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Modern Living Room Ideas

Simple Living Room Ideas: 150 Room Style Ideas Look Now

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Simple Living Room Ideas On A Budget

You are in the right place if you need some living room inspiration.  We have compiled a list of 150 gorgeous living room ideas and simple living room decor ideas to use as a starting point for your next decorating project.  Transition to a Farmhouse Style with this easy-to-follow guide.

This may be your first home, and you are starting to furnish and decorate your living space but need to know where to begin your decorating project.  Plus, you may feel overwhelmed with getting everything together to make your living room look cohesive and appealing. 

First, the first room to furnish and decorate is your living room, but please know where to start.  In short, you will have to think about the paint color scheme for your walls. 

Also, what room style and color of furniture you need and will go well with what you already own, and how to arrange your furnishings best and accessorize.  

There are several modern living room styles, such as the Modern Rustic Home, Minimalist, or Bohemian, but you must pick one or two furnishings and decorate your home with.


What You Will Need In The Living Room

First of all, determining your decorating style of choice is one of the first things to consider. In addition, what type of living space do you have an open living room, a neutral space, a relaxing living room environment, an open living space, or a standard living room?   Again, we have collected over 140 living room inspirations and simple living room decor ideas for you to look at to help guide your home's family room flipper.   

Once you decide on a decorating style, you will be well on choosing your furniture, sofas and couches, decor, paint colors, floor, window coverings, accent, and decor accessories. Armchairs and accent chairs

Finally, the tips and ideas below apply to every room in your home, from your baby's nursery to your living room.

You can learn more here if you need to spruce up or decorate your bedroom.  Are you expecting a baby, or do you know someone who is? See our tips for simple nursery ideas.

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Simple Living Room Decor Ideas

Living Room Idea Pink Accent Pillows

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These Tips or Ideas Apply To Every Room In Your Home

Whether you just moved into your new home or are looking to change up your above bed decor or need some inspiration, we have curated a list of different ways you can easily achieve this daunting task.

Furniture Placement And Living Room Atmosphere

Placement of Furniture

A common mistake is arranging your living room furniture without a focal point. Also, typically people push their sofa against a wall, love seats, or chairs against another.

 Although arranging your furniture requires more forethought, such as determining a focal point, keeping pathways in mind, and organizing to entertain.  Also, for a relaxing living room environment, select light-colored furniture for an airy feel.

How To Use Area Rugs

Simple Living Room Decor Ideas

When you use an area rug properly, it can define a space. Although if you do not use the right size rug in your living room, it can throw everything off balance.

 Before you go out and buy an area rug, are you sure you know these rules of thumb?  The most significant factor with any area rug is the size compared to the size of your living room. Also, all your furniture should be the same on your area rug. 

For example, if a chair has two legs on your area rug, all other furniture should follow suit. Another example is if a piece of furniture sits on your area rug, all other furniture should follow suit. 

One final note, ideally, you should leave about 10-to-20 inches of bare floor between the edges of your area rug and the walls. You may consider purchasing a washable rug if you have children, pets, cats, or dogs, as they tend to have accidents .

Minimalist Approach

Minimalist Genre

Simple living room ideas on a budget redecorate with items you already have. Also, consider taking a minimalist plan for your living room's design. First, declutter and free the space of unnecessary pieces, removing things like plants, wall art, lamps, and décor.  With the Minimalist Room Styling, keep sustainability in mind, reuse, repurpose, or recycle.  If you have any furniture or decor you don't need, donate to your local Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity; easy-to-implement tips to help you be more sustainable.

Second, slowly start reintroducing items until you find the right fit—you'll often discover that adopting a less-is-more philosophy can make the room feel like a new, open, and refreshed space.  For some more living room inspiration ideas, click here.

Use Wall Art To Tie In Your Room

Simple living room decor ideas

Empty walls make a room pretty drab, which needs to be completed.  On the other hand, if every inch of your wall in your room has art or pictures, your room will look cluttered.  You can add a custom canvas or wall mural to create a focal point.

And so, you'd like to decorate your wall with art. Plus, your artwork does not have to cost a fortune to tie in your room, and it boils down to buying something you love and hanging it at eye level.  Some simple living room decor ideas, Think about your focal point:  Pick a statement wall or item to draw attention to, then design your space around it.

Add Greenery

Simple Living Room Ideas

Adding a little natural color and greenery will make a room feel more put together. If you don't have the space or the green thumb for a small faux houseplant, you can invest the time and energy into a live plant or plants, adding a plant living room that finishing touch. It's also helpful to follow feng shui design principles by selecting and styling a plant that promotes balance and good luck.  These are some simple living room decor ideas you can easily implement. 

Color Repetition

Simple Living Room Decor Ideas

There is a lot of power in color repetition regarding home décor, not only for colors but also for shapes.  For example, if you use one or two dominant colors in your living room, try repeating the colors in various item types throughout the space.  

For instance, in the living room above by Curtis James, the tan of the sofa and the yellow of the pillows and leather armchairs are repeated in other room accessories like wall art.

Bookcase Styling Ideas

Bookcase Styling

If you have bookcases in your living room, take everything out and reorganize them. The first thing to do is remove items you don't have, love, or no longer serve a purpose, and reintroduce each item one by one. 

You can always use the items you don't reuse in a different space or to update room style of another space.  Start with stacking books and art, then complete the look with smaller accessories like decorative accents and vases.  

Pro Tip: Leave white space between accents for the eye to pause.

The convertible learning tower and desk is Montessori inspired and designed to encourage independence in basic grown-up tasks!

Add An Antique Or Vintage

Simple living room

Sometimes, you need one antique or vintage to give a simple living room a little character. Whether you find a collector's piece in a little specialty store or scour your favorite online store, Antique Farmhouse, for something unique, décor with a bit of age and patina will make your room feel more collected, giving it some rustic elegance.  

Strategically placing decor accessories like decorative pillows, sideboards, and mirrors will make your space feel clean and elegant.

Also, it is acceptable to mix different room style genres. It is also great to personalize your living room and avoid decorating you like you are living in a staged home.

Ambient, Task And Accent Lighting

Simple Living Room Decor ideas

Although lighting can be an overlooked element of a room, it should be thoroughly thought of and planned. Furthermore, three main types of lighting for any room in your home lighting for any room in your home that should not be overlooked.   

They are ambient, task, and accent lighting. Also, different light fixtures provide a variety of lighting, like ambient, reading, and accent. All three types of lighting should be installed or found throughout your living room. 

It would be best if you considered using dimmers throughout your home; they help to set the ambiance.  The geometric rug and dramatic lighting add some pizzazz to this neutral space.  Plus, the rug helps tie the furniture and creates a to this open living space.

Room Measurements For Rustic Modern Living Room

Importance of Measurements

My Final Thoughts On My Simple Living Room Ideas

One of the most important things to do when buying rugs, furniture, window treatments, wall art, or furniture arrangements is to know your room's measurements. The same rules apply whether your genre is Modern Farmhouse living room or Scandinavian living room.

You don't want to buy something that won't fit in your room as you envisioned. It will save you headaches if you have your measurements on hand when purchasing furniture, light fixtures, home accents, or wall art.  

Finally, these are just ideas; nothing is set in stone. Ultimately, you should buy and decorate how you like. If you want it and it makes you happy, then do it.  Everyone's room style is different; therefore, there is no wrong or right way of decorating it.

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