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Open Kitchen Shelving

Open Kitchen Shelving And Open Shelf Ideas For Beautiful Makeover

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Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas

Upcycling and bringing something back to life is one of my favorite things.  Plus, when upcycling, I can creatively make it my own.  Also, I spend much time reading DIY, Upcycling, and watching makeover shows like HGTV.  When we designed our new home, we added quite a bit of open shelving and open shelving cabinets.  Therefore, when our house was built, we had open kitchen shelving installed, available shelving cabinets in bathrooms, and open shelving cabinets in the laundry room.

In addition, some DIY open shelving kitchen wood is old barn wood that we sanded down, sealed, and incorporated into our open shelving.  Below is a list of open floating kitchen shelves and open shelving cabinet ideas that we hope will inspire you and maybe give you some ideas on how to incorporate open shelving in your home.  Open shelving or pull-out shelves are also excellent for keeping an organized kitchen, pantry, or bathroom.

I've been meaning to organize my pantry for a while now, so I'm glad I finally found the time to do it. It feels great to have everything neatly arranged and easy to find. I started by taking everything out of the pantry and sorting it into categories. I put the canned goods together, the baking supplies in a separate pile, and so on. Then, I put each category back into the pantry in an organized way. I put the most frequently used items at eye level and kept the less-used items on higher or lower shelves. It was a bit of work, but it was worth it. Now, I can easily find what I need and know exactly what I have on hand.

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Tips For Organizing With Open Kitchen Shelving

Organizing your kitchen with opening shelving can be a great way to maximize your storage space and create a more organized living environment. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Determine what you need to store: Before you start organizing with opening shelving, take stock of what you need to keep. This will help you determine what size and type of shelves you need and how many you'll need.

2. Choose the suitable shelving: Once you know what you need to store, choose the proper shelving for the job. Open shelves are great for storing items you need to access frequently, such as books, kitchen supplies, or toiletries. They're also great for displaying decorative items or collections.

3. Group like items together: When organizing with opening shelving, it's important to group them together. This will make it easier to find what you need when you need it and make your shelving look more visually appealing.

4. Use containers to corral smaller items: If you have a lot of smaller things to store, consider using containers to corral them. This will keep them from getting lost or jumbled together and make moving them around easier if needed.

5. Keep it tidy: Finally, keep your opening shelving clean. This means regularly dusting and wiping down your shelves and putting items back where they belong when you finish using them. With a little effort, your opening shelving can be a beautiful and functional addition to your home!

kitchen open shelves

Open Kitchen Shelving and Bathroom Open Shelving

I have seen people do amazing things with my favorite trends: floating kitchen shelves, rustic industrial shelving, and stainless steel shelves.  Further, I love open shelves, the convenience they offer storage space, and easy accessibility.  Plus, not only do they offer handiness, but also the way these open shelves look.  What is nice about open shelving is that you can install them in every room in your home, including the open bathroom shelving, halls, bedrooms, and living areas.  Finally, regardless of your preference of home theme, rustic, farmhouse, industrial, or minimalist open shelving or open cabinets look fantastic.  You can store small appliances on a shelf with open shelving for easy access.  Also, create a coffee bar with your favorite coffee maker.

Organized Kitchen
Bathroom Open Shelving

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Open Shelving.  Simply amazing!

Kitchen shelves instead of cabinets

Going back, when we were building our home, we realized one of the highest expenses is cabinetry. However, we opted to go with some open shelving, and it saved us quite a bit of money. Moreover, if we decide we want to have cabinets installed, it will be easy to do. Below are some of my favorite floating open-shelving kitchen ideas. If open floating shelves are not an option, and you have enough free kitchen space, you can incorporate open kitchen shelving or an open shelf cabinet.

Open Cabinet Shelving

Small kitchens with open shelving, Floating shelving, Kitchen shelves instead of cabinets, and open shelves cabinet.

Farmhouse Floating Shelves

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Open Cabinet Concept - Very Convenient

One of my favorite uses for open kitchen shelving is for everyday use, plates and cups. Furthermore, this must-have is convenient, and it opens the kitchen up. Any open shelves are great for those who entertain. Moreover, having all your kitchen items they are easy to grab. Family and Guests will effortlessly find whatever they need, and they will not open all your cabinets.

Small Kitchen Open Kitchen Shelving

One of the most frequent criticisms about kitchen spaces is that they seem cramped and small. Therefore, incorporating open floating shelving into a small kitchen will open it up and make it feel bigger.Pro Tip: If you have a small kitchen, little counter space, and shelving space, consider adding a Sharp Microwave Drawer or a Sharp Over-the-Range Microwave Oven to free up valuable counter area. Thus, incorporating one of these microwave ideas will give your kitchen a more modern look.


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Kitchen Shelves Ideas

Live edge floating open kitchen shelving has its original look, such as raw edges. Therefore, it gives your kitchen an overall organic and natural feel. Also, if the wood still has natural knots from the original wood, it gives the shelves a unique look.

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