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9 Doable Ideas: How To Achieve an Organized Kitchen

by Helen
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How To Organize A Kitchen For Efficiency.

Do you need some kitchen storage and organization ideas?  The key to a clutter-free, organized kitchen is to keep up with your food pantry, counters, drawers, and kitchen cupboards, keeping it neat and orderly.  The hardest part is coming up with kitchen organization ideas and implementing them. 

First, there are several must-dos when trying to keep an organized kitchen and organize your pantry, but it is nice that once you come up with a plan, it will be pretty simple to maintain it with a bit of vision.  Additionally, we have listed some essential kitchen organization ideas for keeping any pantry neat and orderly, regardless of the size of your space, large walk-in, or smaller area. 

Next, could you keep an organized kitchen with our kitchen organization ideas?  If you follow our tips, you'll find that seeking the exact ingredient you need will be exponentially more accessible when making dinner.  Also, we will offer some inexpensive kitchen storage & organization ideas.

Make a List For Pantry Organization

To get started, take inventory, list what's in your pantry, and organize everything in your pantry in groups.  For example, group and write down all spices, grains, pasta, and cans you have.  Also, before going to the grocery store or doing your online food delivery, note what you have in your pantry so you don't buy what you don't need.  Whether your pantry is a walk-in or a smaller one, when you allocate zones in your kitchen cupboard, finding what you need when preparing meals is simpler. 

After grouping all your items into like-kind categories, the rest of organizing your pantry is much easier.  

Simple Kitchen Organization Ideas For Your Kitchen Cupboards

Suppose you do it right now by investing in food storage containers and clear BPA-free SAN polymer containers, sustainable glass canisters like mason jar kitchen containers, or anything that enables you to see what is in them.; you can easily find what you need.  You won't have to pull everything off the shelf to find what you need.  Your kitchen storage and containers will pay off the first time you reach for ingredients from your pantry.  Invest in an inexpensive spice rack.  They are a variety to choose from.  Some go in the kitchen cupboard, while others can be on the counter next to your stove.  For more sustainable living ideas, visit our easy guide to sustainable living. 

Plus, if your spice rack has clear glass spice containers, you can easily see when you are running low on a specific item and add it to your grocery list.

Pro Tip:  I like to buy organic spices in bulk and refill my old spice containers.  Therefore, I save money; there is very little waste and no containers for the landfills. 

Organize a Kitchen the Easy Way

Organizing your kitchen for efficiency doesn't have to be a big chore.  You can do it a little at a time.  Here are some great kitchen organization ideas that might inspire you!  One idea is to use drawer dividers to organize kitchen utensils and gadgets.  Another idea is to install a pegboard on the wall to hang pots, pans, and other kitchen tools.  You could also use labeled baskets or bins to organize snacks, baking supplies, or breakfast items in your pantry.  And remember to regularly declutter and get rid of expired food to keep your kitchen clean and efficient!

Organizing your cookware will make cooking so much easier!  Separate all your pots and pans by size and type, and place them in a designated cabinet.  You can also hang your most frequently used utensils on a magnetic strip on the wall.  Now, you can easily find what you need, and your kitchen counters will have no more clutter. 

food pantry storage

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Kitchen Organization Create Labels Print, or Hand Write

Now that you have laid out your zones and have your clear storage containers ready, print or hand-write your labels for all your different zones.  Label all transparent kitchen containers accordingly.; also, organize all your clear kitchen containers based on type, alphabetization, or how it makes sense – to you.  Keynote: if you dispense the contents of a package into a clear container, be sure to affix a label to the bottom of all containers with the purchase and expiration date.  The date on the labels will help identify when food expires.  Thus, placing an expiration date on your clear food containers will make it easier to use everything you have promptly.  Rotate the items in your kitchen pantry, store the newer stuff closest to the wall, and pull the older things toward the front.  When meal prepping, it will be easier to identify what foods you should use first.

Use Wire Racks For An Organized Kitchen

Additionally, you will need a few wire racks now that you have organized with clear plastic or glass containers.  Using wire racks is another way to utilize your pantry space.  By stacking canned foods, you will be shuffling them constantly.; try to locate what you need.  Thus, wire racks help you benefit from utilizing shelf space without creating clutter in your nicely organized pantry.  

The takeaway is if you implement some of our easy kitchen and pantry organization ideas and keep them up.  You are getting around your kitchen pantry while cooking will make your life so much easier.

9 Ideas With Pictures for an Organized Kitchen

1) Make Use of Open Shelving


Open shelving gives you easy access to frequently used kitchen items and forces you to keep your kitchen organized. This is also great for small kitchens because it gives them an open feel. You can also take the doors off your kitchen cabinets or altogether remove them and replace them with thick shelves on brackets or floating shelves.

2) Customize Your Cabinets

You can do this when you order cabinetry, or you can do it yourself with existing cabinets thanks to all kinds of great organizational gadgets now available. Pull-out drawers, dividers for cookie sheets, custom recycling, garbage units, spice jar inserts, and towel bars keep things in their place and easily accessible.

Customize your cabinetry by ordering cabinetry, or if you are into DIY, you can do it by upgrading your cabinets yourself since there are a variety of organizational gadgets such as:

  • pull-out drawers,
  • dividers for cookie sheets and cutting boards,
  • custom recycling,
  • garbage units,
  • composters,
  • corner cabinet lazy susan,
  • spice jar inserts, and
  • towel bars

This will make things more accessible and your kitchen organized.

Organized Kitchen

3) Utilize Drawer Organizers

Every kitchen needs one or more drawer organizers.  Every single utensil and kitchen thing has its place, and it should be in a drawer organizer closest to the place where it is easy to get to.  Can you say organized kitchen?  You can buy bamboo drawer organizers and use baskets or bamboo drawer dividers.

4) Use Hooks To Declutter

One of the easiest kitchen organization ideas is to utilize hooks for towels, utensils, coffee mugs, measuring cups, pots, and anything else.  Hooks are practical and useful and help you avoid tossing things on the counters and help declutter.

5) Use Counter Space Strategically

kitchen open shelves

Keep your kitchen organized by keeping counters open, excluding frequently used items.  Use jars to store cooking utensils by the stove and snacks in repurposed glass containers so you can see what's in them.

6) Look At High Places - Above Cabinets

Use the less utilized space between your cabinets and ceiling and, of course, on top of your refrigerator.  Store items you don't use often; you can place them in baskets or bins.  If you are remodeling or building a new home, install custom cabinets to the ceiling.

7) Take Advantage of Awkward Corners

From my experience, open corner shelving is a better way to utilize corner space than a corner cabinet.  Those odd corners can be better used and add character to your kitchen.

8) Organized Kitchen With Low-Shelve Usage

The lowest shelf is an underutilized shelf because of its height.  You can easily create a kid-friendly zone.  Additionally, you can add healthy organic snacks, fruits, and foods your children can access when allowed.  We recommend you use plastic or containers that will not break if dropped.  Add open shelving for convenience.

9) Group Small Kitchen Appliances

Store all small kitchen appliances and keep them together.  Please place them in a central location near a cupboard outlet or counter outlet. 

I just finished reorganizing my kitchen for efficiency and it feels great! I got rid of all the expired food and arranged everything in the pantry so it's easy to find. I also organized the cabinets so all the dishes and glasses are in their proper place. It's amazing how much more efficient the kitchen feels now!

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