritage raised pork tastes like, there is an ideal meat delivery service at your disposal.  Many meat delivery options are available, and we've rounded up some of the best online meat delivery services that may fit your necessities and choices. 

When cooking your meats, the cookware you use may affect the flavor.  Some cookware is reactive and changes the taste of your foods; quality stainless steel cookware is not reactive.

Types Of Grills For Grilling Steaks

Whether you grill on a portable grill, gas, or charcoal grill, steaks are best beef cut for grilling can be a delicious and satisfying meal for any occasion.  The type of grill you choose can affect your steak's flavor and cooking time, so it's essential to consider your options before you start grilling.  Portable grills are great for outdoor activities and can add a unique flavor to your steak.  Gas grills are convenient and easy to use but may not give your steak the same smoky flavor as a charcoal or wood burning grills.  On the other hand, charcoal and wood burning grills can add a rich, smoky flavor to your steak but require more time and effort to set up and maintain the fire.  Ultimately, the choice of grill is a matter of personal preference, and you can achieve delicious results with any of these options.

Is Meat Delivery Service For You

Suppose you are like me and love high-quality marbled buttery ribeye or a delicious, juicy, loaded grass-fed burger.  But you don't necessarily want to go to a high-end restaurant every time you crave a good piece of high-quality meat.  An online meat delivery service may fit your needs and wants in that case.  Having high-quality steaks and meats delivered directly to your home can free up your time for doing anything other than shopping for beef, organic food, or specialty groceries.  You will also enjoy butcher-quality proteins without leaving the comfort of your home. 

Online Meat Delivery Sources

We have curated this list of the Best Organic Meat Delivery Services and where you can find the best grass fed meat.  This list provides sources of organic and grass-fed beef, organic meat, wild-caught seafood, heritage raised pork, grass-fed bison, sustainable meat places to buy, and other organic meat delivery box choices. 


[*Affiliate links are used in this post.  If you use a link to make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no cost to you.  Thank you for supporting Bambam's Coop Lifestyle and Household.]

best online meat delivery

Top Picks For Best Online Meat Delivery Sources


Perdue Farms

Perdue Farms offers high-quality grass-fed and organic online meat delivery and provides a direct-to-consumer e-commerce website.  Additionally, they offer products from seasoned, non-seasoned, breaded, gluten-free, individually packed meats, and just about anything you need.

PerdueFarms Transparency

PerdueFarms works with family farms to proudly offer premium protein products and brands, including Niman Ranch, Coleman Natural, Panorama Meats, Spot Farms, Full Moon, and more.

Above all, Perdue Farms allows us to purchase farm-to-table fresh, organic, grass fed beef, humane, free of hormone meats like chicken, pork, chicken wings, lamb, beef, bacon, and much more.

Free Delivery On Orders Over $159.99.  There is a one-time meat delivery box option, so order when needed.  I have found to get the cheapest organic meat – buy it in curated bundles or Meals or when it is on sale.  Always look at the sales section of the website.

Perdue Farms Curated Bundles = Savings!

Additionally, Perdue Farms has you covered if anyone in the home has gluten allergies,  Try the Perdue Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders – Gluten Free.

Read Our Full Perdue Farms Review – Online Meat Delivery Service here.

Meat Delivery Online


Crowd Cow offers the best variety among the meat delivery services we tested.  They provide a vast selection of quality beef, including pasture-raised and grass-fed, American Wagyu, and exclusive Japanese Wagyu.  The pricing is also extensive, ranging from under $20 for a New York strip to $160 for an A5 ribeye.


Besides different types of steak, Crowd Cow offers a variety of cuts, such as short ribs, ground beef, and skirts, among others.  While our review focused on beef, the company also provides other meats like chicken, lamb, bison, pork, and seafood.


