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10 Ways To Reduce Stress Entertaining Holiday Guests

10 Simple Ways Reduce Stress Entertaining Holiday Guests

by Helen
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Holiday Entertainment Made Easy

10 ways to reduce stress entertaining holiday guests.  Reduce stress entertaining holiday guests by having a plan and implementing it.  The holidays are fast approaching.  Are you ready to start baking with these flour alternatives and making lots of delicious food?  If it is your turn to host holiday guests this year, welcome them with open arms and lots of good food.  Therefore, we are providing you with some stress free hosting tips.  Regardless, if you are hosting for a few hours or a week-long stay, here are 10 ways to reduce stress hosting for holiday guests this year.  

Planning & Preparing For Christmas or Thanksgiving To Reducing Stress Entertaining Holiday Guests

#1 Add a Special Touch

This year, if you want to add an extra personal touch for all of your holiday guests, Make or buy some travel-sized personalized gifts for your holiday guests and leave it in the guest bathroom or the bedroom they will be staying in.  Homemade items such as hand lotion, Lavender whipped body butter, beard balm, lip balm, and bath salts make excellent gifts place them in sustainable packaging.  Holiday entertainment doesn't have to be stressful; enjoy the time with friends and family and know you can get through it.

#2 Child Proof Your Home

If your guests are bringing babies or small children, inspect your home and identify potential pitfalls that may be dangerous to your youngest guests.  Therefore, child-proof your home by making sure there aren't any items anywhere a child can hurt themselves with.  Plus, you can assign a childminder to help keep up with the kiddos; this should reduce some of your stress.

Clean Ahead of Time – Prepare for Entertaining For Holidays

#3 Clean Create Space for Guests

First, before your holiday guests come over, clear out your coat closet and make some extra space for their stuff.  Keep in mind, if your guests are traveling from a colder climate, they will likely arrive bundled up in heavy coats, hats, shawls, mitts, and boots, so clear out some space in your closets so that everything stays nice and tidy throughout their stay.  This will help reduce your stress by not having to pick up after them.

Games Entertaining Holiday Guests

Games Entertaining Holiday Guests

#4 Plan on Holiday Entertainment: Keep It Simple

Have some ideas for some fun activities for you, your family, and your holiday guests that you can do and enjoy together. For example, some of our favorite activities are as follows:

  • Bake and decorate homemade batches of holiday cookies from scratch
  • Light a fire in your fire pit and make some s’mores and hot dogs
  • Have a Movie Night
  • Visit holiday your neighborhood or communities Christmas light exhibit
  • Keep them entertained with a board, puzzle, or video game – do it as a family and
  • Finally, wrap gifts together

 #5 Prepare for the Picky Eater or any with Allergies

Before your guests arrive, be sure to ask if there are any special dietary needs you should know about so you can prepare in advance. Also, store special foods in an area that is off-limits to others.

Fun Activities for Holiday Entertainment For Guests

#6 Make the Beds

Prepare your home for your Christmas or Thanksgiving guests by freshening up the guest beds with a clean set of pillowcases, bed sheets, bedding and spray the room with homemade deodorizer. Additionally, wash all bedding and have extra blankets, bath towels, and pillows for your guest's bathrooms.

#7 Prepare for Pets

Another thing to plan for is what do you do with your furry pets or if your house guests are planning on bringing their furry friends, plan accordingly; because they may not get along. Moreover, ask your guests if they will need anything for their furry friend. Also, you can buy a new toy or treat to help keep their and your pets busy. Besides, furry friends are like family, and it is the season to be jolly.

Entertaining holiday guests

Entertaining holiday guests

#8 Stock Up on Drinks and Snacks

Finally, the most important thing on this list, stock and organize your pantry shelves and refrigerator with healthy drinks and snacks so guests can eat whenever they desire. Furthermore, have extra of everything like fresh fruits and vegetables. Be sure your guests know where everything is stored so they can help themselves whenever they need to satisfy a craving.

#9 Keep It Simple

When we host, we sometimes try to do too much or try new recipes. In my opinion, this is a bad idea only causing us more stress than what we already have.  Although it may be tempting to try out new recipes, what everyone really wants is just to spend quality time with one another. Therefore, stick to a traditional menu to keep things simple: turkey and ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, corn, and so on. Recruit help in the kitchen, wait, did I just say that?  Make a couple of easy desserts and you are all done.

#10 Sweet Farewell

Pack some delicious dessert leftovers from the holiday festivities in a reusable to-go container for your holiday guests to take with them.

The takeaway, Christmas and Thanksgiving is about enjoying the moment with friends and family. Things may get stressful, but hopefully, these 10 ways to reduce holiday stress will help you prepare for your holiday company.. Merry Christmas to all!


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