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Etee Zero Waste: Plastic Free Household Products

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Shop Etee: Plastic-Free Household Goods

Going plastic free at home has always been challenging, but companies like Etee make my plastic free pursuit much more achievable.  Thanks to Montreal-based startup Etee (whose name is Everything Touches Everything Else), you can now buy a wide array of plastic-free household goods at wholesale prices when you subscribe and become a member.  Although, you can purchase household goods without a membership.  Thrive Market is an excellent sustainable grocery delivery service that sells real food – specialty diets too.

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Wide Selection of Plastic-Free Household Products

Etee's most popular product is the beeswax-infused food wrap, which has become widespread in zero-waste and plastic-free circles as an alternative to plastic wrap.  However, the company has continued to produce new products.  It also sells resealable beeswax food and sandwich bags in various sizes, sets, and colors, reusable cutlery, dish soap, bar soap, and glass and bamboo straws.  Shop Etee Now!

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Etee Zero Waste Online Shopping

The brand has a fantastic list of products and launches a new one every month.  For example, the plastic-free dish soap – comes as a paste in a nifty beeswax pouch that you mix with water in a glass jar before you use, luffa scrubbing pads and plastic-free dish brushes, floor cleaner sticks, tooth-cleaning ‘chew tabs,' wooden toothbrushes with replaceable screw-on heads, plastic free toilet bowl cleaner, package-free laundry soap, and stain remover sticks.

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PFC Membership: Etee Plastic Free Club

The membership model, which Sams and Costco use, makes products more accessible to all. From a press release:

“Affordability is a huge obstacle preventing many people from replacing plastic in their homes. The fact is that most eco-friendly brands are far too expensive for populations outside the upper class to obtain realistically. This needs to change if we're going to make an impact.”

In addition to the lower base prices, Etee's membership allows for the following:

  •  Free 14-day trial, then only $39/year or $5/month – Cancel anytime
  •  100% plastic-free, natural, biodegradable products
  •  90-day money-back guarantee on all products
  •  Wholesale pricing – up to 50% off
  • direct-to-consumer sales
  • detailed instructions for how to use products.


We must adjust our habits to use less plastic since most of it goes to landfills and ends up in the ocean.  Etee's product line allows us to continue much of our at-home cleaning and personal care as usual without generating a lot of non-recyclable trash.  Swapping one-time-use plastics will get us closer to a plastic free earth.

Etee Discount Code: Get 10% Off Entire Purchase With Promo Code: BAMBAMSCOOP

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