The meat from Crowd Cow had a consistently delightful taste, with nuanced aromas and multi-layered flavors.  Although their American Wagyu options were less robust than our best upgrade pick, the Japanese Wagyu exceeded our high expectations regarding texture and mouthfeel.  The meat was smooth, delicate, and richly satisfying beyond just the fat content. 


Overall, Crowd Cow is our top pick for all things beef.  It is flexible enough for regular meals and higher-end for special occasions.  The company offers both à la carte one-time purchases and subscription-based options.


  • Wide range of cuts
  • À la carte or subscription
  • Fast shipping
  • Sustainable packaging


  • None that we could find

Crowd Cow is one of the top sustainable, organic, grass-fed beef delivery & wild-caught seafood.  Crowd Cow ends mystery meat because you know where their meats come from.  Further, the various steaks and organic meats are great for grilling

Read our full review of Good Chop for more information.


Good Chop

Good Chop is a dependable meat and seafood delivery service that won our Best Overall award due to its quality, variety, and value. We were impressed with the company's high-quality products, affordable prices, and extensive menu options during our testing. 


Good Chop offers a fully customizable monthly subscription that includes a variety of proteins, including steaks, chicken breasts, burger packs, seafood, prepared meats like pulled pork and hot dogs, and more unique cuts like porterhouse and tri-tip. While they don't offer extensive cuts of Wagyu or specialty charcuterie, they offer a wide selection of proteins beyond beef and pork. 


Their products are sourced from American family farms and fisheries and are guaranteed to be sustainably raised without antibiotics or hormones. Additionally, all items are frozen immediately at their peak freshness, ensuring both high quality and easy storage.


Good Chop offers two subscription box sizes: a medium box for $149 or a large box for $269. The price per serving depends on the cuts you select, but it can be as low as $3.74. New subscribers can often enjoy discounts. 


Good Chop is cheaper than other meat delivery services, yet the quality is even better than most. You can get high-quality, American-raised proteins at a price per serving that's on par with what you'd pay for top-quality meat at the grocery store. 


Good Chop is an excellent choice for anyone looking to stock their freezer with various high-quality meat and seafood. The site is easy to navigate, making changing, pausing, or skipping the monthly subscription simple. You can regularly experiment with a variety of protein offerings and plan out delicious meals ahead of time. Just be sure you have your own recipes and cooking know-how because Good Chop doesn't provide recipes. 


Read our full review of Good Chop for more information.



  • Extensive variety beyond beef and pork
  • High quality meat and seafood
  • Easy ordering process
  • Portions are conveniently packaged


  • Bundles and premium cuts must be add-ons
  • Recipes aren't included




Farmfoods Market

More Online Meat Delivery Services

  • Farm Foods –

  • 100% Grass Fed Meat and Grass Finished
  • Pasture Raised Chicken
  • Wild Caught Seafood and
  • Pastured Heritage Pork

Subscription Box Membership

Perks For Building Your Box:

  • Save 10% on your order, 
  • Edit or cancel anytime, and
  • First DIBS on low-stock products

New Meat Subscription Boxes Plans: 

  • 7 Meat Subscription Box Plans to choose from
  • Offer Value Packs
Farm Foods Delivery – is 100% Guarantee Delivery, and Proteins Are Sustainably Raised.

Grassland Beef

US Wellness, Grass Land Beef focuses on organic meat delivery service: high-quality grass-fed beef, pasture-raised meats, and sustainable farming methods. As the name implies, Wellness Meats. They specialize in all-natural, farm fresh, and whole foods raised sustainably.

Meats are sourced from four small farms in the United States and Tasmania, a small island near Australia. Meats sold on the website sourced from Tasmania are labeled as such.  

To my surprise, they also offer other products, including free-range poultry, lamb, bison, heritage pork -—baby back ribs, and seafood, hence the “Wellness” branding. Meats adhere to organic principles and sustainable farming practices free of GMOs and antibiotics.

