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Make Healthy Choices with SaladPower Organic Smoothie Drinks

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SaladPower: The Future of Healthy Beverages -

SaladPower is a line of vegetable-based drinks that debuted in 2013.  These smoothie drinks are designed to offer a convenient and delicious way to consume your daily dose of vegetables.  SaladPower smoothie pouch drinks are free of preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors and low in calories and sugar.  SaladPower is committed to using natural, whole-food ingredients that are nutrient-dense and delicious.  The smoothie drinks are available in recyclable bottles.  The brand's site recommends that customers drink each SaladPower organic smoothie within the same day they open the cap.  This is primarily because as soon as you open the cap, it breaks the protective seal.

If you are like me and enjoy eating organic food and enjoy the convenience of having it delivered to your home, read our Thrive Market Grocery Delivery review.  If drinking smoothies is not for you, another way to get healthy greens is by making and eating salads or cooking with them.  However, keep in mind if vegetables are not cooked properly, they lose most of their nutrients.

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About Saladpower

Saladpower stands out from other brands by using REAL WHOLE vegetables in their smoothies. Unlike many other brands that rely on powdered alternatives, they are committed to the authenticity of utilizing fresh, nutrient-rich vegetables in their natural form. 

Ordering From Site

Navigating the website is pretty straightforward.  To order from SaladPower online, visit their official website.

  • Once you're on their website, you can browse their selection of vegetable-based drinks and add them to your cart.
  • After adding all the smoothie pouch drinks you want to purchase, you can proceed to the checkout page, where you will be prompted to enter your payment and shipping information.
  • Once you have completed the checkout process, your order will be processed and shipped.

You do not have to subscribe to SaladPower to order their products.  You can place a one-time order for the drinks you want: 6 pouches or 30 pouches.  However, SaladPower does offer a subscription service where you can receive regular deliveries of their drinks at a discounted price.  You can cancel your subscription at any time.

The brand's site recommends:

  • 6 Pouches recommended for First-timers (Price for One-time Order: $54, Subscription Price: $45.90)
  • 30 Pouches are recommended for Healthnuts (Price for One-time Order: $219, Subscription Price: $186.50)
  • Taste Profile: Very veggie
Saladpower Organic Pouch


Who Is SaladPower Organic Smoothies Drinks For

Overall, SaladPower  are for those who want to add more vegetables into their diets.  The drinks can be a great way to incorporate more vegetables into your child's diet in a fun and easy way. They are an excellent healthy alternative to unhealthy drinks or snacks and help support your child's growth and development.  

There are several reasons why SaladPower is an excellent choice for anyone, including kids looking for a healthy and refreshing beverage.  

Pros and Cons


  •  Nutritional Value: SaladPower smoothie pouch drinks contain essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and are organic. They are made with fresh vegetables and fruit and are free from preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. They are also low in calories and sugar, making them a healthy alternative to sugary drinks or snacks.  
  • Affordability: SaladPower drinks are priced competitively with other healthy beverage options on the market. 
  • Sustainability: SaladPower is committed to sustainability and uses recyclable drink bottles. They also prioritize using organic and local ingredients whenever possible, which helps to support local farmers and reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation. 
  • Convenience: SaladPower drinks are packaged in recyclable bottles that are easy to transport. They are perfect for on-the-go consumption and are a convenient way to get your and your child's daily dose of vegetables. 
  • Taste: SaladPower drinks come in a flavor that kids may enjoy. The drinks are carefully crafted to provide a unique taste experience that is both refreshing and satisfying, which may encourage children to try new vegetables and flavors. 
  • Allergy-Friendly: SaladPower drinks are free from common allergens, including dairy, soy, and gluten, making them a safe choice for children with allergies or intolerances. 


  • vegetable-based taste, which may take some getting used to
  • more expensive than unhealthy snacks or drinks 
  • may not be available in all regions

Nutrient-dense and Whole Foods

SaladPower is a nutrient-dense, whole foods, organic vegetable-based smoothie drink packed with essential nutrients for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They are made with fresh vegetables and fruit and are free from preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. The drinks are also low in calories and sugar, making them an ideal alternative to sugary drinks or snacks. Since SaladPower only uses organic ingredients in its smoothies, it delivers tasty and exceptionally nutritious products. Organic fruits and vegetables usually have higher amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, contributing to a healthier diet for you and your family. 


SaladPower sources its ingredients solely from organic farms. Sourcing exclusively from organic farms ensures that the brand's products are free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms, which aligns with the principles of organic farming. SaladPower drinks are made with natural ingredients carefully selected for their nutritional value. The drinks contain a blend of vegetables and fruit, including kale, spinach, carrot, apple, and lemon. The vegetable-based smoothie ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help to boost your immune system and promote anti-inflammatory and overall health.  

