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Simplehuman Touchless Trash Can

Simplehuman Review: The Best Smart Touchless Trash Can

by Helen
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Simplehuman Dual Compartment Sensor Trash Can

Simplehuman Touchless Trash Can Review – Simplehuman sells trash cans and offers soap pumps, sensor mirrors, and kitchen and bath products.  I am a gadget and techy lady, and I control almost every aspect of my smart home with voice commands or WIFI, such as lighting, automatic doggy door, security, door locks, my TV, ecobee smart premium thermostat, and even my sound bar.  The simplehuman garbage can is innovative and boasts high-performance motion control.  I used not to like Apple products, but now I am Apple everything phone, iPad, and I control my smart devices with HomeKit.

Whether it's just you or you and your family in your home, you need a garbage can to consume more than one day's worth of trash and recycle.  While you don't want to keep a ton of waste in your home, you don't need to manually push your waste containers and food wrappers down into the trash can.  In a desperate, unsanitary attempt to stop the overflow or separate recycling from your trash.  

Simplehuman Trash Can Review With Automatic Lid

Initially, I bought the simple human rectangular stainless step trash can.  Still, when I saw that I could own a Simplehuman Rectangular Sensor Can with Voice Control, I thought I needed one.  I gave my daughter the step trash can, which worked out great because she has three growing boys.   I never imagined paying $300 for a trash can, but I did, and I love it.  I've had a beautifully designed smart trash can for over a year, which doesn't disappoint.  I decided to write this Simplehuman review because I have the touchless trash can and the small semi-round step trash cans in my bathrooms; they are high quality they have an internal removable container, making taking the trash out easier. 

Touchless Trash Can
Simplehuman Touchless Trash Can

Sensor Can - Simplehuman Review

Simple human is the best motion sensor trash can.

There are a lot of Simplehuman Reviews out there, but I hope mine helps you decide whether this is the best option for you when buying your next trash can.  A motion sensor trash can is one kitchen item that we can't wait for you to experience.  The voice-controlled trash can is super convenient, safe, and germ-free because you don't have to touch the lid to open it with your hands.   

Owning a smart trash can is more of a choice that feels like a luxury while being impressively functional.  Most trash cans rely on advanced infrared technology to sense natural motions but remain closed when your dog or cat tries to get in them.  However, I have noticed that the lid opens when my dog walks by, and her tail happens to catch the sensor just right.  Although the can is durable and heavy, she hasn't ever knocked it over or gotten into it.  The automatic voice-activated trash can offers the most when it comes to ease of use. 

The best motion-sensor trash can will make the everyday, mundane chore of throwing out your garbage much easier.

Simplehuman Voice + Motion Sensor Trash Can

The 58-liter stainless steel trash can from Simplehuman comes equipped with accurate voice recognition technology that interprets commands pretty accurately, even in a loud environment.  Since the intelligence is onboard, you don't need a smart speaker in the house or have to connect to your Wi-Fi network. 

You can say commands recognized by the Simplehuman garbage can and open, close, or stay open for multi-trip trash.  With the command  “open can,” the lid will lift and remain open for a few seconds, then close automatically.  With “Stay open,” the cover will stay open until you say close or automatically close after about 10 minutes.

Simplehuman Review
Dual Bin Recycle

Features Of Simplehuman Garbage Can.

Regarding recycling, Simplehuman sells a model of its Sensor Can, divided into two compartments.  One side is for regular trash, and the other hosts a removable plastic bin with a wire bail handle.  The recycler version of the sensor can cost approximately  $300 on the simplehuman official website.  The recycling and trash can comes in brushed nickel, rose gold, dark bronze, matte black, or white.  It can easily be used as a touchless dual-compartment trash can; use both bins for trash.

This sleek, simplehuman garbage can also has a counterpart motion sensor kitchen trash can and an inner liner pocket, storing 20 liners and making it easy to replace.  The odor-fighting and eco-friendly liners are made with 50% PCR plastic, sustainable odorsorb custom fit liners are carbon-infused to naturally trap and neutralize trash odor molecules from the source.  

Plus, it has a slot outside the trash can to attach a Simplehuman compost caddy – sold separately for $50.  The caddy liners are compostable; we also compost all the dog hair.  I vacuum off their dog blankets and debris my Roombas vacuum up.  The Simple Human Electric Sensor Can – can operate on six AA batteries, but I use the AC adapter provided instead of batteries.  The can needs electricity, but I was happy to learn it can be battery-powered.  Keeping my kitchen organized is priority for me, esp my dish soap and brushes.

The most popular size for any garbage can is 13 gallons, and we recommend sizing up to 17 or even 21 gallons if you have the space.  Just make sure you can open the lid and easily lift the bag out of the can when it's time to empty it.  If you get a large container, an electric trash can will help make throwing things out more convenient.  Opening the Simplehuman touchless trash can requires a light wave of motion or a voice command to pop it open.

Open your Simplehuman Garbage Can with a leg motion when your hands are too full to lift the lid.  The motor that opens the lid fits inside the can's hinge and is extremely quiet, smudge-proof stainless steel, and an internal hinge that allows the bin to sit flush with your wall, opening and closing with just a soft noise.

Simplehuman Compost Caddy

Is A Touchless Trash Can Worth It?

Simplehuman Review: I highly recommend this voice-activated and hand-motion trash can to live a more sustainable lifestyle, composting, vermicomposting, and recycling.  It is very convenient to do all three tasks in one central location.  A motion sensor on a large trash can is very convenient for throwing away food scraps while cooking.  While a large trash bin can periodically foster undesirable smells, especially if holding food scraps like meat fat or leftovers, you won't have to fret because the Simplehuman motion sensor trash can has an extra-tight lid to keep in unpleasant scents. 

Updated: 09/11/2023

My Smart Simplehuman trash can has been a game changer for my kitchen.  It is a great smart tool to my smart home.    The design is sleek and modern, and it fits perfectly in my space.  I love that it has a motion sensor, so I don't have to touch the lid when my hands are full.  Plus, the bags are easy to replace, and the can is easy to clean.  Overall, I am pleased with my purchase and highly recommend the Simple Human trash can to anyone needing a new one.  Although, sometimes it opens automatically when we haven't asked it to.  My grandkids love to talk to it.

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