  • Click here to visit the company website to learn more about grass-fed meat cuts, aging, and animal welfare.
  • Get inspired by visiting their sites featuring chefs and recipes. 
  • There is a $75.00 minimum order when you buy a la carte

US Wellness offers ordering options, such as signing up for a recurring subscription box or buying a la carte. You can easily manage your subscription by clicking on the subscription menu option on the top menu.

Deals: $25 discount for each 40-lb increment, excluding items that ship separately, such as Large Tallow Buckets, South Carolina Chicken bundles, BBQ Sauce, Produce, and Cookbooks. 


Porter Road

best online meat delivery

PRICE – Starting at $5/serving
ORDERING OPTIONS – à la carte, bundles
DELIVERY AREAS – Continental United States
MENU OPTIONS – Beef, lamb, pork, sausage, poultry

What is Porter Road?

Porter Road is a meat delivery service that offers a wide variety of unique cuts of meat that are difficult to find elsewhere.  They specialize in beef and pork and offer affordable dry-aged options.  Some examples are whole brisket, osso buco, beef bones, and kalbi.  The cuts are meaty, delivering a rich and robust taste of good-quality beef.  Some of the most popular items are beef and pork lovers, with short ribs, brisket, marrow bones, and beef tongue being some of the popular items on their menu. 

Porter Road also offers a subscription option, allowing customers to choose from five popular boxes delivered every two, four, or eight weeks.  The subscription is customizable with add-ons, and shipping is always free.  They use biodegradable and sustainable packaging, and their delivery is quick.  Although they offer other meats like chicken and lamb, they have less variety than they do for beef and pork, and they don't offer seafood.  It's worth noting that the beef from Porter Road is delivered cold but not frozen, unlike some other meat delivery services.


  • Wide range of cuts, including organ meats
  • Budget-friendly
  • Fast shipping
  • À la carte or subscription


  • No upgrade options for more deluxe cuts
best online meat delivery


Price: $128 – 8 LBS / $4.41 PER SERVING
Contains 2 dry-aged steaks, 2 pork chops, 2 lbs of dry-aged ground beef, 1 lb of bacon, 1 lb of country sausage, and 1 lb of chorizo sausage.
Price: $60 – 4 LBS / $4.69 PER SERVING
Includes 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, 2 sirloin fillets, and 1 lb of dry-aged ground beef.
Price: $140 – 13 LBS / SHIPS FROZEN
Includes pork spare ribs, a half of pork butt, and a half of brisket. Shipped frozen for your convenience.



Butcherbox Review

Butcher Box

ButcherBox offers more beef per box than Thrive Market, sometimes at a lower price. Although its beef is grass-fed and grass-finished like Grass Roots, the flavor needs to catch up. The bavette and filet mignon we cooked was a little dry and rough in texture. 

The beef we sampled offered the standard beefiness in flavor, but it was much tougher and drier in texture. To make the pricing work, ButcherBox only offers a small number of cuts, even in the “Custom” box, making it less versatile for an all-around meat retailer.


  • Fast shipping
  • Well packaged


  • Subscription only
  • Annoying to cancel subscription
  • Limited choices
Thrive Market Logo

Thrive Market

More Meat Delivery Services



Thrive Market is a membership-based online retailer like Costco or Sam's Club.   We tested other meat delivery services besides the one we previously discussed.  One is Thrive Market, an online retailer that requires a monthly membership fee to access its products.  They offer a wide range of items, including meat, toiletries, baby products, and vitamins.  Thrive provides beef boxes with predetermined options, such as the Wagyu Beef Box or the Keto Meat & Seafood Box. 


If you choose to purchase the Wagyu Beef Box for $170, you will receive four beef patties, two sirloin steaks, one pound of ground beef, two NY steaks, two filet steaks, and two ribeyes.  This option is budget-friendly for families or anyone looking to stock up on meat.  However, the wagyu beef was quite fatty, and the flavor was bland, making the richness slightly flat.  Although it's unlikely that you'll be dissatisfied with this option, you won't be blown away either.