Saladpower Organic Smoothie
Saladpower Organic Smoothie Pouch Nutrients

Sustainability and Eco Friendly

SaladPower partners with organic farms and supports sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices.  Organic farming practices prioritize the soil's health, water conservation, and biodiversity promotion, aligning with SaladPower's commitment to environmental responsibility.  By using organic and local ingredients, SaladPower supports the organic farming industry and its efforts to minimize the negative ecological impact.  The brand's commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness is reflected in its choice of ingredients and farming practices.  By choosing SaladPower, you can support a brand that shares your values and priorities.  If you're working toward reducing your food waste, learn the best way to store fresh vegetables and fruits to keep them fresh longer.


SaladPower smoothie drink comes in a recyclable pouch and a “Very Veggie” flavor.  The brand's commitment to providing a flavorful drink ensures a unique taste experience for everyone, whether you prefer a savory or sweet taste.  With its carefully crafted recipe, SaladPower offers a unique taste experience that is both refreshing and satisfying.  


SaladPower is committed to using sustainable packaging for its products. The brand's drink bottles are made from recyclable materials, which helps minimize waste and reduce the product's environmental impact. By prioritizing earth-friendly packaging, SaladPower demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The brand's packaging is also designed to be convenient and easy to transport, making it an ideal choice for on-the-go consumption. By choosing the brand, you can enjoy a delicious and nutritious drink while supporting a brand that prioritizes sustainability. Thanks to the packaging, SaladPower is entirely shelf-stable.

According to SaladPower, the organic smoothie pouches are 100% oxygen and light-resistant. The organic product inside does not require refrigeration until you break the seal by opening the cap. In addition to FDA standards, which include FDA standards for pregnancy and baby safety, SaladPower has quality control procedures in place for testing for all types of issues, including contamination.

It is highly recommended you consume the entire contents of the pouch within the same day it is opened to maintain the freshness of the smoothie drink. This is mainly due to when the cap breaks the protective seal.

Price of Saladpower Smoothie Drinks

SaladPower organic smoothie drinks are priced competitively with other healthy beverage options on the market. The brand also offers a subscription service that allows you to save money on your purchases. By subscribing to SaladPower, you can enjoy a discount on your favorite drinks and have them delivered to your doorstep regularly. Subscription is a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure you always have your favorite SaladPower drinks. The subscription service also helps to reduce packaging waste, as you receive your drinks in bulk instead of individually. With its affordable pricing and subscription service, it is easy and accessible for everyone to enjoy a healthy and delicious beverage.

SaladPower offers a subscription service that allows customers to receive monthly deliveries of their favorite drinks at a discounted price. The subscription service on the SaladPower website offers a 10% discount on all orders. Customers can select their preferred delivery frequency, choose their flavor, and modify or cancel their subscriptions anytime. The subscription service is a convenient way to ensure that you always have your favorite SaladPower drinks on hand, and it can be an excellent option for customers who regularly consume the drinks.


SaladPower organic smoothie pouch drinks are widely available throughout the United States, making them a convenient option for anyone looking for a healthy and delicious beverage.

Customer Reviews

SaladPower smoothie drinks have received rave reviews from satisfied customers who appreciate the convenience and nutritional value of the drinks. Customers have praised the flavor, quality, and affordability of SaladPower drinks, and many have reported feeling more energized and healthy after incorporating the drinks into their daily routine.

Final Thoughts: SaladPower Organic Smoothie Review

SaladPower smoothies are a nutritious and delicious addition to your diet.  Whether you are looking for a healthy snack or a refreshing beverage, SaladPower has something to offer.  With organic fruits and veggies, sustainable packaging, and an affordable price point, SaladPower is an excellent option for anyone looking to boost their nutrition and improve their health.

The brand's commitment continues beyond there.  They proudly share that their vegetables are sourced through organic farming practices.  By supporting Saladpower, you actively contribute to the larger cause of expanding organic farming.  With the limited availability of organic farming today (less than 1% of US farms today are organic), every step towards promoting sustainable practices makes a significant impact.

My Thoughts On The Flavor

The smoothie drinks have a vegetable base, which means they have a slight vegetable taste.  Nonetheless, SaladPower drinks are designed to minimize the vegetable taste and maximize the sweetness and flavor of the fruits and vegetables used.  

In general, as a society, we are so used to the food we eat having sugar, and therefore we enjoy it.  Since Saladpower doesn't have any sugar included, it isn't sweet, and it took a few sips to get used to the flavor.  For not containing sugar, they are pretty delicious.   We enjoyed the smoothies chilled.  If you are looking for an easy way to get your veggies in your diet, Saladpower is worth it!


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