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The Best Raised Garden Bed On Wheels Review

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Sunnydaze Planter Review

Whether planting a pollinator bed of flowers or various herbs and vegetables, you should always protect your garden from dogs, animals, and bugs. While raised wood garden boxes work for some, one of the most effective options is a metal raised garden bed on wheels. A raised bed on wheels is ideal for small spaces; put it on your deck, patio, or yard. Plus, you can quickly move to follow the sun. This is a detailed review of the Sunnydaze Raised Planter With Wheels.

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Suunydaze Galvanized Steel Mobile Raised Garden Bed Cart

Raised garden beds on wheels offer protection from critters on the ground—they can also turn any yard into a thriving garden regardless of soil quality or terrain.  Install the raised garden bed, fill it with worm castings or compost, healthy soil, and start planting.  Save money by making your compost or raising worms and collecting castings for your garden.

Garden Beds On Wheels Offer Convenience

Moreover, the Sunnydaze raised planter box provides several benefits to your plants, including better soil drainage and more loose soil than packed earth, which is less work. But most importantly, portable raised garden beds on wheels can also save your joints like your back and knees—much like vertical gardens, raised garden beds can help lift you off your knees or keep you from getting on your knees altogether for easier, more accessible planting and harvesting.

Raised metal garden beds are the best pick for protecting your plants, as they are nearly impervious to various pests. Whether you're an amateur gardener looking to get started or a pro searching for an upgrade, check out the best raised metal garden beds to ensure this year's harvest is bountiful or you have plenty of nectar-rich plants for your pollinators.

Experience With Sunnydaze Raised Planter On Wheels

I have been working in my garden.  I have installed raised metal garden beds, prepared my inground garden beds, have lots of pots, and have started my spring garden.  My garden consists of organic fruit and vegetables and an organic pollinator garden with many native plants.  I was excited to get my hands on The Sunnydaze Raised Garden Bed with Handlebar and Wheels because I have areas on my deck where I'd like to add some flowers and also need a place nearby to store gardening items. 

When I garden, I garden with the ecosystem and pollinators in mind.  Since I've only been in my house for about a year and a half, I am still in the infancy stages of establishing my organic, eco-friendly garden.  This raised garden bed cart sits on my deck with spring flowers for my pollinator friends.  It is an excellent addition to my existing inground above-ground garden boxes, plus the beautiful blue color of the box adds much-needed pizzazz to my deck.  I love incorporating water features like water fountains, bird baths, and metal garden decor into my garden.  They are an excellent focal point, providing water to wildlife and little critters.

 I will review the Sunnydaze Raised Planter with Handlebar and Wheels, its pros and cons, how long it took to assemble, its quality, and more.  Even though this is a sponsored review, I will be honest.

Raised Planter Out of The Box And Specs

Although assembly was straightforward with this raised garden bed with wheels, several fasteners—bolts, nuts, and washers—were provided to put the planter box together, which took up quite a bit of assembly time.  There is a helpful assembly guide included in the package.  While I could have put the garden planter together, my boyfriend did it for me, and he spent probably 30 minutes.  Once assembled, the Sunnydaze is strong, durable, and made to last.  The raised garden bed cart measures 43.5 inches long x 20.75 inches wide x 31.75 inches tall; it Weighs 29 pounds. 

An elevated garden cart made from durable 1.5-millimeter-thick steel with a blue hot-dip galvanized finish.  Also, the planter area has 1-inch diameter drainage holes and can hold a 110-pound weight capacity.  Inner planter: 35.25 inches long x 15.75 inches wide x 7 inches tall, makes it well suited for growing short-rooted plants, such as herbs, strawberries, or certain flowers.


Sunnydaze Raised Planter Pros And Cons

We positioned the Sunnydaze on a level section of the back patio and filled it with potting soil.  It held up well and did not warp or bulge.  Once I filled the garden box with dirt, it did get quite heavy, and it was still pretty easy to move using the handle.  It took about 2 Cubic Feet of soil to fill up the garden bed.  The handle could be a bit sturdier, but it does what it should.  It makes moving the flower bed cart much easier.


  • Wheels for portability
  • Storage shelf underneath the bed
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Easy To Assemble


  • Handle a bit unsteady
  • The bolts Stick Out Quite A Bit (not a big deal but I thought I would point it out)

Portable Garden Bed On Wheels

This Sunnydaze Mobile Elevated Metal Planter Box Cart sets itself apart from other brands due to its versatility.  The bed is elevated off the ground with a convenient storage shelf underneath, which is very sturdy.   Furthermore, its portability with two wheels and a handy cart handle is a plus!

If the cart is out of the sun, you can move it easily without fear of spilling dirt or damaging your plants.  The main planter box has several drainage holes which help aerate the soil and let the excess water drain.

This raised garden bed is highly portable, with two wheels and a handle to roll it.  The bed boasts a wired shelf on the bottom to store your gardening tools and place other plant pots or items.  It doesn't bend when you put dirt and empty planters on it.  

Rating: 4.2-star average rating from over 161 reviews on Amazon or 5-star average rating from over 813 Reviews on Sunnydaze Decor  | Color: Black or Blue (More Like Turquoise Blue)

Final Thoughts: Sunnydaze Raised Garden Bed With Wheels

  • Growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables are becoming more than just a national pastime; people are doing more sustainable gardening and gardening with pollinators in mind.  Still, a raised garden bed may be a solution for those who have difficulty or cannot put in or tend a traditional garden or limited outdoor space. 

The Sunnydaze elevated planter bed allows those who enjoy gardening, even if the only open space is on a back porch, patio, or balcony.  For those entertaining raised-bed gardening, I recommend the Sunnydaze elevated garden bed with wheels. 

This planter confirms that growing plants successfully in a raised container is possible and doesn't have to be costly.  Its solid design, mobility, and drip holes put it at the top of any planter list—even when compared to more expensive brands.  I planted some Dahlias and some pollinator flowers and started them from seed.

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