  • Extensive selection
  • Fast shipping
  • High-quality products


  • Subscription only; membership fee required
  • Separate deliveries for groceries, frozen items, and wine


Thrive Market is one of my all-time favorite places to shop online.   You can buy top-selling organic food brands at wholesale prices.  They also offer organic Grass Fed Meat Delivery and Wild Caught Sustainable Seafood.  Also, Thrive Market provides the option to Build Your Customized Meal Prep Box.  You can select from organic, humane chicken, wild-caught cod, wild sea scallops, and wild-caught sockeye salmon to help make healthy living easy.  

Join Thrive Market & get 30% off your purchase and free shipping!

Grass-Fed Ribeye Steak

Grass Fed vs. Grass Finished Beef What's The Difference?

Honestly, there’s a significant difference between grass-fed and grass-finished beef.  Sadly, many people don’t know it.  For starters, it is pretty clear that “grass-fed beef” describes meat from cattle raised on grass.  Then what about “grass-finished”?  It may seem the two are interchangeable.  But, no, not so quick.

In simple terms, cattle that forage their lives on nothing but grass is known as Grass-Finished beef.  On the other hand, Grass-Fed may be used to label meat from cattle that started their lives on a grass diet but either received supplementary grain feed or finished on a complete grain-based diet.  Also, many “grass-fed” cows will spend the remainder of their last few months eating grain in feedlots, so they gain weight quickly.

How Do Organic Meat Delivery Services Work?

Grass-fed, organic, and pasture-raised animal protein and fresh wild-caught seafood are much better for the environment, your health, higher nutrients, and the humane treatment of animals. You are finding the best organic grass-fed meat delivery and fresh seafood delivery of natural and healthy meat such as grass-fed meat, heritage pork, free-range poultry, wild-caught, and sustainable seafood, so you don't have to.

 Therefore, we are trying to bridge the gap for you; we are working hard and making it easy for you to have the ability to order online organic, grass-fed, free-range meats and wild-caught sustainable seafood. When you order meat online, you get grass-fed organic beef delivered straight to your front door in biodegradable packaging!  

What is organic food? – An in-depth article on what makes anything organic, including organic food. – Learn more  

We have bought and continue to buy high-quality meats from some of the best online organic meat delivery services.

Final Thoughts: The Best Online Meat Delivery Services

In conclusion, the meat delivery industry has grown significantly over the past few years.  More options are available than ever, allowing you to pick your best fit.  Good Chop, Crowd Cow, and Porter Road are just a few meat delivery services available.  Good Chop is the best overall option due to their exceptional value.  Plus, high-quality meat and seafood and extensive variety beyond beef and pork.  However, other options like Crowd Cow and Porter Road offer unique benefits and may better fit specific needs.  Regardless of your chosen service, you can't beat the convenience of having high-quality meat delivered straight to your doorstep.

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What You Should Know About Meat Delivery Services: FAQs

What are the Cuts of Meat on a Cow?

Meat Delivery Services

If you're curious about which cut of beef comes from where here's a breakdown of some of the most popular ones:

  • Filet Mignon: This premium cut is taken from the tenderloin, a lean and tender part of the cow that runs along the spine. It's small and medallion-shaped, which makes it a popular choice for high-heat cooking methods like grilling or broiling. Filet mignon is often served rare to medium-rare and can be a little expensive due to its scarcity.
  • Ribeye: Cut from the cow's rib section, this is a well-marbled and tender animal part slightly fattier than filet mignon. Ribeye can be bone-in or boneless; if it has at least 5 inches of bone intact, it's called a tomahawk. Like filet mignon, ribeye is often cooked using high-heat methods and served rare to medium-rare.
  • NY Strip Steak: This cut comes from the short loin section of the cow, which is also where part of the tenderloin is located. It's less tender than filet mignon but still quite flavorful, thanks to its nice marbling. When served with the bone, this is known as a T-bone steak or porterhouse steak.
  • Short Ribs: This cut is taken from the cow's chuck, rib, or plate section near the end of the ribs near the breastbone. Short ribs can come in different styles, but they all contain pieces of the rib bone. The flanken style is cut across the bone and left thin for easy grilling, while the English cut yields thicker, square-like short ribs that are best slow-cooked. Back ribs or dinosaur ribs come from the back area of the cow in the rib section, and boneless short ribs specifically refer to chuck short ribs.
  • Skirt Steak: This long cut of beef is taken from the plate section of the cow, which is located at the belly. It's not very tender due to being exercised often, but it's pretty flavorful. It's usually marinated and cooked via high heat to medium-rare, then sliced against the grain, cut into pieces for stir-fry, or braised until soft. Skirt steak is often mistaken for flank steak, but the two cuts come from different parts of the cow.
  • Flank Steak: This cut is similar to skirt steak, but it's thicker and wider and comes from farther back in the belly area of the cow. It's also known as bavette, London broil, and jiffy steak. Flank steak is tougher and leaner than skirt steak, so it's often tenderized or stewed until it becomes fork-tender.
  • Stew Meat: Beef stew meat is generally cut from parts of the cow with a lot of tough connective tissue. It's best to choose stew meat that also offers a lot of collagen, which will break down with heat and time to create a nice soft texture and rich mouthfeel. The chuck section is a good source of stew meat, but some stew meat may also come from the round section.

How Much Do Meat Delivery Services Cost?

The price range for meat delivery services can vary greatly, ranging from a $20 steak to a box of various prime cuts that cost $150 or more. Your price depends on what you're looking for and how many people you will be feeding. 

If you want an affordable option for a regular weeknight meal, consider a mixed box that includes beef, pork, chicken, and seafood. On the other hand, if you're buying a centerpiece for a holiday, it may be worth splurging on a premium cut that can feed many people. 

Many meat delivery services offer both à la carte and subscription options, with discounts available for the latter.

Is Meat Subscription Box Worth The Money?

Yes, it is absolutely worth it.  Even though Many people wouldn't label the meats as “affordable,” it is understandable because this subscription box focuses on producing high-quality, organic, and sustainable meats. It is worth paying a little more for these types of meats, and good Chop prices are comparable to other online meat delivery services.

I also recommend this box to those looking to buy high-quality grass-fed and free-range meats but who don't have a local butcher shop in their area—also, the convenience of having the subscription box delivered with all the meats right to my doorstep.

Why Should I Buy Meat Online?

When it comes to ordering meat online, it's essential to know what you're paying for. Buying meat from an online source is a convenient and reliable way to stock your fridge and freezer with various meat options. Meat delivery services generally freeze meat soon after it's cut, which helps it retain its flavor and texture. Moreover, you don't have to visit a grocery shop or butcher if you opt for meat delivery services. Many services work with smaller farms, which allows you to support small businesses while enjoying your meat.

Since the meat you order will arrive frozen, you'll need to factor in some time to thaw it before cooking. It's advisable to have your delivery arrive one or two days before you plan on cooking it. If you usually cook for a large group or family, meat subscription services can automatically learn your favorite cuts and ship them to you monthly.

How Long Does Meat Last In The Freezer?

Meat delivery services freeze their products to keep them safe for consumption for longer. Freezing slows down yeast and bacteria growth. Meat delivery services vacuum-seal their products to minimize air space around the meat, which reduces drying and limits discoloration. Once the products arrive, maintain a steady freezer temperature and consume frozen meat within six months, though some companies claim you can store it for up to one year.

How Do I Thaw My Frozen Meat?

You should always slowly thaw frozen meat in a refrigerator, under controlled conditions, so it evenly thaws from the outside. Depending on how large the cut is, this could take anywhere from one to three days—make sure to plan ahead.


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